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Warp Trial

Posted on Tue Jun 18th, 2019 @ 5:03pm by Petty Officer 1st Class Rega Taran & Lieutenant JG Simon Hunter

Mission: Reaching Out in Hope
Location: Main Engineering, USS Sentinel
Timeline: MD1, 1130 Hrs

Rega Taran snarled at the console in front of him, his fist automatically closing into a fist as the impulse to hit the stupid thing welled up. He had run every test there was to run on the warp engines, and ran them again. They were ready, they had, in fact, been ready for hours. All systems go, no holds barred, warp speed captain. But here they were, chugging along at impulse like a Pakled garbage scow while waiting for the intractable Starfleet bureaucracy played out.

Taran had been an engineer for a long time, longer than the current chief engineer had been alive, in fact. He'd been in Starfleet for longer than the boy had been dressing himself, but he was used to taking orders from kids. He was used to dealing with the slow, methodical way Starfleet did everything.

Sometimes, just sometimes, he pined for the good old days of the Dominion war. He'd been a fresh-faced crewman back then, but there had been less focus on procedure and rules and more of the seat-of-the-pants, ad-hock engineering that he'd grown up with.

The petty officer turned as the bo... Taran smirked at himself, mentally correcting. The chief engineer, walked into the room. "Sir, we're more'n ready to begin the warp trials. Engines've been ready for hours, systems too, just waitin' on the green light." He said, expertly walking the line between sass and respect that all Starfleet senior NCOs knew.

Simon had just finished the call with the captain and now exited his office and walked over to the main operations table that housed the controls for the power system, He said, "Petty Officer Taran, I have been informed by the Captain for the green light on the Warp trials," as he knew that everyone had been on edge for these to start.

"Petty Officer Rega, sir, I'm Bajoran," the warp specialist replied slightly testily, even after years in Starfleet, people kept messing up his name. "We're ready for the trials, have been for ages, on your word, sir."

"Ah sorry Petty officer, I'm still getting used to the names," as he came to a halt next to the table, he continued " And the word has been given Petty Officer," as he gave the older man a smile as he tried to make him relax, he finished, "and never be in a hurry to start things as it gives you extra time to check things,"

"Yes sir," Taran replied automatically, resisting the urge to roll his eyes. The last thing he needed was advice from a child. Still, he made a mental adjustment to his attitude, sitting up straight and cracking his knuckles. The senior NCO lived for these moments, bringing a new warp core to life for the first time was like birthing a child. "Reactor containment is strong and stable, the intermix chamber temperature is green, EPS taps are open and magnetic constrictors are aligned. Matter/antimatter injectors are at five percent flow, reactor coefficiency is at 97%, reaction parameters are well within safety standards, warp plasma conduits are stable and standing by, warp coils are prepped and aligned." Having completed his checklist, Taran looked up and gave the young chief a quick smile. "Warp one, sir?"

"Yes Petty Officer, warp 1 for 10 minutes and hold for data," replied Simon as he knew that the data from this test would be useful later, he continued," Then build it slowly to warp five and after that shut it down," as he wanted it done right and not do it all in one hit.

"Yes sir," Rega replied, appreciating that the chief engineer was following standard procedure. "Releasing magnetic constrictors to twenty percent, increasing flow to fifteen percent, engaging warp one." There was a vibration through the deck plates as the variable geometry warp nacelles raised up into warp position and then core began to thrum faster, and then without any fanfare whatsoever the ship jumped to warp one. Taran's eyes were locked on the readings coming from the core and his finger hovered over the scram button, but the reaction held and stabilized out at by-the-book standards. "Holding at warp one, sir." He reported calmly.

"Good, Good," replied Simon as he looked back at the petty officer as the data started to roll in, as he knew that with steady progress the engines could be up and running and he could inform the Captain that the engines were green.

Ten minutes of gradually easing tension passed with the engine running smoothly. Taran barely had to touch the controls, aside from a little fine-tuning of the intermix ratio and magnetic constrictors. After the time had passed, he turned back to the chief. "Warp one trial complete, increasing to one point five."

Simon replied," Keep it steady and don't rush," as he didn't want any damage to the engines as this was the first testing that the core had been made, he thought oO still things are going smoothly Oo as he watched the data continue to roll in some more.

"Warp two," Taran reported, followed a minute later by "warp three" until they were eventually holding steady at warp five. The engines had performed flawlessly and Rega felt a sense of pride. They were his babies to nurse and they'd lived up to all expectations. "Dropping to impulse, warp trials complete sir."

"Congratulations everyone for your hard work" replied Simon as he looked around the room, he continued," I will see to it that you all get some R&R at our stopover," as he knew they damn well needed it, as he took the data to be analyzed and recorded.


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