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Caitian on the prowl

Posted on Mon Jan 27th, 2020 @ 2:42pm by Lieutenant JG Emilie D'Astous & Lieutenant JG Merlar R'heil

Mission: Reaching Out in Hope
Location: USS-Sentinel

Merlar was on duty at the time as she walked through out the ship, getting things ready for some unexpected company, or visiting them. She wanted to have things ready and no bull.. From the Sentinel crew all she tought of Sentinel passengers behaving and having a smooth ride to their destination with no problems.

Emilie D'Astous hurried along the corridor to the turbolift, data PaDD in hand, mentally going over the checklist she had to get through on the shuttles' flight controls. Some of the Sentinel's shuttles hadn't flown in quite some time, and her department head had asked her to recalibrate the flight controls.

As she rounded a corner in the corridor, she nearly collided with the Caitian security officer. She let out a surprised help, and dropped her data PaDD.

"I'm sorry!" she called out. "Are you all right?"

Merlar was knocked to the ground ,and got up with a slight growl."I'm fine, but next time watch out where you going."
Merlar slightly hissed,and growled."You must be in a big hurry that you collided into me." Merlar frowned

"I am," replied Emilie, reaching out with her hand to help the Caitian to rise. "I just have a lot of work to do before the end of my shift."

Merlar Grinned as she stood up,"Thank you for picking me up ." she puurrred. and also said." I know how it is to be busy." Merlar also purred about how it feels on her side.

"Are you sure you're all right?" asked Emilie, seeing how Merlar seemed to be favoring one side over the other.

Merlar looked at Emilie."Some bruising, i should be fine Lieutant." Merlar slightly growled over the pain on the one side.

"Okay," replied Emilie, still uncertain if she should accompany the Caitian to Sickbay, just to be on the safe side. "I need to get going, I'm sorry again."

Merlar looked at Lieutant,while feeling sore."before you go i might need help to sickbay,if you can help me please?"Merlar said with a slight Growl. Merlar was rubbing her right leg while growling, being in pain.

"Of course," said Emilie apologetically. "Here, take my hand." She reached out a hand to help the feline Security officer remain steady on her feet as they walked toward Sickbay.

"I thought cats always landed on their feet?" she asked jokingly, trying to lighten the mood.

"They do Lieutant but this time i think i twisted my one leg in the fall. Merlar told her As she was feeling the pain.

Emilie bit her lip to keep from retorting that she had already apologized, and that the Caitian didn't seem to have been looking where she was going either, but decided to remain silent. They approached the Sickbay doors, and entered.

She spotted a nurse working at a nearby console, and turned to Merlar. "Think you can take it from here?" she asked.

Merlar looked at her while seeing the chair."I think so." she slightly growled and went for the chair.


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