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Miner Rescue

Posted on Mon May 18th, 2020 @ 2:49pm by Ensign Micheal Stevens & Captain James McCullen & Lieutenant T'se & Lieutenant Eza Bergen PhD & Lieutenant JG Merlar R'heil & Lieutenant JG Emilie D'Astous & Ensign Elijah Brooks & Shasath

Mission: Reaching Out in Hope
Location: Asteroid belt
Timeline: Immediately following Calamity

The shuttle bay doors parted, and Emilie D'Astous carefully eased Shuttlecraft 04 out into space. She was followed by three more shuttles, who would take a similar route. She circled around the ship and turned toward the asteroid. She scanned the asteroid for an entry, locating an access port that would give her access to the mining tunnels. They still had no idea exactly where the injured miners were located, since the tyllium ore they had been mining interfered with sensors as well as transporters.

She looked in the back compartment, where Security Officer O'Reilly was suiting up for an EVA to bring the miners aboard.

"We should be entering the asteroid in ninety seconds," she called out.

The second shuttle information was being piloted by a recent Academy graduate, Ensign Elijah Brooks. He hadn't expected this level of excitement during his first year as a Shuttle Pilot but he was glad to the chance to put what he'd learned into action and to prove himself a capable pilot.

As the Security Officer suited up in the aft section of his shuttle, Ensign Brooks worked to maintain his shuttle's position relative to the one piloted by Lieutenant D'Astous. His eyes flicked out the viewport and back to his console every few seconds as he used both instruments and visual cues to fly. Elijah took a deep breath through his nostrils and let it out slowly through his mouth.

As Michael sat in the back seat of shuttle 03 and suited up for his first away mission, he knew that he had to show the Security chief that he knew his job and knew that he had to prove himself, after all the setup by the chief to see how he acted in a situation, now he had to show her that he could do the same on an away mission.

He said, tapping his combadge =/\=This is shuttle 03, we are ready to enter the asteroid belt=/\= as he knew that this was not going to be easy as they had to teather one pod at a time to rescue the Miners who had escaped the mines.

Sa'Jullia had never planned to be an asteroid miner, she had been assigned the job by a Vorta when she was 17 after displaying an aptitude for geology and physics in the training center she was assigned to. Now as she floated helplessly in her damaged mining pod she wished they had assigned her anywhere else.

Shasath was groggy, the control room was dark, a few flickering lights were all that remained. Still, he stood by the dark control console that he didn't really know how to work, waiting for the inevitable to happen. The last report he'd gotten had been that more than half of the excavation tunnels had collapsed and the main chamber was crumbling, it was only a matter of time before the structural integrity of the asteroid gave way and the survivors would be crushed under millions of tons of rock, vacuumed, or asphyxiated. He knew the chances of being rescued were slim to none, since the Dominion had abruptly left, the Stakoron people had been left planet-bound. A crackly half-heard message from a stranger didn't give him much hope.

Sa'Jullia managed to get to a panel, the limited sensors she had access to were showing fracturing throughout the asteroid, but then they also detected some sort of field being projected onto it. She'd never seen anything like it. Then the proximity sensor went off, her first thought was the Dominion and she wasn't sure if she was more or less worried. Then she looked at the readings and realized they weren't Dominion at all.

"Mining pod 2-4 to an alien vessel, we require emergency assistance, please respond."

Another minor was close to the alien Vessel he got in and hoping he and his people in the mind will take off to go home or somewhere.he sat down and waited with his people.

D'Astous maneuvered her shuttle close to the mining pod, opening the rear hatch barely a meter from the pod. She watched as Lieutenant O'Reilly tethered the pod to the shuttle, and secured it in position long enough to open the pod's hatch and rescue the miner trapped inside. The pod's viewport was cracked and threatened to burst into a million fragments at any second. O'Reilly cut the tethers and pushed the pod away with his foot before retreating safely back inside the shuttle.

D'Astous closed the rear hatch and dropped the forcefield to the cockpit, allowing Sa'Jullia access to the passenger compartment. O'Reilly guided her to a seat and returned to the rear hatch, ready to rescue another miner.

It wasn't until she was aboard the alien craft that she realized how thin the air had gotten in her pod. "Thank– you–" She gasped as her lungs filled with oxygen aboard the craft.

On the second shuttle, Ensign Brooks searched for a shuttle bay or landing pad so that he could put the shuttle down and allow the security officer in the aft section to bring in as many people as possible. It wasn't easy. The whole set up was completely alien to him and it wasn't clear that there was anywhere for him to set down. 'I may just have to do this one at a time like the Lieutenant.' He mused as he slowed the shuttle and consulted the sensors.

It took a few minutes but finally, Sa'Jullia could start to think straight, "There are more miners who need to be rescued, we have two teams working in section J-19, it's 200 meters deeper."

One Miner stayed in the ship trying to stay away of everyone else, unless they need his help for the others."You need help out there." The Miner asked.

Sa'Jullia's head had finally stopped spinning. "We need to go deeper, this shuttle can fit but it will be tight."

Emilie scanned the structure of the asteroid and nodded. "It'll be a tight fit all right, but from what I hear, you boys like it when it's nice and tight," she quipped. "Strap yourselves in."

She guided the shuttle smoothly through the narrow tunnels, squinting her eyes more than a couple of times, expecting to hear the shuttle scrape against the rockface, but finally letting out a breath when that didn't happen. They came out into a wider area, and the shuttle's floodlights illuminated a group of miners standing there in EVA suits, waiting for rescue.

As the door opened and Michael used the grappling hook to secure the pod, He said, " Hold her steady ," as he was trying to get the pod's hatch to line up with the shuttles door and tie it off so he could get the miner from the pod. as the pod neared the door Michael and hared the sounds of metal hitting the side of the shuttle, he tapped the command to open the pod's door, as he did so the Miner climbed out of the Pod and said, "Thanks chief, I hated being stuck in that coffin,"

Michael replied," as he untied the cable," Jack, be ready to head home once the doors is shut," as he watched the miner head over to the seat, he continued, " Your welcome," as the door hissed shut, He tapped his combadge and said, =/\=Stevens to Sentinel, we have Miner's on board and heading home,=/\= as he took his own seat he finished, =Be ready with Medical staff on standby,=/\=

As Ensign Jack wallaby looked over at Michael, he said, " Thrusters are ready and heading back home," as Jack had been grateful for a chance to get out of the helm and do something other and just sit at the helm all day, but now they had to now navigate the way back they had come.

Sa'Jullia began checking the two workers once they were safe in the pod. They were weak but alive. "That is everyone who works in this minning pod, I suggest we leave before the asteroid collapses in on us."


Ensign Michael Stevens
Security Officer


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