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A Well Earned Respite

Posted on Sat Mar 9th, 2019 @ 3:40pm by Commander Temerant Bast & Lieutenant Araan Ragez & Lieutenant JG Simon Hunter

Mission: Reactivation
Location: Gemini’s Landing Restaurant, Providence Fleet Yards
Timeline: MD 1, 1900 hours

With so many things that had happened over the past few weeks, Araan Ragez was ready to sit down for a really good meal. And since said events had led him to the USS Sentinel, he has issued a blanket invitation for his colleagues to join him for dinner. After making some discreet inquiries regarding the quality of the local fare available at Providence, the Orion opted for a finer dining experience at Gemini’s Landing. It was a smaller establishment, and supposedly catered to a crowd with deeper pockets and a more discerning palate. Ragez was always up for the unique pleasures of a carefully prepared meal, and he saved his credits for just such a rainy day. The Sentinel’s XO and Chief Engineer has agreed to join Ragez, so he sent word to them regarding the time and place.

But first, he had to tidy himself up and look presentable. He went to the Station Quartermaster and was issued guest quarters; his rank and assignment as a starship Department Head meant that he warranted one of the smaller suites consisting of a bedroom, a lounging area and a private restroom with bathing facilities. After making use of the sonic shower, Ragez replicated some stylish civilian attire and headed toward the restaurant. He had selected a simple white collared button-down shirt, a burnt orange jacket with royal purple accents and navy slacks with white stripes down the side. The time was exactly 1900, so all that was missing was his dining companions.

- - - - - - -

Temerant Bast had transferred all of his belongings to the Sentinel, and had finished a rudimentary setup in his quarters on the ship. He'd opted not to remain on the station in order to oversee the refit more efficiently. But that didn't mean he wasn't going to spend any time on the station. The Captain had given them 48 hours of leave, and he intended to obey that order - for the most part. Ragez's invitation to dinner had been a very welcome one. He looked forward to getting to know his new crewmates, beyond the adrenaline rush that had characterized the past few days.

After a quick sonic shower, he opted for a green tunic that matched his eyes, with a darker spotted pattern that ran down the shoulders and arms, a pattern that also matched his Trill spots. Black pants completed the outfit.

He crossed over to the station and reached the restaurant two minutes after the Science officer. He saw the Orion standing at the door and smiled as he approached, extending a hand.

"Great choice of restaurant," he said.

“It came well recommended,” said Ragez. He took the offered hand and shook firmly. “All we need now is Simon.”

Simon had returned to the quarters that he had been sharing with Emilie and got changed in to a Red smoking jacket with checked trousers, as he knew that this was a time to relax, although he had to keep an eye on the Sentinel's refit. As he knew that she might need a new Bridge module, as he started making a list of what he felt the ship needed, as he walked around the corner and spotted the two Officers talking.

"So who's bright Idea was it to leave this get up for me?" Simon asked, knowing that he was being Pranked by some of his crew mates, after all he was one of the new Officers on the ship.

Temerant gave a catcall whistle. "Don't you look nice," he said. "Looks like someone reprogrammed your replicator there..."

Simon responded "Then I suggest you warn the Captain about his one," as he knew that if one senior officer had his replicator unit reprogramed then all of them would have," as apparently Emilie is not happy that it has been done, but the outfit suits her," Simon continued looking at both Officers.

Temerant grinned. "I'll take your word for it," he replied before reaching for the door. "Well... at least you didn't fight the replicator. Shall we go in?"

Ragez smiled to himself at the friendly banter between his colleagues. He always enjoyed seeing people getting along with each other well (although he did find a certain bit of schadenfreude in practical jokes). The Orion entered the restaurant, followed by his colleagues. They were greeted by a tall and breathtakingly beautiful Andorian woman, which led the trio to a table in the rear corner of the establishment. Normally, such a prime table would not be available; a three hundred credit tip from Ragez had assured that the Starfleet officers would be treated with the utmost care. Their Hostess left them with menus while their server introduced himself.

“Good evening, Gentlemen,” said the Server, a tall Bajoran male with sandy brown hair and bright blue eyes. “My name is Raygi Toh, and I will be serving you this evening. Would you like to start with a cocktail, perhaps? We have most Top-Shelf brands available. Our house special drink is the Port Authority...Norfolk Tears, with grapefruit juice and seltzer water served over crushed ice.”

“That sounds great,” said Ragez. “I’ll have one of those. Guys?”

"Make it two," chimed in Temerant, as he pulled up a chair at the table. He looked around at the restaurant, which included about thirty tables scattered around the room. The tables were set with brilliant white tablecloths, crystal wine glasses and sparkling silverware, ivory-colored plates and centerpieces of tall and colorful flowers, with soft jazz music filling the air. A brigade of tall waiters bustled about the room to serve the patrons, but smoothly and quietly enough not to be noticed. Behind a glass partition, he could see in the kitchen, where a small army of chefs struggled to keep up with the demands of the top chef, a tall Andorian, whose blue skin contrasted with his chef's white uniform. He was reminded of his sister's restaurant on Trill, and made a mental note to send her a letter when he got back to his quarters.

"I'll have the Plain Burger, fries, Onion rings and a super sized Coke please," replied Simon as he didn't like untested meals, and had stuck to his own comfort food, but he knew that when he found out who had pranked him, he was going to get them back properly. he looked back at his two comrades "I do hope that Emilie has taken the prank in good humour," as the Orion slave outfit showed of her charms and Simon had not been happy one bit.

"I know her from my time at the Fleet yard," said Temerant. "She has a good sense of humor, I'm sure she'll have a good laugh at it."

"Yeah well, I'm having to live with her," replied Simon he hoped that this hadn't been a majior issue, but when he got back to the ship he would have all the replication units serviced and checked, He finished," Looks like a big servicing job for me to do," as he knew that someone might take it the wrong way.

"If you want separate quarters from her I'm sure we can arrange that," replied Temerant, his brow furrowing in concern. The last thing he wanted was for a lovers' quarrel to interfere with ship operations. The working relationship between a ship's helm officers and the engineers was of paramount importance.

"No I don't want to move Sir?" replied Simon as he knew that if he did , he would get it in the neck every morning, although come to think of it he mused he would anyway. he also remembered that it had been her that had taken him in when he had got to the shipyard.

"We're off duty," pointed out Temerant. "On leave for 48 hours, and out of uniform. I don't want to hear the word 'Sir'."

"sorry, back at the academy, I had trouble scoialing with my classmates," replied Simon as he looked back at the Sentinel's XO, " So I just stayed on my own, but it was just by luck I met our helmsman" he continued looking at both officers.

When his turn came to order, Ragez ordered a bowl of Jevathian Oyster stew, with a root vegetable salad on the side and thinly sliced smoked Terran salmon. It was a meal the Orion had eaten before; he looking for comfort and familiarity, not to expand his palate.

Temerant ordered one of his sister's signature dishes, one which he'd had programmed into the station's replicators as soon as he'd arrived here at Providence. A Trill seabug, slow-poached in layta butter, with a hint of lemongrass and thyme, accompanied by a squid ink rice milk flan which created a rather stark color contrast and added a natural saltiness to the dish that he had found very intriguing, and roasted pangkor nuts to create texture and add a punch of umami. There was a reason why his little sister was considered one of the best top chefs of her generation on Trill, and this dish was another demonstration of it.

"Well now," he said as the waiter walked away with their orders. "We have a couple of days off before the real work begins on the ship, any big plans?"

"Well, I was planning on doing some archery," replied Simon looking back at Bast and Ragez as he knew that a inter-ship tournament was taking place and that he would take part for the ships name, He continued, "as there is a tournament between other ships and we need a team of three," as he hoped that they would join him.

"Archery?" repeated Temerant as the waiter returned with their drinks. "I've actually never tried it, I'm not sure I'd be much help in a tournament..."

“Hmm,” mumbled Ragez as he took a short pull from his drink. “That actually sounds like fun. I am not terribly good at archery, but I do find the sport entertaining. You can count me in.”

"Well then, Looks like I'm going to have to teach you both," smirked Simon, as he knew this was going to be fun teaching Bast how to use a bow, he continued," what happens if you have lost your Sidearm and weaponless and you were to find one?" as he looked back at them both.

"I think in this day and age, the odds of losing your sidearm, and finding a functional bow and arrows, are pretty slim," remarked Temerant. "But I do think it's a good sport to practice hand-eye coordination. Count me in."

"But you can never tell with the mission can you?" replied Simon as he thinking ahead and looking at all possabilities for the crew, but being careful was something that had helped him whilst at the Academy. he continued, "But it is fun as well and relaxing," as he picked up his drink and took a sip of the cold liquid.

"When is the competition?" asked Temerant. With any luck, it wouldn't be during a critical time in the refit process.

"What it is a sort of postal competition, as do a round and we send it in," replied Simon taking another sip of his drink "and its done once a month," Simon continued as he put the glass back on the table, he wondered if the Commander was realy interested in this. Today was the first time he could relax since he'd been kidnapped along with the Sentinel.

"Well once the Holodecks are back up and running, we should give it a shot," said Temerant.

The waiter returned, carrying their dishes.


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