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We've Got To Stop Meeting Like This

Posted on Mon Dec 16th, 2019 @ 8:26pm by Lieutenant Eza Bergen PhD & Lieutenant JG Alexander Mitchell

Mission: Reaching Out in Hope
Location: Deck 2 - Senior Officer Quarters
Timeline: MD 10 | 21:10 | Enroute to Stakoron

Eza was looking for a specific cabin, despite the fact his own quarters were on the same deck every door always looked the same. He finally found the desired cabin and pressed the chime.

In his quarters, Alexander was playing an arraignment of Canon in D for guitar with an orchestral accompaniment provided by the computer. The sound of the door chime broke through the sound of the music, causing Xander to stop and look up at the door. "Computer, pause playback." He rose and padded barefoot to the door. "Lieutenant Bergen." Xander couldn't keep his surprise at the Chief Science Officer turning up at this hour out of his voice. "What brings you by at this hour?"

Eza looked up at the taller officer and swallowed. "I'm sorry to bother you Lieutenant, but I had a request that is a bit time sensitive." He said handing him the PADD. "It's a proposed course correction, it would delay our arrival at Stakoron by less 15 minutes, but it would take us close enough to a stellar phenomena along our route to get some useful scans. Most we can do at warp and then about a five minute drop to impulse to complete some in depth ones."

"Come on in." Mitchell moved back into the room, placing his guitar on it's stand. "Can I get you anything?" He asked, motioning at the replicator. Normally he wouldn't have offered the Trill anything, being hospitable was not something he was known for. However, Bergen had been good enough to allow Xander to join him on the Holodeck the previous evening so he felt obliged to offer something.

Eza hadn't expected to be invited in, in-fact he had expected the pilot to give some excuse and deny his request without even reviewing it. He stepped inside the man's quarters and was surprised to see it was a rather warm and inviting place. Clearly not intended to make the Trill feel invited, but Alexander was being far more hospitable than he expected. "No," He said, "Thank you," he added, he still found it hard to concentrate around the man who seemed to want to have nothing to do with him. "I don't want to take any more of your time than needed, as I mentioned the request is a bit time sensitive. The course corrections need to made within the next two hours and we'd make our stop near the phenomena at about 0400." The Trill said, suddenly uncomfortable by the fact he was in uniform and the other man was not. 'God damn why does he have to smell so good.' Eza thought.

Mitchell ordered a cup of herbal tea; spiced apple with vanilla, camomile and passionflowers. He brought the cup to his nose, eyes closed, and took a long deep breath through his nose. Savouring the scent for a moment, he finally returned to the moment and moved over to the couch. Motioning to one of the armchairs opposite, he silently offered the Chief Science Officer a seat. "So, why the hurry to scan this particular phenomenon?" He asked as he began studying the proposed alteration of Sentinel's course.

Eza sat down and tried to focus on his work. "Given our current assignment I feel it would be inappropriate to divert the ship long term, as I said this would result in a very short delay on our arrival but still provide the opportunities to conduct some valuable research. We're currently travelling along a route that could easy be changed to bring us to within sensor range of a binary itinerant pulsar. Even the short stop to collect some basic scans could determine if Starfleet should deploy a research team in the future."

"Yeah, but...I mean, won't this pulsar still be there when we've completed our mission? Why not just stick a pin in it and come back to it when you've got more time for an in-depth study of it?" Mitchell asked. The altered flight plan that Eza had come up with was solid and the sooner they altered course, the less time it would add to their journey. He was just yanking Eza's chain for the fun of it.

"Yes, but we're also not guaranteed to be taking this route back. The entire region is rather unexplored. As I said it is a very minor inconvenience to the ship and provides a great exploration opportunity to the science department." Eza countered.

Alexander nodded. The Trill was refusing to rise the the bait, if he even knew he was being baited. Mitchell tapped a few commands into the PADD, sending the adjusted flight plan to the duty CONN Officer. "Okay, I've just instructed the duty officer at CONN to use your flight plan."

"Thank you Lieutenant." Eza said with a small nod before rising to his feet. "I should leave you be then."

Mitchell rose from the couch. "Hang on." He picked up his cup of tea and took a small sip. "How do you feel about our mission?"

Eza paused and turned back around to face the pilot. "I don't particularly like the idea of going into territory recently released from Dominion control. That being said, if those people need our help I rather they get it from the Federation." Eza replied.

"Ever since the briefing, I've had a knot in the pit of my stomach that will not go away." He didn't usually admit things like that to people, particularly people he didn't know, but there was something about the Trill. "The idea of the Dominion returning to the planet, that this could be some sort of trap scares the hell outta me." He took a deep breath and let it out audibly through his nose. "Anyway, that's enough of that bullshit. I won't keep you any longer. I'm sure you and your nerds need to prepare for the data from the scans."

Eza couldn't help but smile, it wasn't much but seeing Xander open up about something was a nice change. Maybe there was a decent person under that cold cocky handsome exterior. "Scares me too," Eza replied. "And my nerds and I are already ready for the scans." He replied.

"I don't doubt that for a second." Xander walked the CSO to the door. "Well, have a good night."

Eza nodded, "Good night." He stepped outside and made his way back towards his own quarters.

Just down the corridor Petty Officer Natalie Byron watched the Chief Science Officer emerge the from the Chief CONN Officers quarters late at night, Alexander out of uniform. She grinned, the girls were going to love this new bit of gossip, and she had seen it with her own eyes.


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