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Pit Stop

Posted on Mon Aug 12th, 2019 @ 2:41pm by Captain James McCullen & Commander Temerant Bast & Lieutenant Oliver Ross & Lieutenant Joshua Miller M.D. & Lieutenant T'sa & Lieutenant JG Merlar R'heil & Lieutenant JG Emilie D'Astous
Edited on on Tue Aug 13th, 2019 @ 5:09pm

Mission: Reaching Out in Hope
Location: USS Sentinel
Timeline: MD5, 1200 Hrs

Captain James McCullen strode onto the bridge, scanning the room as he walked towards the chair. At a cursory glance, everything appeared to be normal, the ship was on course and up to speed, and most, if not all, of the little niggles encountered during the shakedown run, had been taken care of. His own console had told him that they were about fifteen minutes out from Deep Space Nine, where they were scheduled to make a short stop.

"Mr. Ross, all senior officers report to the bridge, if you please. Commander Bast, what's our status?" He requested as he let himself down into the chair.

"On final approach to Deep Space Nine," replied Bast, vacating the Captain's chair. "Base Operations has cleared us for docking at Lower Pylon Two. Helm, what's our ETA for docking?"

"About eight minutes," supplied D'Astous. "Reducing speed to twenty KPH, adjusting pitch to twenty degrees to clear Pylon One."

As they observed the viewscreen, the dark grey structure moved aside on the viewscreen as they sailed past it.

Merlar was in the Security room, as she left for the nearest turbo lift and headed her way to the Bridge when she heard that Senior officers to the bridge. Merlar called for the bridge riding her up to the Bridge.

Doctor Miller was already in the turbolfit, on his way to the Bridge, when it stopped to admit the Catian Lieutenant. He nodded in greeting as she entered the turbolift. "Lieutenant."

Merlar grinned, "Greetings Doctor how is your day?" she smiled to Doctor Miller."I wonder what this meeting is about
Doc, do you know?" Merlar asked.

"I wish I knew," Josh replied, shaking his head. "It's not often that I get summoned to the Bridge like this."

"i'm not sure either." Merlar purred."We'll just have to see when we get there doc." Merlar purred..

Josh nodded in agreement. "That we will, Lieutenant."

Ross stared ahead as he watched the iconic Nor Class Station move closer in the viewscreen. Several vibrations at his fingers told him his console was starting to download new information from the common data streams that often come in whenever a ship approached a port of call.

Massive packets of information; letters from home, tactical info, and a few manifest lists came through at break necks speeds all sent quickly to their prospective owners.

Doctor Miller and Merlar emerged from the turbolift. Not entirely sure where to do, Josh hung back near the Mission Ops I station at the aft of the Bridge.

A few moments after the Doctor and Lt. exited the turbo lift, T'sa also stepped onto the bridge. She was pleasantly reminded of how far the ship had come but didn't linger on the surroundings for long. She offered a polite nod to the Catian Lt. but paused upon regarding the Doctor. They hadn't met, though she had been made aware of his presence on board. She nodded to him as well, though it seemed more like a formal greeting than a simple acknowledgement.

Captain McCullen stood from his chair and walked around in front of the comm, then turned to face his senior officers. "Ladies and gentlemen, we're at the threshold of the Gamma Quadrant, in short order, we're going to be entering the wormhole and going to work. Before that, we're going to be docked at Deep Space Nine for eight hours. If there is anything, anything at all that you need, want or require for yourselves, or for your department, now is the time. I expect each department head to handle their own requisitions and needs, and to submit a readiness report to Commander Bast by 2000 Hours this evening. Questions?"

Merlar nodded to the Captain, as she listened to him talk as her tail wagged. She put some notes on her padd to think of what Security should do..

Bast looked at the main viewscreen and the rapidly approaching docking pylon. It had been some time since he'd been to this station, but his last visit had been quite memorable. He was somewhat disappointed that this time around, he wouldn't have time to pay a visit to that Dabo girl, but duty came first.

"On final approach," called out Emilie. "Deep Space Nine has us in their tractor beams. Docking in ten seconds." The pylon filled the entire viewscreen now. There was a subtle bump, and Bast imagined he could hear a metallic clang as the ship made physical contact with the station, but he knew it was in his head.

"Docking clamps secure," announced D'Astous.

"Secure engines, connect umbilicals and switch to station power. Mr. Ross, shipwide." The captain didn't need to tell the crew their business, but he liked to be at least a little involved.

Ross tapped the command on his console. A little buzzing sound from the overhead speakers came and went. He nodded to the captain, "channel open".

"Crew, this is the captain. As you may be aware, we have just docked at Deep Space Nine. This may be our last stop for a while, depending on circumstances, so make the most of it. You have eight hours during which you may visit the station outwith your duty hours. Enjoy. McCullen out." He nodded to Ross, then returned to his seat. "Carry on, ladies and gentlemen."

Doctor Miller was already making plans. He and his staff would spend the next few hours carrying out an inventory to make sure they had everything they would need. If not, he hoped that DS9's medical facility would be able to provide some assistance. Once that inventory was complete, he could give his staff some well-earned downtime on the station before they traveled to the Gamma Quadrant.

Merlar decided to check out the security detail on DS9, see how they can help her on what assistance they can give her as she walked with her tail wagging.

"You have the bridge, number one," McCullen ordered, pushing himself up and out of his chair. "I'll be on the station, paying my respects to the commander if you need me."

"Aye, Sir," acknowledged Bast, rising from his seat to take the center chair.


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