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Medical comes calling

Posted on Fri May 31st, 2019 @ 12:13am by Lieutenant JG Simon Hunter & Lieutenant Joshua Miller M.D.

Mission: Route to Raeya
Location: Main Engineering, Deck 11, U.S.S. Sentinel
Timeline: MD2, 0911 Hrs


Joshua had never spent a great deal of time in engine rooms. Why would he? He was a Doctor. If there was need of him in an engine room it meant that someone was injured and he didn't spend a great deal of time looking around him. This time was different. The warp core stood as the centrepiece of Main Engineering, a cylinder stretching from the ceiling to the floor, surrounded by a railing, the reaction inside creating a blue glow, the hum causing minute vibrations in the deck plating. It was the beating heart of the Sentinel.

He carried a PADD containing the report from the shipyard engineers on the incident in Sickbay yesterday. Sure, he could have just sent a copy to the Chief Engineer's inbox but this way would allow him to introduce himself to the ships senior Engineer. Having spent the previous evening familiarising himself with the service images of the Sentinel's senior officer, making it easy for him to recognise the Chief Engineer; Lieutenant j.g. Simon Hunter.

Josh approached the Chief Engineer, who was hunched over a console studying some engineering display. "Lieutenant Hunter?"

Simon looked up from the centre console and responded," Yes, Can I help you?" as he looked back at the officer in the teal of medical, he continued," is there a Problem ?" as he asked the question as he knew that the Medical Bay hadn't been on the top of his list as he had to get the engines up to standard.

"No problem." Josh told him. "I'm not sure if you heard but there was an incident in Sickbay yesterday evening; a console exploded and caught one of my med techs in the face." He quickly added, "He's fine and recovering. We had a yard engineer working in Sickbay at the time. He was able to make repairs before we departed from Providence." Josh held up the PADD. "I figured I'd deliver the report in person, give me a chance to visit engineering and meet you face to face."

"There was?" asked Simon as he looked around the room, he called out to his team "and Can anyone here tell me why I am hearing about this now?" as he took hold of the PADD and scanned the report, he turned to face Josh, He said, "Thanks for bringing this to me Lieutenant," as Simon wasn't happy that he had been kept in the dark about this and would need to call a staff meeting with his team leaders.

Josh took note of the sheepish looks that passed between a few of the engineers. "Well, as I said it was handled by some of the shipyard engineers so it's probably a footnote on some report from them. Besides, given the amount of work you guys put in repairing and refitting the Sentinel, your engineers deserve a pat on the back and a few drinks. Don't be too hard on them."

"I know they have and none of them got any leave and will mention it in my report," replied Simon as he looked back at Josh, he continued, I hope they get some time at the stop over," as they needed some time to relax and enjoy themselves, as he knew he did too.

Joshua nodded in agreement. "Absolutely. I can always recommend a little extended R&R for you and your engineers at the earliest opportunity."

"That would be a Blessing, Thanks," replied Simon as he looked at the Medical officer as he knew that the Officer had more important things to do," I will send someone round to double check everything though, just to be sure," as he didn't want anything exploding in the medical bay. He finished," I'll have a beer with you in the new Bar later, if you want?"

Josh smiled and nodded. "Sounds good. I'll let you get back to work. Catch you later."

"See you later Josh," replied Simon as he turned back to his work and knew that it was better to double check the work in case something might go wrong, but he knew that he would have to check the work himself, and also read up on the report before hand.



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