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Installation Part 2

Posted on Thu Dec 5th, 2019 @ 10:22pm by Lieutenant JG Simon Hunter & Lieutenant Oliver Ross

Mission: Reaching Out in Hope
Location: Engineering

After the Captain had left him, Simon Tapped his combadge and said, "Lieutenant Ross, this is Simon," as he knew this was a task that needed extra manpower, "I need your help and this is a priority one," he stated as he looked at the reports coming in from Holodeck 1. He finished, "The Captain wants an industrial replicator fitted within 48 hours,"

Ross walked into Main Engineering. "Hey Si, I just finished the upgrades to the Science Labs." Ross handed a Tech Kit to one of the engineers and nodded to her before she walked away. "You'd be surprised but it all went smoothly. All the sensors pinged clean. That's a first for me. So what's up?"

"First off one of the engineers was doing Maintanance on Holodeck 1," he stated looking back at Ross, "then the damn thing switched on and he is now trapped in there," as he showed Ross the reports coming in. he then finished, "The Captain then comes in and gives us a Priority assignment to do within 5 days,"

"A industrial replicator? That's an easy install. We have room in Cargo Bay One. It may take a while to get the components. But I think we can get it up and running in that time." He looked over the report from the Holodeck and stifled a chuckle. "I hope that your crewman can find a good corner to hide."

"It's a Klingon Programme thats Running," replied Simon looking back at Ross, he continued, "and Cargo bay one is where the Captain wants the replicator put," as the reports were coming in that the programme kept on going up a level.

"Okay, one problem at a time I guess. What do you suggest for the Holodeck then?" Ross leaned in over the console. As the report came in that another enemy appeared in simulation.

"But the Captain wants this done and set up as a priority," replied Simon as he looked back at Ross, he continued," So we need to get this done and dusted Ollie," as he knew the captain would want an update in 5 days time.

"Then let's get cracking," Ross replied. "Let's just hope your engineer can hold their own."

"Yeah, let's get going," replied Simon as he moationed Ollie out of Main Engineering and headed towards cargo Bay one.

Lieutenant JG Simon Hunter


Lieutenant Oliver Ross
Chief OPS


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