Mission Briefing

Posted on Sat Jul 11th, 2020 @ 1:49pm by Captain James McCullen & Commander Temerant Bast & Lieutenant Commander Tyran Nige & Lieutenant Oliver Ross & Lieutenant Datt Grol & Lieutenant Eza Bergen PhD & Lieutenant Kalos Ibraxol

Mission: Shadows
Location: Conference Lounge
Timeline: MD1 - 0930 Hours

Bast wiped a hand down his face as the replicator churned out yet another cup of Rak'tajino, and walked over to the conference table. The briefing was scheduled to start in the next five minutes, and everyone had yet to arrive. He breathed a silent curse against Starfleet Command for sending them looking for a needle in a haystack right at the door to the lion's den so soon after the draining mission at Stakoron, before taking his seat and waiting for the others to arrive.

Datt had his PADD in hand from where they where at on the Commander's honey do list. He came in the conference room and noticed it was just the Commander in the room. He forced a smile on his face. "Sir." He said as he found a seat at the table bypassing getting a drink his bladder was still pretty full.

Eza entered the lounge and gave a nod to those present. He order a coffee from the replicator, a betazoid blend one of his the biochemists put him on during the last mission. It had been doing an admirable job cutting through the fog that seemed to linger in his brain all the time now. "So much for all those ships just waiting to get deployed." The Trill Science Officer said to the XO with a small grin.

Bast chuckled into his mug of Rak'tajino and gave Bergen an amused wink.

Tyran entered the conference lounge with a PADD in hand he saw commander Bast "good morning commander" he walked up to the replicator and ordered "tea earl grey hot " the replicator churned out his earl grey tea and he walked to the conference table to sit and wait for the briefing to begin.

"Commander Tyran," greeted Bast with a nod.

Ross followed Bast. He looked about the room and gave quick greetings before taking his seat.

Ibraxol stepped into the room, a tired look on the Betazoid's face. He held a thermos in his left hand, with worn Romulan script painted onto it. It contained a tea blend from Betazed, similar to Earth chai teas. He nodded to the people gathered in the room with a smile before taking his seat and pulling out his PADD.

James was the last to enter the room, he swept in through the double doors, barely pausing to let them open and strode to the head of the table, leaning on the chair rather than sitting. "Gentlemen," he began, "we have a new mission." What popped into his head was 'Starfleet's handed us a line of shit and asked us to knit it into a sweater.', but what came out of his mouth after a slight twitch at the corners of his lips was, "Starfleet has handed us a difficult task, one suited to this ship and our skills. It involves a substance called xirdalium that the people of Stakoron desperately need. I'll let Lieutenant Bergen explain what xirdalium is, lieutenant?"

The Trill officer tapped a few commands on the table control and a holographic image appeared over the table. "Xirdalium is a mineral key to almost every single piece of technology used by the Stakorons. Most critically it's used in both the propulsion and power transfer systems aboard their ships, as well as there planetary power generation. The only source we have been able to isolate that has any feasibility in serving as a supply is in a nebula, that happens to be right on the Dominions door step."

"How close are we talking," Ross asked. A chill moved down his spine at the thought of being anywhere near the Dominion border.

"Within sensor range," the captain replied, "I've been informed by Starfleet intelligence that it's unlikely the Dominion will interfere, but we will be taking all the precautions we can. Mr. Tyran, you are to begin ship-to-ship combat and anti-boarding drills as soon as we leave Opaka Outpost, and we'll have the Defiant class USS Talon on standby to respond if needed."

Tyran responded " aye sir" he asked Captain McCullen " may I use the holodeck to simulate the ship to ship Combat and anti boarding drills with my Security team ? "he Contacted his team get their gear ready.

McCullen thought it strange that Tyran would feel the need to ask for permission to use the holodeck, but he nodded anyway. "Yes of course lieutenant, but to be clear I want full-crew drills. Take your best security teams, give them weapons on light stun and tell them to play the part of aggressive boarders. I want you to train the rest of the crew how to deal with them."

Tyran nodded as he had a huge drill to prepare .
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"Are there any special storage considerations we need to be aware of for the substance?" Datt chimed in wanting to know if his team had any work to convert containment for safe transport.

"Ah yes, on that." McCullen picked up, "Starfleet has asked us to bring back as much as we can carry, we'll need to empty every cargo bay and prepare them for bulk minerals. At the same time, we'll be setting up an automated mining platform and a series of transport relay probes between the nebula and Stakoron II. Mr. Bergen, is there anything we need to know about transport conditions for the minerals?"

"It's fairly stable in it's natural form, we'll have to set up refining facilities on Stakoron to refine the mineral. There's a fairly simple refinery process to get it to the main grade they use, however a higher level of enrichment is required for their ship engines and the like. Our one major concern will be how dense the deposits. We won't know that until we get a lot closer." Bergen replied.

"The current plan is to ween them off the xirdalium by converting their power sources to standard deuterium," chimed in Bast. "Could we set up drones to refine the xirdalium en route to Stakoron, instead of building a series of refineries that would be obsolete in a few years?"

"Potentially, that may be more a Corps of Engineers questions." Bergen said, "We haven't looked into the specefics, but it would require the drones to be larger and more complex, we'd be looking at starship sized drones."

"I will get my team working to make room for the minerals and we can look into the drone miners as well. I can have a plan in place well before our arrival." Datt chimed in

Ibraxol had seemed to stiffen somewhat upon the mention of being so close to the Dominion, but relaxed when the Captain said it was unlikely they'd run into the Dominion. He cleared his throat before speaking up. "If we do run into the Dominion, I served on the U.S.S. Ozark's Diplomatic Corps in a group specifically dealing with the Dominion during the war. I speak fluent Dominionese, and I have what could be considered extensive experience with them. Although I haven't personally dealt with any Dominion since the war."

James repressed a shudder, talking about the Dominion as a threat again after so many years was bringing back memories and their related emotions. Mostly anger, tinged with regret, sadness and a fair bit of guilt. "My experiences with the Dominion are entirely and extensively combat related, I never learned to speak their language, but I know how to fight them." He stated, trying not to let the bitterness in his memories carry through into his voice. "If we do run into them I doubt diplomacy will be of much use, but if the chance arises we'll take it, thank you Mr. Ibraxol... Mr. Ross, I want all non-Starfleet personnel off the ship before we depart, if we do encounter the Dominion I don't want civilians getting involved." The captain continued, frowning.

"Aye sir," Ross replied. "I will make sure to inform them and coordinate with Starbase Opaka for temporary quarters. As for cargo that will be tricky but I know the Quartermaster there. I think we can wrangle some space."

"There is another concern with Xirdalium. In its natural state it can interfere with sensors. I recommend we deploy a series of early warning probes when we arrive at the nebula. It may provide us some extra warning to unexpected visitors." Eza replied.

"This gets better and better," muttered Bast. "If this thing interferes with our sensors, how can we expect the probes to work any better?"

Eza tapped a few commands on the pannel in the table, and brought up a schematic. "If we position the probes out side of the nebula, they will be unaffected by the interference. They won't do us a ton of good if the Dominion are lurking in the nebula, but if they approach from outside we should pick them up. Unless we go very deep into the nebula we should still be able to recieve their signal. It won't give us a huge amount of warning, but it could be the difference between getting our shields up and weapons ready versus having them drop in and blast a hole in our hull before we respond."

"Are we confident that shields will be operational inside the nebula?" asked the First Officer.

When no answer was forthcoming, McCullen continued. "Mr. Bergen, prepare your probes. Mr. Ross, take people from engineering, science, ops and tactical, put together a team and begin studying the effects of the nebula on our systems." He looked around the table at his officers, "each of you, please provide Mr. Ross with two suitable personnel."

"Yes Sir." Bergen replied with a nod, he had already assigned a team to work on the prep and they should have an initial report for him soon.

"Aye sir," Ross nodded and grabbed his PADD. He already had two people in mind.

"If there's nothing else, we'll wrap this up." The captain said, "you all know what needs to be done, go get to it."

Bergen rose and with a quick nod to the command officers headed to the astrometrics lab.

Datt didn't have any other questions yet he had to get things shifted down in engineering from the XO's list to the task of storage.

Ibraxol gave a nod to the Captain and stood up, picking up his thermos and PADD. He headed to his office, already mentally pulling up a file of diplomatic protocols and files on the Dominion to review later that day.