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Grabbing a Bite to Eat

Posted on Sun Dec 8th, 2019 @ 6:24pm by Captain James McCullen & Lieutenant JG Merlar R'heil

Mission: Reaching Out in Hope
Location: Mess Hall, USS Sentinel
Timeline: MD09, 1900 Hrs

Merlar had just gotten off a double duty of Security, she was covering for a shipmate who wanted down time early. So out of the kindness of her Caitian heart she did that for the other security personnel. So Merlar walked into the Mess hall and grab something to eat to comfort her sore Caitian body after that. Merlar hopes that security personnel does the same for her.. So as Merlar was drinking milk and eating a salad she looked around at the other officers around enjoying themselves as well.

Captain McCullen did not make a habit of visiting the mess hall, he mostly in his ready room or on the fly when he found a moment, but while docked at the station he found himself with a few hours to kill and while taking a walk through the ship had decided to drop by the mess hall.

As he had expected, the mess hall fell silent as soon as he stepped into the room. All eyes turned towards him in expectation and he gave the room a nod, "carry on."

Merlar saw the captain as well,then went back to eating her salad when the captain say Carry on. Merlar got a bit
hungry before going back to her duties. She nodded to the captain as she saw him.

The captain grabbed some food, a bowl of bimimbap and some more coffee. he looked around the room, picking which officer he was going to disturb with his presence and settling on the Catian security officer and making his way over. "Lieutenant Merlar, mind if I join you?"

Merlar grinned at the captain, "Sure seat is free." she purred as she enjoyed her Salad. She saw him standing.

Merlar then stood up attentively, "Captain Sir." Merlar said. "Yes You can sir." Merlar grinned while coming to attention.
She was showing her respect to the Captain before going back to eat herself.

"Sir down, lieutenant, sit down." McCullen urged the security officer, waving at her chair as he lowered himself into his own. He half expected the whole room to come snapping up - it was for that reason that he didn't often eat in the mess, his presence disrupted the normal order of things - conversations were more hushed, people less relaxed. "I'm not here on duty and there's no need for ceremony," He said a little louder than necessary, "I just felt like eating with some company."

Merlar looked at the Captain as she sat back down eating her salad. "How are you doing sir?" Merlar purred. Merlar had her napkin at her side and put it on her lap so she don't make a mess while sitting with the Captain. She was glad someone sat next to her, she wasn't sure if she fit in with the other Starfleet members aboard the Sentinel.

"Me?" It wasn't a question he got asked a lot, most of the crew, he supposed from his own experience, viewed him as some kind of indestructible, infallible demigod. He considered his response for a moment, there was a pressure on a captain to maintain that image as the one person that was always on top, always good to go. It wasn't good for the CO to reveal too much to his crew, especially the more junior members. "I'm doing fine, thank you. How are you?" Was the bland, vague reply he settled on.

Merlar smiled at at her captain. "Thats good to hear.?" Merlar purred as she enjoyed her meal. "I hope you don't mind me asking you that sir?" Merlar purred as she was just trying to make a good conversation with her Captain. "So Capt how long are we stationed at this base," Merlar also asked.

"Not at all, lieutenant." McCullen smiled, "we'll be leaving Opaka Outpost in less than twelve hours, as soon as all the supplies and equipment get loaded aboard. Have you had a chance to visit the station?"

Merlar looked at the captain. "I was about to do that after my meal sir" Merlar purred, "I was gonna check out some sites too." She also said.

"I recommend the Bajoran traditional restaurant on the promenade, it's got some excellent food. Or it did, the last time I visited." McCullen replied, thinking back to his last visit to the station that wasn't a hurried meeting. He found himself wondering if he could find a half hour in his schedule to make the trip himself.

Merlar grinned to her Captain,"I wouldn't mind trying something new Captain,sir ." Merlar said with a purrr." Merlar wondered what else be out there to look at, as her tail was wagging..

"Just make sure you're back on board before departure time," the captain replied, giving the Catian officer a smile, "we wouldn't want to leave you behind."

Merlar chuckled in a Caitain way. "don't worry sir, I will return." Merlar grinned. Merlar was finishing her lunch before taking off.


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