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Posted on Mon Jan 27th, 2020 @ 4:48am by Captain James McCullen & Master Warrant Officer Kayden Ganador & Commander Temerant Bast & Lieutenant Commander Tyran Nige & Lieutenant Oliver Ross & Lieutenant Eza Bergen PhD & Lieutenant JG Alexander Mitchell & Lieutenant JG Merlar R'heil & Rusan

Mission: Reaching Out in Hope
Location: Bridge
Timeline: MD11 - 1436 Hours

The turbolift doors parted and Commander Bast strode onto the Bridge, pulling at the collar of his dress uniform as he breathed a silent curse at whoever had designed these damned uniforms. For his past three lifetimes, he had heard Starfleet officers complaining about the various versions of the formal uniforms, mandated by Protocol for official events. The Federation's first contact with a planet like Stakoron certainly qualified, and the order had been issued that all officers present on the Bridge when they arrived and made contact with the Stakoron government should be in their dressed uniform.

Eza was at the Science station reviewing the long range sensor data of Stakoron, so far everything was in line with what the diplomatic team had provided, he nodded to the XO as he entered the Bridge and silently wished he was in a lab and not in the foolish dress uniform.

Lieutenant Mitchell was next to arrive. While he felt it an unusual move to conduct first contact in dress uniform, he wasn't complaining. Unlike most, Alexander loved to pull on his dress uniform. As good as he looked in the duty uniform, he looked even better in the dress uniform or so he thought anyway. He quickly moved to the front of the Bridge and tapped the duty officer on the shoulder, a silent instruction that Xander was relieving him. A quick check indicated how long there was left until the Sentinel would arrive. "We're four minutes thirty seven out, Commander."

"Thank you, Mr. Mitchell, prepare to drop out of Warp. Mister Bergen, full scan of the Stakoron system. Mister Tyran, scan for any indication of Dominion activity." replied Bast. He stood in front of the Captain's chair and looked up at the ceiling as he called out over the comm. "Captain McCullen, to the Bridge."

Mitchell disengaged the warp engines. "Aye, sir." He replied in acknowledgement as the nacelles automatically lowered back into their sub-light configuration. He'd already plotted the optimal approach vector for Stakoron II and set the Sentinel off on that course at full impulse. In a few minutes they would enter standard orbit over the planet's capital city.

"Aye, beginning scans." Eza said as the ship slowed from FTL. He began a standard sweep with the main array, and then quickly began scans with the laterals of the Stakoron home world.

Tyran was already scanning for dominion activity he reported from his station "No Dominion Activity in this area Commander" he reported his findings.

"Stay on your toes," muttered Bast, feeling uneasy about the situation. Early reports from the system had shown a lot of blind spots, especially in the asteroid field, where Dominion ships could potentially be hiding.

The captain had already been making his way from his quarters, where he'd taken the time to get some food, a shower and a bite to eat before arrival at Stakoron, to the bridge and was in the turbolift when Bast's call came in - so it was less than a minute later that he stepped into the command center of the ship. "Status please, Mr. Bast?" He asked as he made his way round to the captain's chair.

"We've entered the Stakoron system," reported Bast. "No indication of Dominion activity, and we'll be in standard orbit around Stakoron II momentarily."

McCullen tapped his own comm badge. "Mister Ganador, report to the bridge immediately please."

"Aye captain, I'm on my way." Came the reply from Ganador

"Hail the surface, lieutenant Ross, use the frequency the original distress call came in on." The captain ordered.

Ross turned toward the back console to begin his cycle of frequencies and then once finding the correct one he sent a general ping. A quick response returned, "Channel open sir."

The captain took a breath and held it for a second, then began. "Menteri Rusan and the people of Stakoron II, I am Captain James McCullen of the Federation starship Sentinel, we come in peace and with good will in response to your call for aid. Please respond." He said in his most diplomatic voice, the speech was short but he'd spent hours working over it in his head.

The image on the viewscreen changed to show a grey-skinned reptilian humanoid. The alien was wearing a royal blue tunic. The alien looked at them with bulbous yellow eyes, and blinked its nictitating membranes before speaking.

"Captain McCullen, I am Rusan, Menteri of the Stakoron people. I welcome you to our planet, and thank you for your response to our request for aid."

"You are welcome, Menteri Rusan," McCullen answered, not sounding half as nervous as he felt. It was his job to exude calm and confidence and he was falling back on years of training and experience. He heard the turbolift doors hiss open behind him and hoped it was Chief Ganador, their mission specialist and diplomatic expert in the region. "We would like to meet in person, if that's acceptable to you. Would you care for a visit to our ship or would you prefer we visited you on the surface?"

The Menteri hesitated. His forked tongue protruded from his mouth as he tasted the air instinctively, and he blinked. "As you can imagine," he spoke slowly, "recent events have rendered my people extremely nervous. I would not want to exacerbate their anxiety by having their elected leader off world. We will be happy to welcome you here in the Capital Building."

"I understand completely," McCullen replied, giving the Stakoron leader a smile that he hoped would be reassuring, "we'd be happy to accept your invitation, Menteri Rusan. If you could please send the coordinates of the meeting place, we can be there in... twenty minutes?"

"Agreed. We are transmitting the coordinates now," replied Rusan, with a nod to someone out of range of the viewscreen.

A beep from Ross's console prompted him to move. "We've received the coordinates Sir. They are kosher."

"Excellent, thank you Menteri." McCullen nodded, wishing he had lieutenant T'sa at his side. "We'll see you shortly, Sentinel out." He nodded to Ross to cut the channel.

Merlar was on her secured rounds not too far from the bridge, making sure everything was status quo, and quiet with no problems what so ever.

Eza watched the exchange on the view screen, before returning his attention to the scans. He was detecting several hazardous pollutants in their atmosphere, they appeared to be the result of various industrial activities across the planet including power generation and resource extraction. Population appeared to be clustered in a dozen or so large cities and numerous smaller ones, fairly typical for the apparent level of development.

With the computer maintaining the Sentinel's standard orbit, Lieutenant j.g. Mitchell was free to work on other tasks. He was following the conversation between the Captain and the Menteri with one ear, while watching the sensors for any sign of hostile spacecraft. If there was someone out there planning to spring an attack, he wanted to be able to react instantly.

Eza's attention was focused on the planets power grid, it seemed rather rudimentary and relied on a mix of sources. It was surprising that the Dominion hadn't done more to upgrade it, however they may not have and may have made the Stakoron dependent on them for power. He began make a short list of key areas that they could provide support and improvement to them.

The captain waited for the channel to close and then turned to the bridge crew. "Commander Bast, Doctor Kowalski, Lieutenant Commander Tyran, Lieutenant Bergen and Chief Ganador, transporter room one in ten minutes, please. Lieutenant Ross, you have the conn."

"Aye Sir." Bergen said, slightly annoyed he'd have to remain in the dress uniform longer as he rose and headed for the lift.

Tyran was giving his orders to his deputy "have a security team meet us in transporter room one Lt," he said to Captain McCullen "aye sir." he was ready for action.

"Belay that, lieutenant R'heil," McCullen addressed Merlar, then focused on Tyran, "we don't need a security team, Lieutenant Tyran, this is a first contact situation and they've just gotten rid of the Dominion, the last thing we want to present them with is an armed team of Starfleet security officers. Just yourself will be more than enough."

Merlar growled and said to herself, 'damn I have to be with Commander Tyran, i'm his assistant' Merlar was not in good spirits after hearing that as she shook and lowered her head. She didn't mean to do it in front of the Captain, she just felt hurt and ashamed as the Caitian she was ready for a fight.

Merlar then looked at Capt. McCullen, "Sir not to be disrespectful of your orders, I know its a first contact situation, something can go wrong, or you might fall into a trap." Merlar explained. You will need an extra Security sir, and I'm ready for anything. I don't want to see you hurt or killed, I'm the right Caitain security officer for the job sir." Merlar explained sternly with a firm grip in her voice, wanting to join the away mission.

Tyran chimed in "captain my deputy is right, you might need an extra security officer" he said.

McCullen frowned, considering the Catian's request. On one hand, it would be advisable to have a tactical officer on the ship, just in case something unexpected happened while the ship was in orbit. On the other hand, having a pair of experienced security officers wasn't a bad idea, either, given they were going into an unknown situation. There was also the personal, he wanted to give the young Catian a chance to experience a first contact away mission.

"Fine, Lieutenant R'heil, report to the transporter room with Lieutenant Tyran." The captain responded, shooting a little grin at his chief tactical officer. "No phaser rifles, type-one phasers only, concealed please."

Merlar looked at the captain with a Caitian grin,"Thank you sir, I appreciate this." Merlar told the captain as she took off with her security chief and grabbing a type 1 phaser. Then she looked at her security chief, "I'm coming with you sir,"
Merlar told her security chief Tyran.

Tyran followed his deputy grabbing a type one phaser making sure it was concealed then told the captain"we are ready Captain"he said.

Bast looked at Ross. "Keep a close eye on the long-range sensors," he instructed. "If there's any sign of Dominion activity, inform us immediately."

"You got it, sir." Ross said as he stepped down from his usual spot toward the command well. Rather than taking a seat in the command chair he remained standing. "Good luck," he said before turning to face the main viewer.

=/\= "Negative, captain. Kowalski's voice came over the comm, "Lieutenant T'sa's condition has worsened and I'm afraid I will have to accompany her back to the station - with your permission, of course."

McCullen scowled, losing his chief medical officer and his chief diplomatic officer in the twelve hours leading up to the percipience of an important mission was not his concept of ideal. But, some things couldn't be helped. "Proceed, doctor. Good luck on the journey. The Sentinel will be waiting for your return. McCullen out."

Once more, the captain turned to his assembled officers and nodded, satisfied that his team was as ready as it was going to be. "Let's go, ladies and gentlemen."


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