The Ended Chore

Posted on Mon May 18th, 2020 @ 2:57pm by Captain James McCullen & Master Warrant Officer Kayden Ganador

Mission: Reaching Out in Hope
Location: Ready Room, USS Sentinel

Captain James McCullen pinched the bridge of his nose in a futile effort to ease the dull ache he felt behind his eyes. The three weeks of negotiations, three weeks of being pulled in every direction. For three weeks, the crew of the Sentinel had been run ragged, a crew of 150 attempting to service the needs of an entire planet, running supplies in every direction, providing technical support in every area, over worked and under equipped for such a massive task.

His crew had performed admirably, going far above and beyond the bounds of the requirements of their duties to do the impossible, giving the people of Stakoron II a fighting chance of coming back from the disaster they had been left with. The Stakoron people themselves had proven to be equally hard working and driven, given the opportunity that freedom provided, they had shown an aptitude for adaptation, survival and innovation that would have garnered respect from the hardiest frontiersman.

"Captain McCullen," Kayden Ganador looked up from the datapad his had his head buried in. He had noted from the captain's weariness from corner of his eye. In the past weeks he had grown to respect the captain. He was hard working, level headed and dilligent, but he was no Picard, diplomacy came as naturally to the man as swimming came to a cat. He could do it, but he clearly wasn't comfortable with it. "With respect, sir, relax. Everything is in hand, the USS New Hope will be here tomorrow with Admiral Onigawa and you've done everything Starfleet asked you to do and more."

"Thank you, Chief." McCullen dredged up a smile, the USS New Hope was an actual colony support vessel, a converted Shelley class equipped with all the shuttles, bulk transporters, manufacturing facilities, cargo and specialist personnel to handle the needs of an entire planet and then some. She was being escorted by the USS Tornado, an Akira class vessel that would double as an escort and as an additional support platform. Frankly, the captain couldn't wait for them to get here so he could wash his hands of the whole affair. He had learned quickly that he wasn't cut out for this kind of mission. "Tell Mentari Rusan and his cabinet that I wish them well, and if they ever need a sponsor for an application to the Federation, I'll be front of line."

"Nice of you, sir." Ganador smirked, "you've handled this whole mission very well, if you're anything you're certainly a professional. I'm sure the Mentari has no idea that you have been miserable for the past few weeks." The diplomatic chief shook his head and grinned, "sorry, sir, but you're best destiny is not as a diplomat."

"Oh, I know. Hell, do I know." McCullen found a genuine grin, "I don't understand the enjoyment you find in all of the back-and-forth bureaucratic penis measuring that diplomats and politicians engage in, though I am extremely glad you have been here to take most of it on, because without you I think I would have done murder."

Ganador laughed, he had never heard his occupation described as 'bureaucratic dick measuring' before, but he supposed a lot of it was posturing and psychological games, it was that battle of wills and intellects, the chess game that was diplomacy, that he found alluring. "I'll pass the message along with the required aplomb, sir."

"Thank you, Chief." McCullen stood, pushing himself up out of his chair and extending his hand to the Chief, this being an opportune moment to end the meeting. "Good luck, Mister Ganador."

"Thank you, sir." Ganador said as he stood and took the captain's hand for a short shake. He had already moved all of his possessions down to the planet and this last meeting was the final T to be crossed. "Permission to disembark?"

"Granted, Chief." McCullen nodded, dropping his hand and folding his arms behind his back. He was impatient, though he was trying not to show it, to get Ganador off and get moving. The Sentinel had places to be and things to do.

Ganador smiled as he stepped back and then turned to leave the ready room. He was looking forwards to getting on with his job free of a captain who didn't want to be a diplomat and a crew, who were excellent, but ill equipped to handle what they had been tasked to do. The real work of putting Stakoron II back together and getting them into the Federation was about to begin and he was excited to get started.