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Posted on Sat Dec 7th, 2019 @ 9:08am by Lieutenant Commander Tyran Nige & Captain James McCullen

Mission: Reaching Out in Hope
Location: Captain's ready room
Timeline: 2389

After Arriving on the Sentinel Lieutenant Commander Tyran Nige and his wife Dinara headed for the bridge to see Captain James McCullen according to the layout of the ronin the ready room was adjacent to the security station he hit the button and they waited for Captain McCullen to allow them in.

James looked up from his desk, frowning slightly. He had received notification from Starfleet that he'd be getting a new tactical officer before departing Opaka Outpost, given that they were heading into space most recently controlled by the Dominion, command had seen fit to give him a more experienced officer than the first-time department heads he was accustomed to breaking in. "Enter," he called as he pushed the button to let the door open.

Tyran and Dinara entered the ready Room he stood at Attention "Captain McCullen Lieutenant Commander Tyran Nige reporting as ordered sir" he waited for Captain McCullen to continue.

McCullen was surprised to see not only the lieutenant commander, but who he assumed to be the lieutenant commander's wife standing next to him. He had expected to meet both, but not at the same time. He gave them both a smile, "relax, Commander Tyran, and take a seat. Would either of you like something to drink?"

Tyran said "Earl Grey Tea Hot" he told Captain McCullen as he and Dinara sat down She said to Captain McCullen "Water please Captain" she said.

"Good, good. I'm glad you're here on time." McCullen walked the short distance to the replicator and ordered the water, tea and a coffee for himself, then returned to his desk, setting the drinks down in front of both of them and lowering himself into his chair. He took a moment to sip at his coffee before speaking. "I wasn't aware you were coming with Mr. Tyran, Mrs Tryan, but welcome aboard."

Tyran picked up his cup of tea and to a sip before speaking" well my Former Captain of the Ronin Captain Ian Waters dropped us off at opaka station he gave me the new assignment from starfleet Captain Waters informed me that the Sentinel was in need of Experience Officers so I transferred here "he gave Captain McCullen the PADD With his Transfer orders. Dinara said " I just Follow my husband where ever he goes I go with him." she said as she sipped at her water and listened to the Captain.

McCullen took the transfer papers and scanned them briefly, seeing that everything was in order, he nodded. "Well, we're glad to have you aboard, Lieutenant Commander Tyran. We get underway in just over four hours and we're headed into territory very recently occupied by the Dominion. We don't expect any trouble, but it will be good to have an experienced man at tactical, just in case."

Tyran said " its great to be on the Sentinel SIr"Tyran was excited to be on another ship.

"And it's great to have you, Mr. Tyran," McCullen smiled warmly, he wanted to spend more time talking to his new officer, to get to know the man, but he had so many matters pressing for his time. "Welcome aboard, I wish there was more time to get you settled, but we're on the precipice of a major mission. Speak to Commander Bast, the XO, about your duty assignment and security codes. Lieutenant Ross, our operations officer, will get you settled as quickly as possible into married quarters."

"Thanks Captain I will Speak with Commander Bast as soon as we get settled into our quarters "Tyran & Dianara left the Captain's Ready Room and went to speak to Lt. Ross the ops officer to get the assigned married quarters.


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