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Posted on Mon Jan 28th, 2019 @ 4:04pm by Captain James McCullen & Commander Temerant Bast & Lieutenant K'Var & Lieutenant Oliver Ross & Lieutenant Araan Ragez & Lieutenant JG Merlar R'heil & Lieutenant JG Simon Hunter & Lieutenant JG Emilie D'Astous

Mission: Reactivation
Location: Auxiliary Control
Timeline: MD1, 0900 Hrs

The USS Sentinel dropped out of warp some ten million kilometers from the outer traffic boundary of Providence Fleet Yards, a Regulus Class station surrounded by a sprawling array of maintenance docks, drydock facilities, and construction docks. Aboard the vessel, in the Auxiliary Control room, the small crew were assembled. They had been working frantically for the past several days, repairing the ship to a state where she was able to make the journey from Meja's Nebula to the shipyards.

A million kilometers away from the Sentinel, the USS Hanoi came out of warp, the Wallace Class vessel had come to the Sentinel's rescue, bringing supplies and much-needed engineers, but now her task was ended and she'd return to Providence triumphant.

Commander James McCullen smiled at the sight of the shipyard, it had seemed at times like they would never make it to this place, but through luck, skill and the hard work of his crew, they had finally arrived safely. "Hail the station, Lieutenant Ross," he requested of his ops officer. "Mr. Hunter, take the warp core offline, stand by for a complete power-down after we dock."

"Aye Sir, shutting down the warp core, Power shut down will commence in 30 minutes, sir," replied Simon as he knew that now was the time to prove to the Captain that he deserved the Chief's position on the Sentinel, but was Hughes going to release command of Engineering to him now that they were back at Providence. as he knew that Hughes was only in command for the rescue mission. that was the question he needed to answer. He asked "Captain, May I ask a question?"

"You might have to delay that shutdown, depending on how long it takes us to get into drydock," McCullen commented, smiling slightly at the young man's enthusiasm, "what's your question?"

"Captain, Station Operations has responded. We are clear to dock at our discretion. The Station commander would also like to congratulate us and welcome us home." Ross smiled out of relief. The worse part was over.

"Thank you, Mr. Ross, did the station mention which dock we are assigned to?" McCullen queried, "I'd hate to park in the wrong spot."

"Docking port four sir, the coordinates have been sent to the helm," Ross responded.

McCullen nodded, he was surprised at the speed with which the Sentinel was being drydocked, but they had probably seen them coming. "Very good, Miss D'Astous, if you please?" He requested, "slow and steady, one-quarter impulse until we're ten thousand kilometers away, then cut to thrusters only. Mr. Ross, prepare to switch to umbilical power, Miss. K'Var, make sure all weapons and security subsystems are offline. Mr. Ragez, shut down all sensors and scanners aside from navigational sensors. Mr. Bast, Miss R'heil, Miss. Makarova and Miss. T'sa, prepare for evacuation procedures if you please, make sure all personnel are accounted for."

The Orion Science Officer gave a small nod. Power to the lateral, aft and fore sensor arrays has been intermittent for the entire journey from the nebula; it had almost not been worth keeping the systems online. But he was a seeker of truth, and in order to find said truth, you need sensor data. Ragez obediently cut power to the primary and secondary sensors pallets, obviously leaving the navigational sensors so they could dock. “Sensor arrays offline,” he said dryly.

"Aye, Sir," acknowledged D'Astous. Having been assigned to the station for the past year, she knew its layout by heart and guided the ship easily to the docking port. "Ready to dock," she called out once the ship was at a full stop.

"Secure docking clamps, confirm hard seal on docking hatch one," called out Bast.

"Seal confirmed," came an engineer's response over the comm channel. "Docking clamps secure."

"All hands, make way for station personnel," instructed Bast. "Department heads, submit your maintenance requisitions to Station Operations."

Mer'lar heard what the Captain said as she nodded her Caitian head. "Aye, sir" Mer'lar said and took off to what she had to do.

K'Var was quickly doing as instructed and reviewing tactical systems. It would be a long list of repairs and restocking of torpedoes, but the repair crews usually worked pretty quickly.

With the ship docked and powered down, McCullen stood from the command chair and looked around the auxiliary control room at his assembled officers. "Well done, everyone. As soon as the ship is secure and the shipyard personnel are in place, I want you all to submit reports on the past week's events, the current condition of your departments and your requests for maintenance and upgrades. After your reports are in, there will be 48 hours leave for everyone. Questions?"

The captain waited in silence for a few moments, looking around the room, but no questions came and he took it that everyone understood exactly what was expected of them. "Then let's get to it, people. The sooner we're done, the sooner we can take a break."


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