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Meeting new Security Chief

Posted on Thu Dec 12th, 2019 @ 8:55pm by Lieutenant Commander Tyran Nige & Lieutenant JG Merlar R'heil

Mission: Reaching Out in Hope
Location: USS-Sentinel

Merlar was on her daily rounds on the ship, while The Sentinel was docked at the base station, she thought she'd
be needed for in coming Mission. Merlar Tapped her comm badge."+taps+ Lt Commander Nige,this is your security
Officer LtJg Merlar R'heil wanting to meet with you for a bit so I can introduce myself personally. Merlar told her
Security Chief waiting for him to Answer.

After the meeting with the senior Staff meeting Tyran was overlooking his staff when he heard his combadge beep Tyran Tapped his Combadge "Taps"Lieutenant please report to the bridge "he said.

Merlar answered her Badge,"On my way sir." Merlar purred as she headed to the nearest turbo lift to go meet her
new Security officer. Merlar was a strong headed caitain she was ready for anything...

Tyran was at his station waiting for his deputy chief security officer he was checking out his station when he saw Merlar enter the bridge "over here Lt. "he motioned for Merlar to join him at the Tactical console "Im your new Boss Lt. Commander Tyran Nige I recently transferred with my wife to the Sentinel from the USS Ronin "he stuck out his hand and motioned merlar to shake his hand."sorry we didn't meet first but I was in a Meeting the Captain"he said.

Merlar grinned and gave her paw to Ltcmdr Tyran Nige."Its a pleasure to meet you sir." Merlar purred while standing
by the Tactical Station with her new Security chief. Her tail wagged slowly while standing by. Merlar looked around the
bridge as well.

Tyran Said "its a pleasure to meet you too Lt. "Tyran gave a PADD with list of the security Staff "here is the list of staff to talk to lets get a Security Staff meeting you will be starting the Meeting and i will be backing you up Lt."Tyran said.

Merlar nodded with a slight purr as she took the padd off his hands,"Aye Sir." Merlar purred. Merlar looked at the Padd
at the list of Security Officers."I will do as you command sir."she let out a purr, as she waited to be dismissed to do
her duty. Merlar looked at her security chief."May I be dismissed sir,so i can getthe security teams ready for a meeting
sssiirr." Merlar said,with her tail wagging.

Tyran said to Merlar "dismissed Lt. merlar " he said to his deputy .
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