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Let us Go Forth

Posted on Wed Jun 5th, 2019 @ 4:25pm by Captain James McCullen & Commander Temerant Bast & Lieutenant Oliver Ross & Lieutenant Joshua Miller M.D. & Lieutenant T'sa & Lieutenant JG Merlar R'heil & Lieutenant JG Simon Hunter & Lieutenant JG Emilie D'Astous & Lieutenant Sodek Targus & Ensign T'Sha’err
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Mission: Route to Raeya
Location: Bridge, USS Sentinel
Timeline: MD1, 2000 Hrs

Captain James McCullen sat in his chair, casting his gaze around the room. Each officer was at his or her station, heads down and hard at work. They had risen to the challenge of the final grind to get the Sentinel ready for departure with aplomb and he couldn't have been prouder. A glance down at the chronometer displayed on the console to his left confirmed what he already knew.

He felt excitement run in a ripple down his spine, the feeling one got before starting out of a journey and he was reminded of a quote from a book he had read as a child, "It's a dangerous business, Frodo, going out of your door, you step onto the road, and if you don't keep your feet, there is no knowing where you might be swept off to.", and couldn't help but smile to himself. The captain let himself savor the feeling for a few moments, before pushing himself up and out of the chair to get the evening's work started.

"Ladies and gentlemen, departure time is upon us," McCullen said loudly. "All stations, report your readiness."

= Main Engineering =

Simon stood at the table in the middle of Main Engineering as he looked around the room, he tapped a command on the table and spoke,=/\= Bridge, this is Engineering, we have green on all systems and ready to go when you are,+/\= as he smiled at how all his teams had worked the butts off to get the ship ready, he finished, =/\= Hunter out,=/\= as he turned to his team and said "Well done everyone on a grand job, today you have all made me proud," as he waited for the order to power up the engines.

= Bridge =

Ross stood at his station. He keyed in a command on his panel, "All decks are slowly reporting in Captain. Operations is standing at the ready."

"Helm is ready," reported D'Astous.

= Diplomat's Office =

T'sa held up her hand to silence an Ensign on the opposite side of her desk.

The Lieutenant pressed her combadge with almost a sense of pride. =/\= Diplomatic Department is prepared for departure, Bridge. T'sa Out =/\=.

"It's exciting isn't it?" The blue-eyed Ensign enthused, carefully handing a PADD of information about the Raeyan Transit Corridor over the divide.

"That's certainly a word to describe it, Ensign...?" "Uh, Durand, Ma'am" "Ensign Durand," T'sa nodded as politely as she could muster "thank you for the summary, you're free to return to your quarters."

= Ship corridors =

Merlar was on secured rounds of the ship, waiting to hear from her Security chief on what was next.

= Sickbay =

The medical department was ready. Like the rest of the ship she had undergone extensive repair and refit during her time in dock and Doctor Miller couldn't help but feel pride in his officers and crew. They'd worked hard to make sure the Sentinel's medical facilities were fully operational and ready prior to departure.

Joshua tapped his commbadge, "+Miller to Bridge. Sickbay is ready to go. Miller out.+"

= Bridge =

"Mr. Ross, give me shipwide." The captain requested

"Aye sir," Ross replied.

McCullen waited for a moment while the ops officer connected him to the internal comms throughout the ship. He cleared his throat once, willing forth the words he had prepared.

"Crew of the USS Sentinel, this is Captain McCullen. First of all, thank you for your commitment and hard work over the past week, know that it has been appreciated. By your efforts and your sweat, you have become part of this ship, you are bonded to her, and her to you. Treat her well, and she will keep you safe." McCullen paused to let that sink in. He truly did believe that by helping to bring the Sentinel back to life, the crew had bonded with her in a way many crews never did. "As we embark on our first journey together and set out for the unknown, we will all, everyone onboard, be counting on your diligence, expertise, and professionalism. I have faith in you all and I know you will all do your best. Thank you, that is all." The captain nodded to Ross to close the channel.

Ross tapped the close channel button on his console and returned the nod to the Captain.

"Mr. Ross, request clearance from the shipyard for departure. Engineering, prepare for impulse power. Mr. Bast," the Captain smiled at his XO, "when we have clearance, take us out."

Ross contacted Station Ops via a text message rather than through open comms. A moment later a low beep sounded. "Captain, Station has approved our request and they wish us Godspeed."

"At least that's the polite version," said Bast in hushed tones to the Captain as he read a private message on his console. "But Commander Hudson had some rather... colorful euphemisms to suggest where our next trajectory could take us." It was no secret that the base's chief of maintenance operations had not really appreciated the way in which the Sentinel's refit had been given top priority.

McCullen smiled, leaning over towards Bast. "As far as I'm concerned, Commander Hudson can shove his euphemisms up his ass, if they'd fit alongside his head." He whispered in reply, "let's get the hell out of here, number one."

= Main Engineering =

Simon looked round the gleaming new refitted Engine room that he and his team along with a several team of Corps of Engineers had built and had tested the engines, he knew that his team were in need of a rest, but that could come later, he opened a channel,=/\=Bridge, this is Main Engineering, you are good to Go,=/\= he stated as he looked again at his team who were making sure that everything was ready.

= Bridge =

Bast stood from his chair and walked to stand behind the helmsman. "Helm, lay in a course out of the shipyard, heading 126 mark 87, and engage at three-quarters Impulse. Once we're clear of the yard, take us to Outpost Curtiss, at full impulse until Lieutenant Hunter has completed his Warp tests, then take us to Warp Seven."

"Aye, Sir," said D'Astous. Her fingers danced on the console as she programmed the trajectory. "Ready."

Bast turned to McCullen. "On your word, Sir."

McCullen stood, feeling light on his feet and brimming with excitement, held in check to no more than a satisfied-looking smile. All the waiting, all the stress of the refit, all the difficulties he and the crew had experienced, all the hours of hard work, all boiled down into a single word. "Go."

"Yes, Sir," replied D'Astous with a smile. She turned back to her console. Pressing the controls to engage the Impulse engines and set them on their journey felt oddly anti-climactic. She reflected that she would much rather have engaged the Warp drive and seen the stars streaking past them on the viewscreen, but she'd have to settle for seeing the abandoned carcasses of old ships drift by as they coasted past the broken hulls on their way out of the shipyard.

As the ship got underway, McCullen settled back into his chair. In his heart, he would have preferred a departure with more ceremony, but that was a rarity in Starfleet generally reserved for flagships and new builds. It was enough that they were finally underway, and he was already feeling impatient to get the warp trials and shakedown procedures out of the way so that they could get onto bigger and better things. To serve that need, the captain decided to get a little more hands-on than was usually his style.

"Commander Bast, would you please have all departments begin running field tests on their relevant systems and equipment? Mr. Ross, begin preparations for a series of emergency drills using off-duty personnel. Ensign T'Sha'err, find something interesting in the neighborhood and begin calibrating your sensors. Ensign D'Astous, while we're waiting for engineering to finish with the warp trials, why don't we put the impulse engines and thrusters through their paces? As soon as we're in open space, run through a series of evasive maneuver patterns. Lieutenant Sodek, we'll get to weapons testing as soon as possible, for now, focus on security systems."

"Yes sir," Ensign T'Sha'err replied in typically flat Vulcan fashion.

"Understood, captain," Sodek replied, clearly keen to test the weapons system but accepting the order without question.

D'Astous nodded, and set to work plotting various evasive patterns into her console.

Bast took appreciative note of the crew's brisk call to action even as he acknowledged the Captain's orders. This was a fine crew.

Merlar was checking with Security to see how she can help her fellow crew members, as her tail wagged and kept on alert, and go where she is needed.

Ross nodded, "Aye sir."

The captain nodded, satisfied that his bridge crew were on-task and then tapped the comm console on the arm of his chair. =/\= "Bridge to main engineering, Mr. Hunter, you may start your warp trials as soon as we're out of the shipyards' controlled space."

=/\= "Aye Sir, as soon as we are cleared first test is to get to warp 2," =/\= replied Simon =/\= "and to hold it at that speed for 10 minutes and then stop." =/\= He wanted to gather the data to see if the core was working before the next two tests.

"Thank you, Mr. Hunter." The captain answered simply

The captain stood from his chair, satisfied that his crew had the situation in hand. "Mr. Bast, you have the conn." He told the executive officer, "notify me when we're clear of Spacedock's control area."

"Yes, Sir," replied Bast, standing from his console to move to the Captain's chair.

The captain nodded once, giving the man a small smile of confidence, then turned to walk to his ready room to prepare for what came next.


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