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Lost Goods

Posted on Mon Jan 28th, 2019 @ 9:10pm by Lieutenant Oliver Ross & Chief Petty Officer Benjamin Schwarber

Mission: Recovery
Location: Quartermaster's Office, Starbase


"What do you mean you can't find them?"

"Well sir, I am sorry we've looked through the entire manifest from Ark Royal prior to her refit and most of everything that was aboard was either discarded or sent into storage," the human woman stood behind her desk at the Quartermaster's Office. Her accent was indicative of those from Deneva. After returning to her console and moment of furiously fanning the display looking for a manifest she shook her head. "I am sorry Lieutenant there are no objects, canisters, cases, or any other effects with your serial number."
Ross stood back. He became aware of the large line forming behind him. Another clerk, a civilian in plain gold and black uniform stood to help others. "I just don't understand how everything I own has suddenly disappeared. I made sure before I left this Star Base..."

"It could be an error on the part of the Ark Royal..."

"Look for Olivia Ross."

"I'm sorry?"

"Search index for Lieutenant Commander Olivia Ross, serial number OR-998-1." Ross's twin sister and he had similar numbers only the last was off by one. For years both had been confused for the other. Before Oliver Ross left the Royal, he recieved a hand written 'Dear John' Letter meant for Liv. Ollie had to deliever the not so happy news over subspace.

The woman looked down at her screen again to type down the information. After a moment of scanning and searching she looked up and smiled. "There it is Lieutenant. One case of personal clothing, an old desk and a set of free weights; plus...three paintings and a wall cross. Sent to USS Elizabeth II, care of Deep Space 15."

"Gamma Quadrant. Are you telling me it will take months before I see my stuff?"

"Unfortunately, yes. But I will talk to Q and hope we can get everything rushed here. The next cargo run is due out tomorrow. That's the best I can do," she reached over the desk and put hand on his arm. "I am sorry."

"Yeah, me too." Ollie thanked the officer and turned away from the line. He walked away feeling defeated. This was not the first time for him. Things of his were always sent to either Olivia or his older brother Elias. For some reason Oliver always felt like the middle child even though he was older than his sister by ten minutes. He fought these feelings exercising, playing sports, and trying to one-up Elias. However, both of his sibilings were always one step ahead.

Oliver walked toward the nearest Transporter Hub and was ready to return to Sentinel. A voice from far off called toward him. It was familiar.

"Ollie, hey! Ollie!"

Oliver turned on his heel just before he entered the Transporter Kiosk. His eyes lit up to see someone whom he trusted even more than his own family. Benji Schwarber.


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