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Apparently We've Been Busy

Posted on Thu Jan 9th, 2020 @ 9:38pm by Lieutenant Eza Bergen PhD & Lieutenant JG Alexander Mitchell

Mission: Reaching Out in Hope
Location: Messhall
Timeline: MD 12 - Afternoon

Eza was trying hard to not smile as he made his way onto the bridge, apparently Alexander's little stunt in astrometric had had its desired effect. Everywhere he'd gone over the last day and a half there seemed to be a noticeable murmuring through the junior ranks, especially from those in the science and flight control departments. He had picked up bits of it, and the rumours themselves were quite interesrting. He replicated lunch and looked around the messhall for a place to sit, seeing Alexander he smirked before heading that way and sitting down.

"So rumour is the XO walked in on us going at it in Science lab 2 last night." Eza said.

Xander's brow furrowed. "Really?" He asked as he chewed over a bite of his lunch. "I heard we got caught in a shuttlecraft." A playful smile crossed his lips. "Seems our kiss has had quite the impact."

"There was also a rumor that you're apparently coming to meet my parents next shoreleave, so I guess we're more than just sleeping together." Eza said shaking his head, the later comment had actually been a question from one of his POs who was surprised to hear the Trill was moving so quickly. "Certainly was some kiss."

Mitchell's smile solidified and became a cocky grin. "Of course it was. You've been waiting years for that kiss." His grin widened briefly. The rumour about meeting Eza's parents was news to Xander. "So we've gone from screwing around to dating to I'm meeting your parents in what? A matter of days? Talk about moving at warp speed."

Eza nodded taking a bite of his food. He then took a very deliberate look around the messhall, at least a dozen crew pretty much had their eyes glue to the pair. "Although apparently people are waiting for us to start going at it right now, hoping for lunch and a show it seems." He turned his attention back to Alexander and felt a slight blush on his face, his mind going back to the kiss, a stunt or not it had certainly been enjoyable. "So, when am I meeting your parents then?"

"Didn't I tell you? They arrived ten minutes ago." Xander replied with a smile. "They'll be here any minute." Finishing his lunch, Mitchell washed the final bite down with his tea. He didn't need to look around to feel everyone's eyes on them, waiting for something, anything, to happen.

Sitting back in his seat, he watched the Lieutenant for a few seconds. "I have to admit I feel a little bad. We could have put these rumours to bed but now it feels like we're the centre of attention of the whole room and I kinda sprung it on you."

Eza shrugged, "Well, I don't know about you but my love life is pretty non-existant these days, so unless theres some cute guy who's not going to make a move because he thinks I'm taken I don't think there's much to worry that pretty little head of yours about." He stared at the other man for a moment, 'pretty indeed' he thought. "Besides, like I said most of the ship thinks you're a hottie so there are worse things in my book than people thinking we're getting it on. At least you have the decency to apparently be dating me and not just calling me at oh-three-hundred."

That was the third time he'd been called a 'hottie' by the Tril in the past few days. The guy definately had a crush. Filing that away for later, he focused on Eza's last statement. "I honestly thought they'd just think we were screwing around. If I'd thought they would twist it into a serious relationship," he paused and smiled, "well I'd probably have done the same thing. At this rate we're going to be left with two options; have a very public fight leading to an equally public 'break up' or..."

"Or?" Eza said raising an eyebrow.

His smile widened, "...or we get married. Anything short of a very public display is going to leave too much room for interpretation and further rumours."

"I don't know, marriage is a pretty big step for one staged kiss. I mean for all I know you could be terrible in bed. Not sure I want to commit to that." Eza retorted.

Xander nodded. "Very loud, very public break up it is. We should probably talk more privately in the next few days to plan that out. I don't think winging it will work this time."

"I mean, there is a third option." Eza said, taking a bite of his food.

Mitchell leaned forward. "Which is?"

"Dinner, tomorrow night. My quarters, I'll cook." Eza said matter-of-factly.

The cocky grin reappeared on Xander's face. "Lieutenant Bergen, are you looking to make our fake relationship a little more real?"

Eza smirked, "I'm asking you out, why don't we start with that and worry about a relationship later." He replied.

"Good thinking. Start small, I like it." Alexander joked but his tone shifted to a more sincere one. "Dinner sounds good. I'll bring the wine."

Eza nodded, "Good, 1900 tomorrow." He said rising to his feet. He ran his hand playful along Alexander's shoulder and neck as he passed, playing up the rumour, and giving into a desire to have physical contact with him again.

Xander couldn't help the smile that appeared on his lips as Eza ran his hand across his shoulders. When the Trill reached the naked flesh at the back of his neck, a tingle ran down the pilot's spine. Grinning, he watched Bergen leave the Mess Hall as everyone around watched the pair of them and spoke in hushed tones.


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