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The Midnight Oil

Posted on Wed Jan 16th, 2019 @ 5:17am by Lieutenant Oliver Ross & Lieutenant JG Simon Hunter

Mission: Recovery
Location: Main Engineering


It was well past midnight and Ross was feeling bleary eyed. For the nearly 17hours he and Hunter had been doing everything they could to get Sentinel next to operational. Ross was deeply tired. At one point he had tossed his uniform jacket over the railing that encircled the warp core. When he did so? It may have been around hour nine.

Ross looked over at his partner in this venture Simon, who looked just as tired as he did. "I don't know about you but I think we can try the impulse engines," he said through a tight yawn.

"Have the diagnostics on the systems been run on the Impulse Engines?" asked Simon as he knew the rebuild had been a slow one, However; Simon was not going to take a chance on starting the engines up without a clean bill of health.

"We did that two hours ago," Ross replied. "Remember?" Ross stood back against the console his pinched pinched the bridge of his nose and closed his eyes. After a deep breath he sat up straight and turned back to his work. "We've been at this for far too long."

"Did we?" replied Simon rubbing his eyes as he knew that things had been hectic all day and only a sandwich and coffee to keep them going, also he knew that he was going to sleep well tonight as his shift once more started at 09:00hrs.

Ross nodded and then tapped his badge, "Engineering to Bridge we're ready to test impulse engines. standby." He turned toward his console and brought up Impulse Control. "Engaging at 1/8th."

A low hum turned the gentle whine as the engines spurt into life. Ross was electrified. After the long hours at something was taking hold. Ross's excitement increased as he pressed the each increment of speed. Then a spark, a buzz, and loud explosion came from somewhere in the distant part of the engine room. The ship stopped.

"What the hell was that?" asked Simon as he heard a scream from where the explosion had a come from as Simon ran towards the position where another officer was putting out a small fire, he tapped his combadge =/= Medical emergency to Engineering =/= as he knew the engines should have been rechecked.

"That was an impulse relay, it looks like it overloaded. Again," Ross tossed his hyperspanner back in his tool case. "I'll get the replacement."(edited)

"You do know that we will have to rerun the diagnostic again before we redo the restart," replied Simon as he attended to the stricken officer, " But we redo the restart in the morning," he continued as they all needed sleep. as he heard the doors to Manin Engineering opened and in rushed a Medical team.

"Yes, I know. " Ross replied. "It's just all that work for nothing." Ross banged his hand against the console. "The Captain expects this done sooner than later. Why don't you get some rest and I'll install the relay. We'll get into the diagnostic first thing.'

"Thanks, See you in the morning," replied Simon as the medical team started to make the officer calm down after the explosion as he headed out of the door and back to his own quarters for some well-deserved sleep.

Ross stay for another hour after that to replace the burned out relay. A strong yawn hit him after he closed and secured his tools before leaving Main Engineering. His feet slogged toward his quarters. Yes, it was time for sleep. Two fresh-faced engineers might be better to face these problems than how they've been feeling since the shift began.


Lt. Oliver Ross
Chief Operations Officer

Lt. JG. Simon Hunter
Chief Engineering Officer


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