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New Hope brings more then supplies

Posted on Fri Jun 12th, 2020 @ 1:02pm by Lieutenant Datt Grol & Captain James McCullen

Mission: Shadows
Location: USS Sentinel- Ready Room

Datt had everything in order. He was only on the New Hope as a transfer. He had gotten new orders to join the crew of the Sentinel, but instead of taking a shuttle he happened to be in port when the New Hope had gotten orders to come take over operations as the Sentinel was being released. The ride was fine its a big ship and Datt stayed to himself he had no real desire to explore the ship at all. As they dropped out warp he took his belonging to the transport pad and made his way to his new home.

Once on the Sentinel he gave his bags to the quartermaster on shift and made his way for the Captain's ready room. He had gotten word that the Captain was itching to leave this assignment and Datt wasn't going to be the reason to hold anyone up. As he exited the lift on the bridge he made the turn and pushed the button to Ready room door.

Captain McCullen sighed, having just seen Chief Ganador off and finally being done with the mess of Stakaron, he was finally allowing himself a moment to breathe. There was a letter from his wife waiting to be read and his quarters, more specifically his bed, were a siren call that was becoming hard to ignore.

There was only one more piece of work to do, the transfer out of the previous chief engineer and the arrival of a new one, Lieutenant Datt Grol was a little older for a lieutenant, but came with a lot of experience. The captain was curious as to why the Bolian hadn't been promoted already, given his experience, he made a note to ask just as his door chimed. He straightened himself, smoothing a hand over his uniform and called "Enter," as he pushed the door open button.

The door swished open with normal audible sound. Datt made his way into the ready room and could see the Captain behind his desk looking like he expected him. "Greetings, Captain. Lieutenant Grol reporting in." He said as he strode across the room and offered his hand to his new Captain.

James stood from his chair shook the lieutenant's offered hand, then gestured to the chair opposite his. He took note that the man was somewhat leaner than the average Bolian, but aside from that he looked like an average middle-aged officer. "Take a seat, Lieutenant, would you like something to drink?" He offered, gesturing to the replicator.

"A Bolian Tonic Water would be most excellent." He said as he took a seat. "The ship has a nice hum to it." Datt offered. Engineered worked off of harmonics so often they could tell something is wrong with a engine or core just based on sound.

"Computer, one Bolian tonic water and one black tea, McCullen-5 blend." The captain said as he pushed himself up out of his chair to fetch the drinks. He had noticed the somewhat unique hum of the ship himself after he refit, when she had stopped being a hollow shell of a ship. "Is this your first time," he began as he turned back, setting the water and the tea down on the desk and returning to his chair, "on an Intrepid class vessel?"

"When the Victorious was station at DS 6 as a garrison vessel I got sent to work on an Intrepid class ship that had docked do to impulse engine issues." He said before taking a sip. It was a perfect temperature. "Other then that one time that is it."

McCullen nodded, "she's a streamlined ship; fast, maneuverable and tough for her size, but all that comes with complexity." It was as much a boast as it was a gentle warning that the new chief engineer would have his work cut out for him. The captain sipped his tea and smiled, "based on what I've seen in your records I believe you can handle her but this is your first posting as a department head, so if you need any guidance, don't hesistate to ask, mine and the XO's doors are always open. You've also got an experienced team in the engineering department and several of the senior staff are cross-trained in engineering."

As Dratt took another sip of water the Captain's words were comforting. "I will for sure seek out assistance when needed. I look forward to getting down in the belly of her and seeing just how different the systems are to a Sovereign class ship. I do have a question I wanted to clear up if you don't mind."

"Go right ahead, lieutenant." McCullen responded, leaning back slightly in his chair.

"Well Sir, on the Vickya the command staff was kinda old school if you will and the CO and my boss had an understanding that an Engineer's place was in the heart of the ship not on the bridge." Datt started to explain things. "However talking to some colleges it seems the new thinking is to have Chief Engineer on the bridge during missions monitoring things from there instead of the pool table. I just want to know expectations going into the job." He finished off and looked across at his Captain.

McCullen nodded, it was a fair question. He'd served under captains like the one Grol was describing and he knew how restrictive it could be. "On this ship, you should be where you need to be to best do your work. If that means you need to be in main engineering, on the bridge, or anywhere else on the ship, that's where you should be." He explained, "Your official duty station when we're at red alert will be in main engineering, but I expect my officers to use their own judgement."

That was kind of the best of both worlds take that to be honest Datt was not prepared for. He took it all in for a second. "Sounds like a plan, Sir. Any issues that need my immediate attention other then going through my predecessors logs?"

The Captain thought for a moment and then nodded, "for our last mission we converted cargo bay one into an industrial replicator space, that will have to be undone and the cargo bay put back into it's normal operations. Aside from that, the ship is in good working order." He explained, "however, once you've settled in I'd like you to check her over yourself and then give me a report on her current condition."

"That shouldn't be an issue we can replenish the parts used in the replication process and keep it handy in case it is needed again. As for the once over I was planning on doing that for my own sake to get a baseline if you will of where we are at." He responded to the issues brought forth. "I will most certainly present my findings to yourself and/or the XO." He offered as he took the last sip of his water.

"Excellent," James replied, "when the XO is available, you should have a sit down with him as well and go over engineering personnel. Meanwhile, get yourself settled in and report for duty on your next duty shift, which will be alpha shift tomorrow morning."

"I will, and thank you for the warm reception. Nerves of a new assignment can be tough." Datt admitted as he stood and offered his hand again before he left.

"You're very welcome, lieutenant Grol." McCullen stood with the lieutenant, shaking his hand and then used his desk console to open the ready room door. "Welcome aboard."

With the pleasantries and formalities complete now was the time to roll up the sleeves as the humans say and get to work. Datt left and headed for the turbolift to get to his new office.


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