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Posted on Thu Dec 13th, 2018 @ 10:03pm by Lieutenant JG Simon Hunter & Lieutenant Commander Lisa McCullen & Lieutenant JG Emilie D'Astous
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Mission: Recovery
Location: Providence Fleet Yards

Lisa McCullen glared at the screen. "What do you mean, reassigned?" She demanded of the admiral she was conversing with via subspace, her tone sharp and accusing. "Sir, I've been working towards this for years. You can't take it away from me now!"

"Watch your tone, Lieutenant Commander," Rear Admiral Ryan Fennis replied calmly. "This is of the utmost importance. Now listen, before you go spouting off again. I swear, girl, there's too much of your mother in you."

"Ha hah, get to the point, sir," Lisa responded. RAdm Fennis was an old family friend who was close with both her mother and her father, and that gave her a certain liberty. When not on official comms, she called him Uncle Ryan.

"Now, Lisa, this is only temporary, so don't get flustered. I'm assigning you to command the USS Hanoi. She's a Wallace Class scout that's at Providence right now, where I know you happen to be. Your mission is to render resupply and aid to the USS Sentinel, in the Triangle Region. The coordinates and specific situation of the Sentinel are in the briefing packet that's been sent to you. As soon as you're done the Hanoi comes back to Providence and you continue on to the Mahima."

A rush of emotions ran through Lisa, though her face stayed relatively calm. There was excitement, doubt, a certain amount of trepidation, and then the name of the ship sunk in and her heart skipped a beat. "The USS Sentinel? Dad's ship? Is it in danger?"

"We don't know, at this point, but we know she's without primary power deep in Orion space, hidden in a nebula. She needs supplies to complete her repairs and get her main power back online," the Admiral explained. "Get there as fast as you can, and render whatever aid you can. You'll have a skeleton crew, but the little Wallace classes don't need much. Oh, also, there are two officers aboard Providence that you can take with you, their files are in the data packet."

"All right, sir. I'll get to them as soon as I can. We'll depart within two hours," she promised, her jaw taking on a determined set. "I'll contact you again when I have an update."

"Normally, Lisa, it's the Admiral that says that." Fennis grinned through the concern on his face. "Hurry, Lisa. Fennis out."


Lieutenant Commander Lisa McCullen strode into the mess hall, deftly avoiding a few people in her way, and spotted the two she was looking for, conveniently together at a table. She wondered in a corner of her mind as she strode toward them if they had something going on, but it wasn't really important. Arriving at the table, she pulled two PaDD's from her uniform pouch and put them down in the middle.

"You two, you've been assigned to me," she told them curtly, not feeling the inclination for niceties. "I need you to come with me, now."

Emilie looked up from her plate of half-eaten ni├žoise salad, startled by the interruption. "Commander," she replied calmly. "How can we help you?" she asked as she picked up the PaDD and activated the screen.

"You've both been assigned to me." Lisa repeated, irritated at the question. As far as she was concerned, the answer should have been 'Yes ma'am,' and not much else. "I need you to follow me, now."

"Excuse me Commander, But I'm in a middle of a meal right now," replied Simon as they had just sat down to eat and he didn't like how the Commander had asked them as Simon picked up the second PADD and started to read it as he took a bite of his burger, as he read the PADD he noticed that they were to resupply the Sentinel, the very ship he was supposed to be on.

"I wouldn't care if you were in the middle of a bowel movement, Lieutenant," Lisa replied, her tone accusing. "A superior officer has asked you to follow her. This is a time-critical issue and I will explain on the way, but I don't have the time or the patience to pander to your insubordination."

"Yes, Ma'am," replied Emilie, giving Simon a look, her eyes wide as saucers, hoping he'd get the hint and keep his mouth shut. She got up from the table and slipped the PaDD under her arm as she grabbed her plate and glass, returning it to the replicator for recycling.

Simon picked up the burger and took a quick bite and then picked up his tray and followed Emilie over to the recycling unit, he asked her, " what was that look for hun, I was brought up with please and thank you," he finished, "Not you two come with me and be treated like we are lap dogs," as he placed his tray upon the shelf.

"Don't call me 'hun', I hate that word," she said. "And so was I. But please and thank you are all fine and good in a civilian context, but when someone has the authority to have you spend the next week in the brig for insubordination, you bend over, put on a big smile, and clench your teeth as you suffer through it. Trust me, she has a reputation around here. She's a real bitch who won't hesitate to make you spend the next month cleaning the latrines on a Tellarite colony ship."

"I know that, but it would have been nice if it was would you come with me Please," replied Simon as he looked back at her, he continued," if you treat your crew like hostile then the crew won't respect you," as he continued to follow Emille out of the mess hall, He asked "Who is she anyway?" as he hadn't caught her name.

"Lieutenant Commander Lisa McCullen," the woman leading them responded, letting them know that she'd been listening in on their conversation. "We've been assigned to the USS Hanoi, a Wallace class scout vessel to take emergency supplies and render aid to the USS Sentinel, she is stuck without primary power, warp capability, a below skeleton crew and minimal supplies in a particularly nasty area of the Triangle Region. We've got to get the supplies and get to them before the Orions find them. I'm sure you can both see why time is critical and I don't have any to waste with pleasantries."

Emilie had never been good with names, but this time something struck a bell. "Wait a second," she said, making a mental effort not to stop dead in her tracks. "McCullen..." The McCullen Clan was a bit of a thing in the region. "Captain McCullen was assigned to take command of the Sentinel. That's..." She frowned and looked at the Lieutenant Commander. "That's your father, isn't it?"

It would certainly explain her sour mood, thought Emilie.

"Yes, Captain McCullen is my father." Lisa responded, somewhat tersely. One never knew what insinuations people would make about higher ranking parents in Starfleet. She had been fighting the insinuation that her rank and position was due to favoritism rather than her skill, dedication and hard work for most of her career, from one quarter or another. "But that has nothing to do with anything, we have a mission to accomplish and I aim to see it done."

"Yes, Ma'am," replied Emilie.

"There is already an engineering team finishing loading the supplies onto the Hanoi," Lisa explained as they walked briskly down the corridor towards the docking bay, "Lieutenant D'Astous will be our helmsman and Lieutenant Hunter will run Ops. As soon as we're aboard we can depart, after we arrive both of you will stay with the Sentinel. Questions?"

"I have one, Ma'am," replied Simon as he knew that this was going to be the hardest loading of supplies and the fastest in Starfleet history, who is taking Engineering?" as he knew how the engines were going to be pushed, he knew also that the kids down in Engineering might need someone who they can look up to after all he had been in their shoes.

Ah-hah Lisa thought to herself, an intelligent question "Lieutenant Chotho Hughes will be taking Engineering, he will also be transferring to the Sentinel when we arrive, along with a twelve-man engineering team." The temporary commander of the Hanoi explained, "are you an engineer as well as an operations officer, Mr. Hunter?"

"Well, Ma'am, my instructor at the Academy said that I had duel skills and could do either," replied Simon as he looked back at the Captain, he continued," but I didn't know what was best for me," as he knew that the ship would be stocked, but he was going to have to check everything. and make sure everything was onboard.

"You're a much more useful officer than first appearances would indicate," Lisa replied as they rounded the corner and the Wallace Class USS Hanoi came into view. She was awash with cargo shuttles, workbees and personnel all frantically working to get her ready in only a few hours. "As soon as we're aboard, we'll make preparations for departure."

"I'll get started on the preflight right away," said Emilie. Then McCullen's words hit her - she'd be staying with the Sentinel. Was she being permanently transferred?

=One Hour Later - Bridge, USS Hanoi=

It took another hour to finish the loading of the Hanoi and get the ship ready to depart. After a lot of work and by a lot of people, the ship was finally ready. The motley crew, thrown together at the last minute from whoever was around at the time aboard a ship that was barely out of drydock had made what preparations they had to make and everything was ready.

"All stations report, are we ready to depart?" Lisa McCullen asked from the command chair without looking up from the report she was reading.

"Engineering, ready to go" rang the charismatic deep voice of a half-klingon officer.

"Tactical is ready, ma'am," the tactical officer replied from her left.

"Helm is ready," called out D'Astous.

"Operations is ready," replied Simon as everything checked out on his console, he continued, "all supplies are aboard and stored safely," as he let the captain know that everything was green to go.

"All right," Lisa looked up at the viewscreen that showed the hull of the station, she took a moment to make a mental checklist and came up all clear, everything she could think of was done. "Ops, detach us from the station and tell them we're ready to go. Helm, take us out."

"Roger that Ma'am, moorings and umbilicals are detached and Station replies bring them home" replied Simon, as he knew that this was going to be one hell of a rescue mission, but he was also going to get to his assignment that Starfleet had assigned him to.

"Initializing deflector field," reported D'Astous. "Port and starboard bow thrusters at one-quarter power, bearing 180 mark 0...." She waited until they were far enough from the station. "Turning hard to port, 180-degree turn. We're clear of the station. Setting course for Meja's Nebula, maximum Warp. Ready for Warp."

"Go!" The captain said emphatically, the sooner they got to the nebula and the Sentinel the better, "as soon as we're underway, all senior staff are to report to the wardroom for a briefing."

"Aye Ma'am," replied Simon as he knew that when this meeting started, he would find out just how badly the Sentinel was damaged and what was needed to be fixed. and knowing his luck it would be a massive overhaul and that would mean a hell of a rebuild.

D'Astous punched the controls that launched the ship to Warp. "Warp Seven engaged," she reported. "Two hours away from Meja's Nebula."

With that, she logged out of her console and gave her seat to the relief officer, and followed Hunter to the briefing room. She walked close enough to him so that he could hear her whisper.

"Did I ever tell you how good your ass looks in that uniform?" she whispered with a wicked glint in her eye.

Simon whispered back "So does yours Hon," giving her a wicked grin as he knew how she hated the word hon, as they walked side by side towards the briefing room. as Simon knew that he was going to have some serious fun later after they had completed this mission.

Lisa pulled herself out of the command chair and watched as her temporary team flitted out of the bridge and towards the wardroom, then moved to follow. Two hours seemed like an age, she could only hope she'd find the Sentinel and her father intact.


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