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Medical Emergency

Posted on Sun Jan 19th, 2020 @ 7:05pm by Captain James McCullen & Lieutenant Robert Kowalski

Mission: Reaching Out in Hope
Location: Sickbay
Timeline: MD10 1510 Hrs

Captain McCullen had just finished an introductory meeting with his new Chief Medical Officer and had stood up to leave the man's office. It had gone well and the captain was pleased, he had been worried that filling the shoes of the previous doctor was going to be difficult, but it seemed the new doctor was equally capable, if not more so.

he reached the door and it slip open to reveal the beginning of chaos. Materializing on the floor was the limp body of Lieutenant T'sa, his chief diplomatic officer, green-tinted blood was coming from her nose and mouth, there was a nasty dent on the side of her left temple and both of her legs were splayed unnaturally.

"Doctor!' He bellowed, resisting the urge to go to her side and instead stepping out of the office door and to the side, to better give room to the medical personnel who were already swarming around her.

Kowalski jumped up from his chair and hurried over to see what the problem was. "Alright, we have to get her over to the biobed... just wait a second." On his way out he had automatically grabbed his med tricorder and started scanning if she was transportable. After he had checked on that, he nodded. "Let's go."
He had also had a glimpse of the other readings and gave the Captain a concerned look before he followed the others to the biobed. As soon as the T'sa was placed on the bed, the scanners started to work and monitored the medical condition. "I need 20 ccs of inoprovaline and get me a cortical stimulator.", he ordered the nurse next to him trying to stabilize the officer.

McCullen turned to the biobed to watch the doctor work, concern flooding his heart as he watched the readings. He was no medical expert, but even a layman could tell she was in a bad way. The sickbay does hissed open and an ensign with red shoulders, one of the junior shuttle pilots, he thought, came rushing in. She had green blood on her hands and her uniform. "How is she?" She asked, sounding terrified.

McCullen intercepted, citing the young woman before she could get to the doctor. "The doctor has her, take a deep breath and tell me what happened, ensign Waters."

"Captain?" She seemed taken aback, surprised to see the CO and, naturally, distracted. Sure wrung her hands, "we were climbing Mount Seleya in the holodeck and the safeties were off and I slipped and she tried to grab me but then..." she squeezed her eyes shut, clearly trying hard to maintain her composure.

"She fell?" McCullen prompted and the ensign gave a tight nod. The captain felt sympathy for the poor girl, on top of the concern for T'sa, and there was anger, too. Why the hell his chief diplomatic officer, am otherwise reasonable and sensible officer, had been climbing a mountain with an ensign young enough to be her daughter with the safties off was a mystery, one he'd dearly like to solve, but the ensign was too shaken up and T'sa was in no condition.

"All right, ensign, take a seat." He ordered, keeping his voice calm, she was clearly in no condition to go anywhere else. "The doctor will take care of lieutenant T'sa." A quick glance at the readings told him that the doctor had his work cut out for him.

"Alright," said Kowalski and stepped back to watch the life signs of his patient. Then he turned towards the nurse. "She needs a delta-wave inducer. We need her to stay in coma for now."

"Yes, Doctor," she confirmed. Kowalski then walked over to the captain still looking concerned. "Her condition is stable for now."

"For now?" McCullen queried, he could tell from the readings that things were bad, but beyond that he couldn't tell much. "How serious are her injuries, doctor? I need lieutenant T'sa for this mission, I need her on her feet. Are we talking hours, days or longer for recovery?" The captain frowned, feeling guilty for putting the needs of the mission before the welfare of his officer, but sometimes it had to be that way.

"We were able to stop all the bleeding as well as to treat the multiple fractures. But because of the fall her spinal cord has been injured causing at least a temporal paraplegia. She also has a brain contusion which means that she is in a comatose condition." Kowalski paused for a moment to ensure the captain realized the severity of T'sa's condition.
"I cannot treat those major injuries here on board. We will have to bring her to a a starbase or outpost with a Starfleet Medical facility, where they can help her. And this will take at least half a year if not longer.", the doctor concluded.
"I am sorry that I don't have better news for you, sir."

McCullen's face drained of color as he took that news in, his diplomatic officer, a woman he'd come to trust, in a critical condition with possibly life-changing injuries. The idea that it would take six months or longer for her to recover was shocking and really hit home the idea that she was seriously hurt. Of equal but lesser concern was the ship's mission, without the lieutenant it was at risk and his own job just got a lot harder. He took a deep breath, putting his thoughts in order and pushing his personal feelings to one side. "We'll organize a medical shuttle to take her back to New Bajor, can you spare a nurse to go with her?"

The Doc just nodded. "Of course, Captain. It would be irresponsible not to. She has to be monitored at all times." Kowalski had just come aboard and he had already had his first severe injury. He did not know the officer as he was new, but he could see that the Captain seemed to be shocked.

"All right, doctor, make it happen." The captain confirmed, "you have permission to use a shuttle and a pilot, and whatever medical staff you think need to be sent. I'll contact Opaka Outpost and let them know." As much as he wanted to stay by T'sa's side for at least a moment, he had urgent business in the form of managing the crisis her accident had brought about.

"Aye, sir," he confirmed then turned towards his patient again. He wanted to check the readings again and make sure she was prepared for the journey. Then he headed to his office to fill out the necessary paperwork. Only an hour in his new position and already a crew-member that was severely injured. That was not a good start.

McCullen frowned, turning away from the doctor and T'sa and setting a course for the diplomatic department.


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