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Mid-Night Bridge Duty

Posted on Thu Jan 9th, 2020 @ 9:40pm by Lieutenant JG Emilie D'Astous & Lieutenant Eza Bergen PhD

Mission: Reaching Out in Hope
Location: MD 11
Timeline: 0345

Eza was still a bit surprised Xander had been as accommodating as he was about the course correction. The Trill hadn't exactly slept well and had given up fairly early and was now making his way to bridge. The astrophysics and stellar sciences team were already submitting initial reports and the ship would soon be dropping out of warp for the brief in depth scans.

Emerging on the bridge he half hoped to see the back of Xanders head at the CONN. He then remembered it was still over an hour before the start of the day shift. He made nodded to the officer in the centre seat and made his way to the science station.

Emilie looked up from the helm as the Trill science officer walked past her station, more than four hours before the scheduled start of his shift, and took his station at the left edge of her field of vision. She checked the flight plan one more time - they were still fourteen hours away from Stakoron, travelling at Warp 9. She glanced over a the Science officer, who was bent over his station, parsing through whatever data they'd collected overnight.

She looked back at Ensign We'chak, the Bolian operations officer who currently had Bridge watch. The blue-skinned young man was sitting in the Captain's chair, reading something on a data PaDD, stifling a yawn.

Emilie stood from her chair, and walked over to the Science station.

"Hey," she said softly, so as not to startle the Trill.

"Hi." Eza said looking up to see the unknown helmswoman.

"I noticed that we made a slight course correction , and there's an order for a stop by a class-three pulsar. Would you know anything about that?"

"Yes we have a research team that is really hoping to get some scans. I briefed Lieutenant Mitchell on it and he approved the course change, it should have a negligible impact on our arrival time. I believe the estimates I saw put it at less than 10 minutes." The Trill replied.

Emilie bit her lip. "Yeah," she said. "The thing is, I'm pretty sure our arrival time was already announced to the Stakoron. If anything was going to change that, I'd expect the Captain or the XO to sign off on it. I can't delay our arrival without their authorization."

Eza hadn't really thought of it, he was use to have a bit of leeway in things like this with previous COs. He also got the feeling from the briefing that the diplomatic team aboard wasn't the most accommodating bunch. "Is there anyway we can make the stop but still meet our originally arrival time?" He hadn't wanted to bother the CO or XO with the request late last night, and he certainly didn't want to do it at four in the morning.

Emilie walked back to her station and tapped a few calculations into her board. "We're travelling at Warp 9," she reported after a few seconds. "If I increase speed to Warp 9.07, I can give you the detour you asked for, and we'd arrive on schedule. The Captain and XO will approve."

The Trill officer nodded, "Thank you Lieutenant. I've refined the sweep plans for the sensors which will cut about 4 minutes off our drop out of warp, I recommend you initiate the navigational sensors while we're at impulse."

"Of course," replied Emilie, amused by the suggestion that she would otherwise have dropped out of Warp and navigated blind. She increased their speed. "Dropping out of Warp in five minutes."

The next few minutes passed is silence as the bridge officers continued their prep work. Eza had finished calibrating the sensors, and was ready to collect as much information as possible, and dump it into the secondary computer memory where the team can pick over it. Ensign T'Sha’err had joined them on the bridge and was currently using mission ops to assist the Trill in the task.

The computer beeped an alarm as the clock reached the requested time. "Dropping out of warp," announced Emilie with a glance at Eza.

The stars on the viewscreen changed from streaks to steady points of light. Emilie's mind instinctively tried to map them into recognizable shapes like the constellations she'd grown up with, but of course there was no match - the constellations visible from Alpha Centauri looked nothing like the Gamma Quadrant.

"Commencing scans." Eza said, and across the bridge the various stations tasked with completing scans got to work. The data began flowing in, from what Eza had a chance to digest it was quite fascinating, but he was just dumping the data into the computer core and mainly focused on tuning the sensors and getting as much data as possible.

When the programed scans completed, he returned the ships sensors to warp flight settings and nodded toward D'Astous. "You can take us back to warp and resume our course." The Trill replied.

Emilie looked behind her at Ensign We'chak, sitting in the Captain's chair. She had expected a protest from the Bridge watch officer at the course change, but the Bolian hadn't uttered a word. She suppressed a smile when she saw the young Bolian nodding off in the command seat, a slight rivulet of drool running from one corner of his mouth.

"Resuming course at Warp 9.07," she announced, turning back to her console, and winking at the Science officer.

With the ship back at warp it was only a few seconds until only the long range sensors still feed any information about the phenomena, and even then the data soon back some sparse that he ended the data-dump. Sending a message to the science teams that they could get to work he rose from his station and let Ensign T'Sha’err take over the main science station.

"Thank you again Lieutenant." The Trill said with a smile to the helmswoman.

"Just a quick question," said Emilie as Bergen was walking back toward the turbolift. "Why not simply drop off a probe to collect the information you need?"

"Because even those short minutes we had provided more information than a probe would be able to gather. Plus in this region, Starfleet doesn't us leaving tech, including probes lying around, so we'd have to come back and get it." Eza replied with a grin. "Plus where's the fun in just sending probes to do everything."

Emilie nodded in understanding. "You had me at 'fun'," she said with a crooked smile.

Eza smiled, "Now if you'll excuse me I need some sleep before I actually have to be on duty." He said heading for the lift.

"Good night," called out Emilie to the Lieutenant's back.


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