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Breen Update

Posted on Thu Dec 5th, 2019 @ 5:55pm by Captain James McCullen & Commander Temerant Bast & Lieutenant Eza Bergen PhD

Mission: Reaching Out in Hope
Location: Ready Room, USS Sentinel
Timeline: MD10, 1100 Hrs

Captain McCullen sipped at his fourth cup of coffee and set the data PaDD down on the desk. So much of life as the captain of a starship was reading reports - most of the reports he read didn't even require action, or a decision - they were just that, reports. Reports about the goings on in the various departments, updates on projects, maintenance and upkeep reports, most of it dull and uninteresting. At least, he mused, he didn't have to deal with the daily status reports and personnel files, that was the purview of the executive officer and he remembered hating it.

Most of the reports he read went into a kind of holding pattern in his brain. A captain, he had discovered, had to remember a tremendous amount of information. That information was gradually processed or forgotten, depending on if it was important or not. One report had caught his eye, though, as so few rarely did, an update report on the progress on some scientific work regarding the Breen from his chief science officer. Not being a scientist, about 90% of the information contained within the report ruffled his graying hair as it passed right over his head, but what he could catch was interesting stuff. He remembered being briefed about some kind of Breen research, but the details escaped him.

While in port or in transit, a captain did not pass up a chance for something interesting. Anything that could legitimately take him away from report reading and writing, contingency planning and worrying was more than welcome. Jim hit the intercom button on his desk so fast that he thought he'd cracked it. "Lieutenant Bergen, Commander Bast, could you both report to my ready room, please?"

Eza had been down in lab two, the center of the Breen project when the call came. "That's why they pay you the big bucks." One of the junior scientists replied. Eza rolled his eyes at the Ensign and reported over the comm he was on the way. Headed for the turbolift down the corridor he ordered it to deck 1.

Bast was absentmindedly reading the latest navigation report, sitting at his station on the Bridge. The ship was well underway from New Bajor to Stakoron, a journey that would take a little under five days at their current speed of Warp 9. The diplomatic team was hard at work compiling what little information they had on the Stakorons, Until they had something to report back, there was little for the command crew to do but to catch up on status reports. This latest one had been compiled by the ship's navigation department, and contained a listing of astronomical phenomena they'd be flying close to, on their way to the Stakoron system. Planetary nebulae, rogue comets, asteroid fields, dark matter pockets, and other gravitational anomalies - all par for the course. Interstellar space at its most unremarkable.

He suppressed a yawn as the captain's call came through, and turned to the Ensign manning the Ops station. "Ensign We'chak, you have the conn," he instructed to the young Bolian. He walked over to the ready Room door, and pressed the chime.

McCullen pushed the door open button, looking up as Bast entered, "I've got an interesting report here, number one. It looks like Lieutenant Bergen's made some progress on the Breen situation. Take a seat?"

"Please," said Bast. "Anything to take my mind off the number of C-group asteroids we'll be passing on our way to Stakoron."

As Bast settled in the chair opposite the captain's at the desk, the door chime rang again, and Lieutenant Bergen entered.

"Good afternoon Sir." Eza said entering the ready room.

"Ah, Lieutenant Bergen, thanks for coming. Take a seat?" The captain smiled at the science officer, pleased he had made it so quickly.

"Thank you Sirs." He said with a nod to the two senior officers.

"I see from your report that you've made some progress with the, uh, Breen thing, but I'm not ashamed to admit that I can't make head nor tails of the thing. Science has never been my strong suit." McCullen gave the science officer a lopsided shrug. "Could you give us the layman's breakdown?"

"For the most part it was stuff we had learned from other sources over the past decade. However, we did make some interesting progress in their energy dampening. Starfleet had previously looked for ways to incorporate into Starfleet weaponry. However it was s with our phasers, and most of the work with warheads came up with nothing. Our team took a different approach, they're looking at a way to modify the deflector dish to create a resonance shock-wave. It essence it should, assuming it works, have the effect of working like the energy dissipator did but only on their shields. Tactically it would be useful both in combat, but also in cases where we need to get around an enemy's shields to beam someone or something in or out." The Trill replied.

"Impressive," McCullen replied - the idea of using the deflector dish as a weapon was not a new one, but rarely used. Deflector dishes were carefully calibrated and somewhat delicate machines and hence, easy to mess up. "I'd imagine such a shock-wave would take a lot of power, the kind of power that could damage a deflector dish?"

"Yes and no," Eza replied. "Ensign Carter actually came up with a fairly ingenious work around, for about the last 10 years Starfleet has included as sort of EPS capacitor on the power flow to the deflector. It basically works as a circuit breaker if the power load goes to high it 'blows' cutting the power and preventing damage to the deflector. Ensign Carter has designed a workaround that would cause a power overload to be directed out through the shield grid. The excess energy would basically be radiated out of the shields. Preventing an overload in either system."

"I'm sure your research will be very valuable to Starfleet," McCullen replied, wondering to himself what difference such technology would have made during the war. "We're highly unlikely to encounter any Breen vessels out here in the Gamma Quadrant, but it will certainly give the fleet an edge if we ever need it."

Eza nodded, "Regardless of the tactical implication I would like permission to begin looking into making the upgrades to the deflector. I'm sure I don't need to tell you of the any of dozens of ways the deflector can take serious damage. The failsafe measures should make a burn of the deflector a lot less likely."

Bast nodded in consent. "I think you'll have your work cut out for you trying to convince Lieutenant Hunter to implement any kind of modification without giving him a complete briefing - especially if there's any kind of risk of damaging the deflector dish. And regardless of whether we encounter any Breen vessels or not, we can't discount the possibility that the Dominion could have started integrating Breen concepts into their own weapons."

"I'm sure we can get Lieutenant Hunter up to speed, we're still a ways off with from actually prototyping any of this." Eza replied.

"No," McCullen replied, "we're about to head out on a mission, now is not the time for experimental upgrades and Mr. Hunter has more than enough on his plate as it is. Continue working on your experiments, model the upgrades on the holodeck and when you're at the end of the prototype stage and have a working model, then we'll talk again."

"Aye Sir." Eza replied.

"I did some work on the preliminary data, about fifteen years ago," said Bast. "Or rather, my previous host did. You might want to run your findings by me. I don't have all of his expertise in particle physics, but you never know, it might trigger some memory that might be helpful."

"Okay, gentlemen." McCullen sat the PaDD down on the desk, "I think that's about all I need to know for the moment. You have my permission, lieutenant, to submit whatever you wish to Starfleet command, or not, if you'd rather keep it in house."

"Aye Sir, thank you Sir." Eza said rising and within a nod to both senior officers he headed for the door.


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