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Posted on Mon Apr 15th, 2019 @ 7:27pm by Captain James McCullen & Commander Temerant Bast & Lieutenant Zemta Kriv & Lieutenant Oliver Ross & Lieutenant Araan Ragez & Lieutenant T'sa & Lieutenant JG Merlar R'heil & Lieutenant JG Simon Hunter

Mission: Route to Raeya
Location: Briefing Room, USS Sentinel
Timeline: MD1, 1400 Hrs

Captain James McCullen stepped into the briefing room of the USS Sentinel. It was dominated by a large table. He had elected to remove the standard trapezoidal table that came with the Intrepid-class and replace it with a more traditional rectangle with rounded corners he'd found in storage. It was made of oak wood, big enough to sit twelve officers with inlaid console controls at each position and a holographic display in the center.

The captain's position at the head of the table had an array of controls built in for the various wall displays, the holographic displays, and general functions. Here, he sat and brought up the briefing presentation he'd prepared, took a few minutes to double-check it for accuracy and then pushed the comm control.

"McCullen to all senior staff, report to the briefing room."

Having heard the call, Simon had been on his way to check the workings of the bridge and see if the diagnostics had finished before he entered the conference room, carrying his PADD, Simon entered the room and said," Morning Captain, I have news on the status of the bridge," as he walked over to the replication unit to get a coffee to wake him up more. he continued, "But I will explain later."

Oliver followed after and took his seat. His eyes were a little bleary from the longer night before. "Good morning Captain, Simon." He stifled a yawn and noticed his uniform jacket was still opened. "I apologize for my appearance sir but I was burning the midnight oil."

== Bridge ==

Commander Bast paced the Bridge behind Lieutenant D'Astous's shoulder, the brand new third full rank pip shining on his collar. The results of that Level Two diagnostic he'd requested were pending, and he wanted to bring the results to the briefing.

"Got it," replied D'Astous. "There does seem to be a glitch in the navigational sensors. It's forcing the navigational computer to compensate by deviating our course by two degrees to port."

Bast nodded. "Send the results to Lieutenants Ross and Ragez. They'll have to recalibrate."

"Yes, Sir," agreed D'Astous. She tapped her console to transmit the report just as Bast walked across the Bridge to the briefing room.

== Briefing Room ==

Bast entered the room and walked around the table to find his seat at the Captain's right. Hunter and Ross were already seated.

"Gentlemen," he greeted. "It turns out we've got a sensor ghost plaguing the navigational sensors. Lieutenant D'Astous is sending the diagnostic, but it looks like we'll need to recalibrate."

Just behind Bast, T'sa stepped in. The Diplomat's office was a ways away from the briefing room, and while it was a pleasant walk, she'd make a note to walk more quickly next time. T'sa didn't bother to greet anyone, it was entirely unnecessary - they all knew each other, and they all knew why they were here - therefore exchanging pleasantries was meaningless. She took a seat, and with a keen ear, listened.

As Fortune would have it, the Chief Science Officer was actually unoccupied at the time of the call from the Captain. Unoccupied meaning in transit between assignments on the ship, that is. Ragez made his way up from deck six quickly to the briefing room, exchanging nods of greeting with everybody present before taking a seat.

Mer'lar walked in with her whiskers twitching and tail wagging, nodding to everyone as she carried her PADD with her, and found a seat.

McCullen took a moment to look around the table, pausing on each face to spend a moment reading what he saw there. There was tiredness in every face, expectation and a hint of trepidation. "Ladies and gentlemen, first of all, I want to express my thanks to all of you for the exceptional work and effort you've all put in. It hasn't gone unnoticed, but we'll get back to that in a moment. You may have noticed that we're missing a pair of faces from our table. I'm sad to say that duty has called Lieutenant K'Var and Doctor Makarvoa away from us. Their replacements are en route, but for now, Lieutenant R'heil will head up the tactical department and we'll be relying on the EMH in sickbay for critical procedures."

Mer'lar looked at McCullen, and nodded to him as she looked down to her Padd, and took notes, as she thought she was only doing Security, and now she had Tactical too.

T'sa, no matter how many times it occurred, found it odd that thanks were given for individuals who simply performed their tasks to the best of their abilities. It didn't annoy her, it was appreciated in any case, but it was strange. The departure of Dct. Makarvoa and Lt. K'var did surprise her, but it was an easy thing to brush off. Officers came and went, and the Sentinel was still in its early days, still forming its identity.

McCullen nodded, "Moving on, I'd like to hear status reports from all of you, no sugar-coating and no over-optimistic estimates, please. Mr. Hunter, would you care to begin?"

"Thank you Captain," replied Simon as he started his report He said, "First off we now have a new bridge which we have been installing over the past few weeks," as he knew how much sleep his teams had. As he looked around the room, he continued, "also I have managed to get us an engine upgrade which when we leave dock will be needed to be tested," as he knew the upgrades that they had been given were about to be finished.

"Thank you, Mr. Hunter, what is your estimate on completion of the upgrades?" The captain responded, not letting on that he hadn't heard of any engine upgrades and making a large underlined note to check up on what exactly his new chief engineer had done.

Simon responded, "Well, I'd say at least two days Captain and that includes all the diagnostics," as he leaned back into his chair, He continued, "that's if Operations gives me some more manpower," as he looked over at Lieutenant Ross, as he knew that more manpower might cut down the time.

"Thank you, chief. Mr. Ross, would you care to follow up?" McCullen prompted

"All systems are running green with the exception of our Deflector Dish. I will start the calibration procedure as soon as possible. Communications is running smoothly and the Quarter Master wanted me to mention that all pets must be spayed or neutered before arriving," Ross smiled. "Petty Officer Ryan's cat had four kittens."

"That explains my allergy flareup," quipped Bast.

Ross went over a list of nonfunctioning areas that are currently being repaired and refitted. And once he was finished he put his PADD down and looked up at the Captain. "Sensor ghosts aside, I believe we are ready to go at your discretion."

"Thank you, Mr. Ross." The captain gave his ops officer a smile, thankful for the man's efforts to lighten the tone of the briefing. "Mr. Ragez, would you please give us your report on the science department's readiness?"

The Orion put his PADD down on the table and leaned forward slightly. "The updated scientific facilities are all completely installed, and most of their equipment is freshly calibrated. That should be completed by 1600 today. Wait until you see the holographic interface in the Astrosciences suite! The resolution and detail possible is, in a single word, astonishing." Ragez pauses for a moment to take a sip from his glass of water. "The LCARS update is installed, and the Computer Sciences team is completing a level two diagnostic on the bio-neural gel pack subprocessors. As for the external sensor arrays, they have proven a bit more problematic...but we are still on schedule and will be ready in no more than thirty-six hours."

"Thank you, Mr. Ragez," the captain responded, appreciating the direct and full answer. "Mr. Zemta, tell me about the helm issues, I understand there have been issues with the navigational systems?"

"Minor navigational glitch. It's been deviating our course my two degrees to port. I've been compensating as best I can, but I'd prefer the issue get fixed." Kriv said, nodding in thanks to the Captain for using his surname correctly.

"Understood, thank you Lieutenant. Between Mr. Ragez, Mr. Ross and Mr. Hunter I'm sure the issue will get sorted out before we depart." The captain let that hang for a moment before continuing, "Miss R'heil, can you give us a report on tactical readiness?"

Mer'lar looked at her PaDD, "So far everything is about ago sir, just a few more details to go through sir." Merlar explained in a Caitian way, hissing some when she spoke.

"Hrm, very good, thank you Lieutenant R'heil," McCullen replied, he had been hoping for a little more detail, but the assistant chief had been put in a difficult position with very little notice. "Mr. Bast, please provide us with an update on personnel and logistics. Are we crewed and ready?"

There was a ping from Bast's data PaDD, indicating that a message had just come in. The Executive Officer tapped the device to display the communication.

"Incredible timing," he said. "I've got a message from Sector Command. They managed to assign a Chief Medical Officer to us, who should be aboard by the time we depart."

He filed the message away. "We've also got a few vacancies in the Flight Department. Aside from Lieutenant Zemta and Lieutenant D'Astous, we're short-staffed in that department. We might need to call upon anyone who has flight control experience to pull an extra shift at the helm or in a shuttle, should one be required. We've also only got one computer specialist, I'd like us to have at least two. And I believe the position in xenobiology is also vacant," he said, looking to Ragez for confirmation. "Aside from those, we've got a full crew complement."

"Excellent, thank you all. If there's nothing else, we'll move on to the future." The captain pressed a few buttons and brought up a map of the sector.

"Our next assignment is a simple one - we're transferring to the Raeya sector." The captain zoomed in the map to the mouth of the Raeyan Transit Corridor, highlighting the outpost. "First, we'll travel to Outpost Curtiss, that should take about ten days. We'll use the journey to have a shakedown and iron out the bugs. Mr. Hunter, I expect it will be a very busy time for your department so make sure your people are ready for it. At Curtiss, we'll pick up some cargo to be delivered to Faltan Station, Mr. Ross, I will get you an inventory of what we're collecting as soon as I have it, you'll need to make sure we have suitable cargo space available. Lieutenant R'heil, I'll want tight security on the cargo, some of it is apparently quite sensitive."

"Aye sir, I'll get my team ready. Cargo Bay Two should have sufficient space, by the time we arrive at Curtiss," Ross looked down at the manifest. Most of the items in the lower half of the bay were personal effects of the crew that were slowly being distributed to their perspective quarters. Ten Days would be enough time to clear up for whatever was being delivered. Sadly a twinge of pain hit him. His things were in transit to Faltan Station; after they were sent to Gamma Quadrant and his sister.

Mer'lar nodded about the security detail in the cargo bay. "Aye sir, it will be done, sir." Merlar slightly growled in her Caitain talk.

"Tests have been started Sir on all systems before we left, " replied Simon as he knew that his team was going to be very busy, to say the least and with ten days to get the warp engines up to standard was going to be hard graft. He continued, "I would like a day to test the warp engines sir?" as he knew they were the priority.

"Very well, Mr. Hunter." McCullen agreed, albeit reluctantly. He was eager to get on with the mission and get to the Raeya sector, where more fulfilling fare was to be had. "But we can't stay in dock for another day. We'll proceed at impulse power away from Providence until your tests are completed."

"Thank you, Sir," replied Simon as he knew his teams were going to check everything double in case they missed anything. He continued," I have been putting my repair teams through drills this last week and I can report a near 70% rate of getting to the area," as he knew that they might be needed soon.

"Be prepared for a series of drills, both scheduled and unscheduled, between here and Faltan Station," warned Bast. "We need to work out all of these bugs, as well as test the crew's capabilities as a team. This is a new crew, we need to develop our shorthand and get to know one another in a crisis situation."

T'sa nodded, curtly, at Bast. Something she did enjoy, if such a word wasn't too strong to use, about non-Vulcan crews was their instinct to bond. She'd observed it time and time again, with hundreds of different species. More often than not it leads to a more efficient system, and an easier time maintaining crew morale. That would make her job easier, and certainly the other chief officers as well.

"The reprimands for failing to properly follow drill procedure?" She inquired curiously.

She was under no pretense that this crew would be full of entirely seasoned officers, no. There would be Ensigns straight from Starfleet, and there would be stubborn officers, cocky, perhaps was the right word. Planning ahead for how to deal with either was entirely called for in her mind.

"To be dealt with on a case-by-case basis," McCullen replied, caught somewhat by surprise at the question. He hadn't thought of planning out reprimands, though he suspected a few would be necessary to shape the few square pegs there would likely be round enough to fit. "I expect you all to deal with your own personnel problems wherever possible, use your own judgments as to what's appropriate if and when you need to reprimand."

McCullen waited for a few minutes in pregnant silence, and when no further comments or questions were forthcoming, he continued. "We depart in six hours. ready or not. You all know what needs to be done. Let's get to it, ladies and gentlemen." The captain felt a shiver of excitement run up his spine, the prospect that in six hours they'd be out of the accursed shipyard and back where they belonged, in open space, made him want to hop from foot-to-foot. As it was, all he allowed himself was a grin.

Ross pulled back from the table. Immediately sending messages to the Ops teams. If it wasn't for the door opening at the precise moment he surely would have walked right into it.

Bast watched the senior staff file out of the conference room before he gave a final nod to the Captain, and followed suit, to finish planning the drills.

Alone in the briefing room, McCullen gathered up his PaDDs and took a moment to assess. He had faith in his senior staff, those that had been with him to the nebula and back he knew he could trust with his life, implicitly. He had yet to form that kind of bond with those who were newer, but that would come in time. Most of what he felt was excitement, balanced with some trepidation about the new crew and newer systems and the pragmatism that came with the chair.

"Six hours..." he told himself as he turned to walk back to the bridge and his chair, "six more hours and we'll be free."


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