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All the Scans in all the Worlds

Posted on Thu Jul 2nd, 2020 @ 3:33pm by Commander Temerant Bast & Lieutenant Datt Grol

Mission: Shadows
Location: Main Engineering- USS Sentinel

Datt was riding high since his check-in with the Captain had gone so well. Now he was in the belly of the ship and getting a look at the engineering section for the first time. Like Capt had said things down here were running pretty efficiently. Datt spent most his time introducing himself to his staff and having quick face to faces with everyone he could. While doing so he was running some simple diagnostics on the varies systems. As he made his way back to the pool table from making a round he saw a red shirt that he presumed by rank would be the XO.

Bast stood at the table that constituted the center of operations in Main Engineering, the one commonly referred to as the pool table, and scrolled through the maintenance list. The previous chief engineer had departed in somewhat of a hurry, and still had quite some ways to go to finish fixing the bugs from the previous refit.

As he scrolled down and changed the priority level on some of the items, he noticed movement from the corner of his eye, and turned to see the new Bolian engineer walking toward him.

"You must be Lieutenant Grol," he smiled, extending a hand. "Temerant Bast."

Datt took the hand offered as he closed the distance. "It's a pleasure Commander. What brings you down here?" He asked glancing down at what the Commander had pulled up.

"Meeting the new Chief Engineer, of course, is the first reason I'm here. Second, I'm sure you've heard a bit about this ship's history," said Bast. "Lying in a supply depot for a couple of years, before being stolen by a group of Orion pirates. We managed to rescue her, before carrying out a complete refit. We had just installed a new Bridge module when we were deployed to the Gamma Quadrant, and assigned to Stakoron. Your predecessor had compiled a list of bugs that needed to be ironed out, but due to the Stakoron situation, he didn't have much time to work on it. I wanted to go over the list with you, and shuffle the list of priorities a bit."

"I did briefly see the list when I first got down here but have been going around meeting my crew since so I would love to go over it with you if you would like." Datt said looking at the list on the table with more detail.

"Have you had a chance to meet with your Engineering teams yet?" asked Bast.

"I have meet the ones that are working on shift I have a department meeting set for shift change tomorrow morning with the whole group." He explained still looking over the list but looking up at the end. "I just want to get out some expectations to the whole of the group so there isn't anything lost in varies communications."

"Of course," agreed Bast. "Looks like you've got everything covered. Your department is fairly solid, but you do have an unusually high percentage of recent Academy graduates. They might take a bit more supervision than you would have liked."

He resisted the temptation to offer to jump in - his own service record as an Engineer before being joined would have made him an asset to the Engineering crew, but it would undoubtedly also make the Chief Engineer uncomfortable, always feeling as though the First Officer were checking up on him. Better to give him a wide berth.

"I will take that under advisement. I look forward to running my first department and helping out where I can. I will get on this list and get you an update as soon as I am finished." Datt offered to the XO.

"Good," replied Bast, smiling. "Let me know if you need anything. Welcome aboard, Lieutenant."

"Thank you, Sir." He said with a bow before going back to his rounds.


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