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Posted on Mon Feb 4th, 2019 @ 4:25pm by Captain James McCullen & Chief Petty Officer Benjamin Schwarber
Edited on on Mon Feb 4th, 2019 @ 4:28pm

Mission: Reactivation
Location: Transporter Room 3, USS Sentinel
Timeline: MD3, 1700 Hrs

Walking down the corridors of the USS Sentinel, Captain James McCullen lifted his head from the PaDD he was looking at and barely dodged around a small gaggle of engineers working on an open panel. Today had been a big day in the restoration of the ship, the new transporters had been installed earlier in the morning and he was taking advantage of them now to get to a meeting with a flock of Admirals who wanted to talk to him about his next mission. He stepped into the newly restored transporter room and almost walked straight into a petty officer. "Excuse me, chief..." and he stalled. It was a terrible crime for a captain not to remember the names of every crew member, but there were so many new faces aboard.

"Schwarber sir," the younger man stated. He handed a tool to another officer who had been replacing a bio-neural pack. The conduit sprang to life after a few more seconds. "How can I help you?"

"Benjamin Schwarber," the captain said the name as it popped into his head from a personnel file, "you're our new transporter chief, welcome aboard Chief Schwarber. If the transporter is up and running, I could use a beam over to the station. I'm sick of climbing jeffries tubes to the docking port to get to meetings. How are you settling in?"

"Easily Captain, though I am still waiting for my things from the Station to be delivered to my bunk," Schwarber said while smoothing out a wrinkle in his uniform. His day-old scruff itched terribly. "My bunkmate and I are going to start a pool if my duffle doesn't show up in the next hour," Ben chuckled. "Of course betting and gambling aren't allowed."

McCullen remembered that the chief had just come from a cushy station, not been roughing it on a bare-naked ship for weeks. "While I'm sure your baggage is very important, chief, I'm more concerned about things like turbolifts, replicators, sensor arrays, and shield emitters." He smiled to take the sting out of his gentle rebuke, "if you really need your baggage, chief, the station isn't that far away - go and get them yourself."

"No, sir. You're correct sir." Schwarber replied. "I can report to you that all personnel transporters are up and running. We'll be working on the last of the cargo transporters as soon as we can."

"Good to hear, Chief." Jim let it slide, not feeling the need to reinforce the point. "We're going to have a lot of people, and a lot of cargo coming and going in the next few weeks, your transporters are going to be busy. You'll need to coordinate with Lieutenant Ross and Lieutenant Commander Bast over the schedules. How are the new transporter personnel settling in?"

Looking down at the other officer who was closing up the panel and cleaning up. "Petty Officer Banner and I are getting along so far. I am pleased with her work. The rest of the team should be arriving within the next few hours."

"Ah, good," McCullen replied, giving the petty officer a nod. "Once the transporters are all up and running, I may need you and your people to pull general engineering duty for a while, until the ship is up and running at peak performance. Coordinate with Lieutenant Hunter on that, if you could, but make sure your priority stays here, with the transporters."

"Will do sir," the doors opened to Transporter Room Three. "You ready for transport?"

McCullen followed the chief into the transporter room, "Site-to-site please Chief, deck 3, section twenty-two, outside the sector operations office."

Schwarber stood up onto the platform behind the console. He tapped in the controls and requested location. "You're cleared, Captain."

The captain stepped up onto the pad and gave the chief a smile. It wasn't lost on him that this was the first time he got to say the words that he would likely repeat a thousand times over the coming years. "Energize, Chief."


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