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A Friendly Chat

Posted on Wed Jul 18th, 2018 @ 2:40am by Lieutenant Oliver Ross & Chief Petty Officer Benjamin Schwarber

Mission: Recovery
Location: Ben Schwarber's Quarters, Level 741, Section H1, SB 400
Timeline: MD -1 2100hrs
Tags: friends, Ross


Benji Schwarber was very much a likable person. Kind, witty, and exceedingly athletic the long friend of Oliver Ross stood at small alcove that led toward his bedroom a white towel draped over his shoulder. Returning from their session in the Base gym, Ben left Oliver to take a shower and shave. As he stood against the low wall Ben and Ollie played catch with a baseball. A drop of shaving cream still remained on the Chief's cheek. He wore exercise clothing and a baseball cap. Benji spoke in an accent reminiscent of their shared home city of Chicago.

Ollie and Ben met three years ago when the former was assigned to Star Base 400 as a Junior Communications Officer. They were thick as theives and kept in touch long after Ollie left to SB221 and then the Ward. Ben remained on Star Base 400, only leaving twice to work with the Corps of Engineers. The Operations Chief called them Bosom Buddies, joined at the hip.

"Thanks for letting me stay here," Ross said as he tossed the ball toward his friend.

"You kidding me," Ben caught the ball and returned the volley. "You were living in a closet."

"It was a comfortable closet," Ross threw the ball back. It slapped hard enough to make the Chief wince with a stinging pain.

"It was still a closet. And you're my friend." Schwarber tossed the white/red orb with equal vigour. "It would have been nice if you told me you were stationed here earlier by the way; I could've cleared the spare bedroom."

"The couch is fine. Besides I won't be here any more than two or three days Chief." Ross rolled the ball between his hands. Tossing it slightly up ward and catching it before it reached the floor. Even though he never played the game of Baseball it seemed almost instinctual the way he held it as if a distant part of him knew what to do. It was a known fact in the Ross family that one a distant ancestor played the sport professionally.

Schwarber took the ball from his friends hand. He now sat in a chair next to him. "I am just glad to see you. Conversation over subspace is not the same." Ben placed a hand on his friend's shoulder. "I miss having you around."

Ross looked directly at Ben and flatly said, "Dude, you need to get yourself a woman."

"And you reek, take a shower."

The two laughed heartily.


Lt. Oliver Ross
USS Sentinel


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