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Status Report

Posted on Thu Mar 7th, 2019 @ 2:35pm by Captain James McCullen & Lieutenant Zemta Kriv & Lieutenant JG Simon Hunter

Mission: Reactivation
Location: Ready Room, USS Sentinel
Timeline: MD5, 0900 Hrs

James McCullen sighed, sitting back in his chair and taking a moment to sip at his coffee, now half-way to cold, and picked up the PaDD on the top of the stack, a report from Hunter on the status of the bridge connections. There was an addendum to the report by Lieutenant Kriv, their new helmsman, on the status of the navigational systems.

He got ten lines into the report and gave up, tossing the PaDD down in disgust and thumping his comm badge. He hadn't gotten much sleep in the past couple of days and frankly, the report was as dry as old bones. He had neither the mental fortitude or the will to read it. Instead, he tapped his comm badge. "Lieutenant Hunter, Lieutenant Zemta, report to my ready room."

"Simon had been on the bridge for the last 15 hours calibrating each console and running a diagnostic on each, whilst his engineers continued making sure that the connections were done to standards, when his comm badge chirped and he heard his name as he bumped his head against the bottom of the console he had been working on. He thought oO Oh god, what now? Oo as he still had a ton of other projects to finish.

Kriv was in the middle of attempting to calibrate the navigational sensors, utilizing input from his ocular implant, when he heard the summons from the CO to the ready room. Great, what did I do? He thought to himself, reaching up and running a finger over his earring. "Prophets guide me. Show me the way." He muttered, heading over to the door, ringing the chime.

Simon slid out from underneath the console and stood up and straightened his jacket, he walked over to the door and looked at Kriv, He asked "Do you have any Idea what he wants?" as they waited to be called into the ready room. Simon also hadn't had a break and was pleased to be out from under the console.

"No clue." Kriv said.

"Enter," the captain called, somewhat caught off guard with the speed that his call had been answered, and the door slid open automatically, admitting both officers. "Lieutenant Hunter, Lieutenant Zemta - thank you for coming so... promptly. I need a status update on the bridge systems if you please?"

"Navigational systems are being a pain. I'm still able to get them to work, but they seem to enjoy getting on my nerves." Kriv rubbed his left eye. Whatever ocular muscles and nerves were still intact were starting to hurt from overuse.

"Well, Sir I and my teams have been here since we got it," replied Simon as he looked back at McCullen, he continued, " and I haven't had a break in 15 hours," as he started to rub his own eyes, "just don't blame us if the console take time to log in,"

"I will blame you, Mr. Hunter." McCullen frowned at his chief engineer, the idea that his new chief engineer was doing sloppy work because he was tired. "We are all tired - we are all working hard - we are all not sleeping enough." The captain leaned forward, fixing his eyes on Hunter's face. "I hold you and every person on this ship to the same standards I hold myself to. It is your responsibility to build rest periods into your schedule - if your performance begins to suffer because of lack of rest you're not only hurting yourself, you're endangering the entire ship. I expect nothing - nothing but your best. Is that understood, Mr. Hunter?"

" Understood sir," replied Simon as he looked back at the Captain, he continued," I will head back to my quarters shortly," as he knew that this was not good.

Kriv smirked, for once someone else was getting reprimanded. "You ain't tired. I've been functioning on 4 hours of sleep over the passed 4 days. And I've worked just as long as you have. Quit complaining!"

McCullen turned his glare on Kriv - allowing his ire to continue roiling as he addressed the helm officer. "We all have, Lieutenant - your lack of sleep is nothing special and nothing to be proud of. Get the navigational systems up and running before the end of the day or find an engineer that can."

"And don't look at me," replied Simon. as he needed to get some sleep, he said," Wake me up in 15 hours," as he finished "If that is alright with you Sir?"

As soon as McCullen turned his ire towards Kriv, he came to attention almost habitually. "Yes sir. It will be done by the end of the day."

"I have a fresh team coming on duty in 20 minutes sir," replied Simon as he knew that the teams had been hard at work, " but we are running diagnostics on each console before we link up to the main computer," he continued giving his report, he finished, " and that should be done in the next few days,"

That's more like it, McCullen thought to himself, that's what he wanted to hear - a report on their progress and an estimation of the completion time, not whining and excuses. "Very good, Mr. Hunter, we may not have a few days left here at the dockyards but I'll give you as much time as we can spare. Mr. Zemta, end of the day."

"Yes, sir. Permission to go back to work?" Kriv asked, still at attention.

"Permission to get some sleep sir," replied Simon as he was knackered to say the least and something to eat and drink as well, he looked back at the Captain.

"Dismissed, gentlemen, and keep it up. We're nearing the finish line." McCullen replied, hoping to soften his earlier reprimand with a little positive reinforcement.

"Yes sir." Kriv said, turning on his heel and making a beeline for the helm station to get navigational sensors up and running.

"Ok, boss," replied Simon, as he turned and headed towards exit, as Simon knew that by not sleeping things might get missed and then he would have to have them redone again, However, his teams knew what they were doing and he was tired as he headed out the door.

McCullen watched the two officers leave and shook his head gently, it seemed like they'd never be done with drydock. Sighing to himself, he picked up the next PaDD on the stack and went back to reading.


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