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Posted on Mon Feb 10th, 2020 @ 7:58pm by Commander Temerant Bast & Rusan & Captain James McCullen & Lieutenant Commander Tyran Nige & Lieutenant Eza Bergen PhD & Lieutenant Kalos Ibraxol & Lieutenant JG Merlar R'heil & Master Warrant Officer Kayden Ganador & Chief Petty Officer Benjamin Schwarber

Mission: Reaching Out in Hope
Location: Government Buildings, Stakoron II
Timeline: MD11 - 1450 Hrs

== Transporter Room 1, USS Sentinel ==

The captain strode into the transporter room, dress uniform neat and tidy, and nodded to the transporter chief. "Do you have the coordinates, chief?"

"Yes sir, ready when you are, sir." The chief replied, giving the captain a nod of his own.

Chief Ganador was the second to arrive, walking into the room with a frown on his face and a PaDD under his arm. He stopped when he saw the captain and smiled slightly. "Busy times, captain."

"Indeed, did you get a chance to meet with Lieutenant Ibraxol?"

"I did," the chief replied, frown returning, "It's a damn shame about Lieutenant T'sa. She was ready and primed, this would have been the peak of her career, now we're relying on her assistant. He seems competent, but it's not what we planned. The Ambassador will be... less than pleased, I suspect, when he gets the news."

McCullen didn't give a good god damn what the ambassador thought, but he wasn't about to voice that. Instead he shook his head, "I'm upset about T'sa, of course, but I think Ibraxol will be fine."

"He'll have to be," Ganador shrugged, "there's nothing else to do."

Bergen entered the transporter room and took up a position on the pad near the back with a nod to the Captain.

Ibraxol stepped into the transporter room, dress uniform sharp and hair pulled back into a loose style of braids and a bun. He nodded in greeting to everyone, taking his place aboard the transporter pad. He was nervous, of course - he always was before First Contact missions, but he was also confident in his own ability. He clasped his hands in front of him, taking a deep breath and mentally going over his notes.

Ganador moved to the pad, taking his place next to Ibraxol and giving him a warm smile. They'd spent hours together going over the mission brief and the diplomatic information and he was confident the man was as ready as he could be. "Nervous, lieutenant?"

Ibraxol returned Ganador's smile. "I always am before a First Contact," he said, adjusting the collar of his uniform. "But I'm about as ready as I can be, I think."

Bast walked into the transporter room and went to the transporter console, placing a hand on Chief Schwarber's shoulder.

"We've got the transport coordinates? Can you scan the area?"

Schwarber looked down and started to make his scans. On the screen was an image of a wide space with what appeared to be an old abandoned piazza similar to those seen in Italian cities on Earth. "It looks legit although really rough. No apparent life signs within or without the plaza other than the local fauna. I can put you down just before this archway." Ben pointed to the presumed east end of the plaza. "It's secluded enough and wide enough to fit all of you with no problems. And give you cover should there be any trouble."

"Can you scan the plaza for hidden traps? Explosive devices?" asked Bast. Not that any shrouded Jem'Hadar would be detected by their scans, but it was worth a check.

Merlar nodded as they got down to the planet and look around for anything suspicious, and to make sure this First contact goes well and no suprises.

Tag Ross (Schwarber)

== Stakoron II ==

Menteri Rusan walked into Merdeka Square, flanked by his aides. Kiassa, his Chief of Staff, Ra'agun, the Second Menteri, and Tha'Haran, Menari to Foreign Relations. Their own aides also followed, standing a good ten paces behind Rusan as the Menteri walked over to the area where the visitors would appear.

The whine and sparkle of the transporter faded and the away team found themselves standing in a plaza, the temperature was warm, a fair bit higher than what they were accustomed to aboard the ship, but nothing that couldn't be found in the tropical regions of Earth. The plaza was laid with grey stone flagstones, worn through the passage of time and around them, buildings of similar design, two or three story stone-built with domed roofs and horizontally elliptical windows and doors, mostly hued in brown and tan. The air had a general scent of vegetation, not particularly different from the smells found in rainforests, but tainted with the distinct scents of burnt electronics and burning plant matter.

The plaza was a mess, detritus lay outside buildings, windows were smashed out, doors hung off hinges and smashed equipment, mostly of Dominion design, lay outside them. Someone had clearly been trying to clear up, some of the debris had been moved, organized into rough piles or swept to the side, but there appeared to be a lot of work still left to do.

McCullen wrinkled his nose, resisting the urge to tug at the collar of his dress uniform and stepping forward from the transport location. He spotted an individual, reptilian in nature with green tinged skin, wide elliptical eyes and scaly skin, the person, he couldn't tell if it was male or female, if the Stakorons even had a gender, had a crest of bony protrusions on it's forehead.

"Hold position," he told the away team, "weapons concealed, non-threatening postures, please."

Bast quickly surveyed the assembled crowd of reptilian Stakoron, trying to determine if any of them posed a threat to the Captain. He tried to establish eye contact with Commander Tyran, but Lieutenant Merlar stood between them.

Ibraxol glanced around the piazza, taking in the scenery. It was warmer than he would've liked, but he'd certainly been hotter places. He straightened his back and tucked a stray strand of hair behind his ear, observing the gathered Stakorons.

Merlar felt a bit warm and flusterd with her fur, i guess thats what these lizard type aliens like warm weather. Merlar continued walking around the area.

Rusan stepped forward. "I am Rusan, Menteri of Stakoron. Thank you for responding to our call for help."

Captain McCullen stepped forward, leaving his hands at his sides "thank you, Menteri Rusan, I'm Captain James McCullen of the Federation Starship Sentinel and these are my officers, we're happy to be of assistance."

The Menteri hesitated. What was the protocol for such occasions? The Dominion had never stopped for a simple greeting, they simply swooped in and made their demands.

"We are grateful for your presence," he said hesitantly. "but we know very little of your Federation. Until very recently, our world was part of the Dominion."

"We are aware of that," McCullen answered, "the Federation is a union of more than a hundred and fifty planets and species, united under the causes of peace, mutual understanding and cooperation. Unlike the Dominion, we don't conquer planets or subjugate races, it's our mission to expand our knowledge, to explore other cultures and seek out new forms of life, and to peacefully coexist with that life."

Ibraxol stepped forwards, not quite sure whether to offer a hand or bow, instead settling on bowing his head in an attempt at a respectful greeting. "Hello, Menteri Rusan - my name is Kalos Ibraxol. I'm a Federation diplomat, working aboard the Sentinel. I understand the difficulties of coming out from under the influence of the Dominion; but I can assure you, the Federation is quite different from the Dominion. We are here to discuss, discover, and coexist with you - not to exploit or exert power over you."

Rusan blinked his nictitating membranes and tasted the air with his forked tongue, feeling the anxiety of welcoming these strangers on his planet. He turned toward his aides to get a feel of their impressions, but their expressions were a reflection of how he felt.

"Then we are eager to begin discussions with your Federation," declared Rusan finally.

"Excellent," McCullen smiled, taking the chance and stepping forward to extend his hand in greeting. "I'm hopeful we can find a way to help you and your people."

"We have people stranded in remote locations on the northern islands. We were dependent on the Dominion to deliver food and medicine to those areas, but now we are completely helpless," announced Rusan. "Perhaps you can be of assistance in reaching them?"

Ibraxol nodded, glancing at McCullen. "We would be more than happy to assist. Once we know a few more details, we can coordinate assistance; re-establishing contact with your stranded peoples and taking people or supplies to where they need to be."

"Second Menteri Ra'agun will provide the necessary information," said Rusan, waving toward his planetary government's equivalent of a Vice President. The Second Menteri, a green-skinned reptilian a few inches shorter than Rusan, have a short bow.

Eza took his tricorder out and began to take scans, the air quality wouldn't pose a threat to the away team, but he wouldn't want to live his life breathing it. Atmospheric scrubbers would be a good start. A lot of the infrastructure in the immediate area also appeared to be showing wear, it was either fairly old, or fairly poorly constructed.

McCullen's comm badge came to life, "Sentinel to Captain, there's a situation on one of the asteroids. Long range sensors are picking up collapses in the mining fields. How do you wish us to proceed?" The voice of Lieutenant Ross reported.

"Dammit," the captain grumbled, "it never rains..." he tapped his comm badge, "Commander Bast is returning, proceed to provide assistance if you can." He told the lieutenant, then turned to Bast. "Commander, take Lieutenant Tyran and Lieutenant Bergen back with you to the ship, find out what's going on and handle it. Lieutenant Ibraxol and I will stay down here, I'll keep Lieutenant R'heil with us." Finally, he turned to Rusan, "Menteri Rusan, we'll find out what's happening with your mining fields and do what we can to help. Meanwhile, if you'd like to discuss what aid you need down here on the planet..."

Merlar stayed with the captain as ordered, as she kept looking around making sure that Capt McCullen,and Lieutenant Ibraxol stay safe during these first contact meeting. Merlar slightly growled, cause of the heat bothering her some but stayed with the 2 officers so nothing goes wrong. Merlar wasn't gonna let the heat bother her while on duty protecting both officers.

Ibraxol looked up towards the sky, around where he thought the Sentinel might be in orbit, and hummed to himself. The increase of tension and stress was very easy for him to pick up on, especially as a Betazoid. He looked back at McCullen and Rusan, putting on a smile. Whatever was happening on the asteroid fields made him nervous, a feeling that was somewhat amplified by the tension he picked up from others. But he didn't have time to dwell on it; he took a breath and smoothed out an imaginary fold on his shirt before clasping his hands back together, standing beside the Captain.

"Aye, Sir," replied Bast. He faced Rusan and gave a respectful bow to the leader of this world, before stepping back to a safe distance for the Sentinel's transporters. His hand wavered over his combadge as he waited for Tyran and Bergen to take position beside him for the beam-out.

Eza put his tricorder back and prepared to beam back to the ship, it seemed his assessment of the Stakoron infrastructure would have to wait.

Tyran stood beside Bast "ready sir" he told Bast .

Bast nodded to Tyran and Bergen, and tapped his combadge. "Bast to Sentinel. Three to beam up."

Rusan's crest rose to its full height as he watched the three officers vanish in a stream of light, before turning back to the Captain and the Diplomatic officer.

"Please, follow me to a more appropriate setting," he spoke, before turning on his heels and leading the way to a nearby building, followed by the members of his administration.

"We should be able to help your stranded people," McCullen said as he followed the Stakoron leader, "if you could provide us with coordinates, or show us where they are on a map, when the Sentinel gets back from assisting in the asteroid belt we'd be happy to ferry supplies wherever they need to go."

Merlar listened to what the captain said to them as she stayed near his side and not say much to anyone during the Meeting, shes still wondering if the lizard type people will try something to the captain. So far their hadn't been anything Yet. But continued watching the Captain and other officers stood by in the heat these lizard people like.


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