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Morning in the Diplomatic Corps

Posted on Tue Jan 7th, 2020 @ 3:36pm by Devan Kilvin & Joran Maratet

Mission: Reaching Out in Hope
Location: New Bajor

Joran Maratet waited patiently by the entrance to the diplomatic department's offices, a fresh mug of coffee in hand. She knew that within the next twenty seconds, the doors would open, and Ambassador Kilvin would stride in, ready to start another wonderful day for the Federation's Diplomatic delegation in the Gamma Quadrant.

There was an unusually high degree of activity in the Diplomatic bullpen, Several ships dispatched throughout the quadrant in recent weeks were about to reach their targets - the Hermes had reached Taiga VI three days ago, the Nairobi had arrived at Haruma V yesterday, and the Sentinel had just reached Stakoron II. All worlds vacated by the Dominion recently, and who were now left in a power vacuum. The diplomatic staff was bustling about like bees putting together reports on these worlds, and trying to keep up wiht the ongoing negotiations, keeping the Federation Council informed.

She counted down from twenty in her head, and true to her predictions, as she reached zero, the doors parted, and Ambassador Devan Kilvin walked in, hand outstretched to reach for his coffee.

"Good morning, Mattie," he said, cheerfully as he grabbed the mug. He barely spared a glance at his assistant as he barged through the bullpen, on his way to his office.

Joran ignored the Ambassador's familiarity, addressing her by her given name. She'd long ago stopped caring for such trivial matters - the work was more important. She practically raced behind the Ambassador. "Good morning, Ambassador," she replied.

"What's today's schedule?" asked Kilvin as he strode through the bullpen. "Good morning, Anna," he nodded to a junior staffer as he was passing by her desk. The young woman smiled and nodded in greeting at the Ambassador's back, as he was already five steps away.

"You've got a meeting with the Admiral in fifteen minutes," read Mattie off her data PaDD, "then a briefing with strategic Operations at 1000 Hours in the main conference room."

"Any word from the Sentinel? Have they reached Stakoron yet? Hello Kerry, T'Karra," continued Kilvin, racing past staffers standing at the replicator, getting coffee.

"Ambassador," greeted the young staffers, but Kilvin was already walking away.

"They arrived about three hours ago," continued Mattie. "We received Ganador's preliminary report about an hour ago, we're preparing a briefing for you in two hours."

"Ch'Tarn," Kilvin greeted an Andorian staffer as he walked on, "how's that cold clearing up?"

The Andorian's reply was lost to Kilvin as he entered his office, followed by Mattie. "I want a full report on their current situation. How does their system of government work now that the Dominion is gone, what's the status of their health care facilities, what are their most urgent needs, who are they trading with, what resources do they have to offer," detailed the Ambassador.

A tall Ensign appeared in the door. "The Admiral is ready for you, Ambassador," said the aide.

"Thank you, Chris," replied Kilvin, before turning back to Mattie. "By the way, have I gotten any of the names right?" he asked, with a subtle nod toward his office door.

"No, but you came very close a couple of times," replied Mattie as she scrolled down the PaDD's display. When she looked up, Kilvin was already out the door, on his way to meeting the Admiral.

Mattie walked back to her desk, her head bowed over her data PaDD as she read the preliminary reports written by the diplomatic team. Something caught her eye, and she changed her trajectory, walking over to an analyst's desk.

"Paul," she greeted. "'In light of their current predicament, it is the analysis of the Federation's Gamma Quadrant Diplomatic Office (FGQDO) that we should stand by the Starkons, despite the threat of Dominion resurgence'," she read from the report.

"We should," said the analyst with a nod. "It's in the Federation's very values to help those in need, regardless of the risks involved."

"I know," replied Mattie. "But the 'Starkons'?"

Paul flustered. "That's a typo," he conceded.

"Change it, will you? Important people will be reading this."

As the analyst nodded, Mattie walked on to another desk. "Amina. 'Until the Dominion withdrawal, any attempt to contact or explore the Stakoron system was insuccessful.'"

Amina looked at Mattie and nodded.

"'Insuccessful'?" queried Mattie. "Change it, please. I don't think we're allowed to make up our own words."

Mattie walked back to her desk, shaking her head. Her staff was indeed very young, and inexperienced. An unfortunate side effect of Kilvin's abrasive personality - staffers tended not to stay with him for very long, and requested reassignment as soon as they'd gathered enough experience to get away from him. It was therefore Mattie's own mission to help them all to work well together, and to let the field office reach a critical mass of experienced personnel to make a difference here in the Gamma Quadrant.


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