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Status Report

Posted on Wed Jan 16th, 2019 @ 6:41pm by Captain James McCullen & Lieutenant JG Simon Hunter
Edited on on Wed Jan 16th, 2019 @ 6:43pm

Mission: Recovery
Location: Main Engineering, USS Sentinel
Timeline: MD3, 0100 Hrs

James McCullen stepped into engineering, having finally found a moment away from working on other areas of the vessel, and was checking up on both the progress in the engine room and on Lieutenant Hunter, the prospective Chief Engineer that his daughter had mentioned.

"Lieutenant Hunter," he said, offering a hand to the officer. His hand wasn't clean, nothing about him was clean, but it didn't matter. "Commander McCullen, I'm happy you're here."

"Sir, I'm glad that you are as well," as he took the offered hand as he stood next to the table that held the reports on all the systems that he had been compiling for the Captain. He continued, "your Daughter was worried when we had that explosion report," as he shook the officer's hand, he finished, "so what is it you want Sir?" asking the question

McCullen smiled, appreciating the directness of the young officer. "I'm mainly here looking for a progress report, Lieutenant. How are the repairs coming?"

"Well, last night Lieutenant Ross and our team finished the rebuild of the engines," replied Simon as he started his report "and we had done a Level 2 diagnostic and then switched on the engines at 1/8th power when one of the impulse relays explodied injuring one of the tech guys," finishing the report, as he hadn't been up to sickbay for an update on the injury to the officer for the report.

"I see," the captain responded, considering the information for a moment and taking the decision to press the man a little, "we need those engines as soon as possible, how are you going to resolve the problem?"

"Lieutenant Ross is about to replace the impulse relay this morning and then rerun the level 2 diagnostic," replied Simon looking back at the Captain, Simon knew this was bad enough doing this level of repair out here instead of in dry-dock. He continued, "that will take about 4 hours to complete and then we will attempt another restart," but Simon knew that they needed to be back at Providence to do more work on the engines. He finished "also sir, the engineering teams have been working double shifts with only 8 hours worth of sleep, myself and Lieutenant Ross included."

"They're not alone, Lieutenant, we're all exhausted," McCullen commented, frowning at Hunter. He was somewhat upset, partly due to his own exhaustion and partly due to the seemingly casual attitude Ross and Hunter had towards the repair, but he schooled his features into neutral calm. "I need you to make sure that those engines start, Mr. Hunter. I don't need an attempt, I need you and Lieutenant Ross to get it right, first time, and get it done. We need to get out of here before someone else comes looking."

"We are doing everything we can sir and we are not going to cut corners," replied Simon after what had happened last night, "as soon as the diagnostic has finished we will restart the engines at 1/8th power and increase steadily till we get to half impulse," as he didn't want to push the rebuilt engines to much at first. He finished,"when I feel that the engines can take full power then and only then will I give the all clear," as he didn't want to risk any more injuries to the ship's crew.

McCullen could respect that answer, it was prudent, direct and just forceful enough to stay on the right side of respectful. "Very well, Mr. Hunter. What about warp drive? That's far more important than impulse."

"The warp drive is being worked on as we speak," replied Simon as he said, "the impulse engines were in a bad way sir, here is the report on how much work was needed," as he turned to the table and brought up the full work that the impulse engines had needed. He finished "and this is what the warp drive needs," He finished bringing up the report of the warp drive and the estimated time for the rebuild on that as well as the simulations and the alignment of the dilithium crystals.

"Too long..." McCullen grumbled to himself, but from what he could see the repairs were going as fast as they could. He made a note to speak to Hughes, who was in charge of the warp core repair and decided to switch tack. "I hear from Lieutenant Commander McCullen that you're interested in engineering, that's what you studied in the academy, isn't it?"

"It was sir, but I got drafted to Operations," replied Simon as he looked back at the Captain. He knew that both he, Ross and Hughes had split the work up with half the detail on the impulse engines and the other on the warp core. He knew now that they would be deployed to help out on the core and get that working. He asked, "sir, I'd like to ask for some R &R for the teams when we get back to base."

McCullen frowned at the change of topic but went with it. "Most of the engineers will go back to where they came from when we get back to Providence, they're only here to get the ship up and running enough to get us back. As for R&R, we'll likely be going directly into drydock, there will be time." The captain paused, making the decision to get to the point. "If you were to take an engineering role, what position would you consider appropriate?"

Simon knew that there was only one he would go for but with Hughes barking orders like he owned the place. He said "Chief Engineer sir, as I have poured my heart and soul into these engines, sir."

McCullen had expected that, but he had his reservations. "You've only been aboard for a matter of hours, Lieutenant, and frankly speaking I don't know that you're ready for a senior engineering position." He held up his hand to forestall a response, "from your service record, you've got practically no leadership experience and very little field experience as an engineer after your cadet cruise, but I'm willing to give you a chance. Prove to me that you're capable of doing the job over the next couple of weeks - show me that you are ready, and if I think you're able, the job will be yours."

"Thank you, sir, I won't let you down," replied Simon as now he had to show the Captain that he was the best candidate for the job. He continued," I will have a full update for you in the next 4 hours on the status of the warp core." He wanted the job, he knew that Hughes was a good officer, but he knew as an Engineer that the engines were his baby after the rebuild that he had done. He asked, "is that all sir?"

"Remember that Lieutenant Hughes is still your senior, for now." McCullen warned casually, giving the man a smile, "I want you to bring your report to me, but you also need to report to him, understood?"

"Understood sir, but I will have to ask him for a status report," replied Simon.

"Of course, lieutenant," McCullen confirmed, "I'll make your status clear to him when I meet with him. For now, carry on and keep up the hard work."

"Aye sir," replied Simon as he needed to see Ross and get working on the impulse engines so that they could at least make a start for home.


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