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Splish Splash

Posted on Sun Nov 17th, 2019 @ 7:57pm by Lieutenant JG Alexander Mitchell & Lieutenant Eza Bergen PhD

Mission: Reaching Out in Hope
Location: Holodeck 2 | U.S.S. Sentinel
Timeline: MD010 | 1915 Hours

Eza had finally started to settle it aboard the Sentinel, most of his interactions with the crew had gone well, but he had found a certain brash pilot lingering in his thoughts far more than he would like. The science team was working on the Breen data but so far it was slow going.

He had finished working through the latest progress reports from the team and was now in desperate need of something to get his mind off the past few hours. He checked the log and the holodeck was free for the hour. He booked the slot and made his way to holodeck two. "Computer, display recent swimming programs." He said as he activated the computer control panel. It pulled an image up, it appeared to be a large backyard pool somewhere tropical. He hit the select key and the program activated. He stepped in and felt the warm sun, simulated or not it was a nice simulation. He changed into a tight pair of shorts and dove into the water.

Having spent the day looking forward to his swim, Alexander was disappointed to find that both Holodecks were already in use. 'That's what I get for not booking one beforehand.' He'd gotten changed into his speedo, board shorts and t-shirt for nothing. Oddly, whoever was using Holodeck 2 was making use of the program of his parents house in Hawaii. He entered the Holodeck and wandered over to the pool.

The spots that he could see on the man's shoulders identified him as a Trill. 'That narrows it down.' He mused as he watched the man swim away.

Eza felt someone watching him and stopped, standing up he saw the pilot who far too often lingered in his thoughts standing at the edge of the pool. For a split second he thought he might be imagining it. "Do you make a habit of walking in on people's holodeck time?"

"Only when they're using one of my personal holoprogams." Alexander shot back. He sat at the waters edge and lowered his legs into the water. Allowing his focus to shift from the Trill to their surroundings, Xander zoned out. A smile crept slowly onto his face as he remembered the good times growing up that his family had spent at the real version of this house.

'Why does he have to be so friggen cute.' Eza thought, "Well it was in the public files, so if it was a private program you could have restricted it's access." The Trill replied, he closed some of the distance between them and began floating on his back. "I'll admit it is a very nice program, and I'm glad I came across it. If you would prefer I don't use it I will respect your wishes."

The sound of Bergen's voice snapped Xander out of his revere. "Hmm? Oh, don't worry about it. I'm just yankin' your chain." He moved his feet back and forward in the water but without breaking the surface of the water. "It is a great program." Xander agreed. "This is my parents place in Hawaii. We usually spent the summers here."

"Wow, the holocreation is nice but the real thing must be amazing." The Trill replied, he pushed himself out of the water and sat on the edge next to the pilot. "You okay? you seem distracted?"

Xander's brow furrowed and he glanced at Bergen briefly. "I'm fine." The answer was cold and slightly forceful. He looked out over the water again, certain that he'd made it clear that he wasn't about to discuss any problems that he may or may not be having.

Eza shrugged, "Suit yourself, well you're welcome to join me, I've got the deck for the rest of the hour and it's not like I need the pool to myself. It is your program after all."

Xander briefly considered saying now and allowing the Lieutenant to enjoy the rest of his holodeck time in peace. The time he spent swimming was a chance for Xander to be alone and leave the universe at the door for a while. 'You're always alone.' His mind reminded him silently. That was hard to deny. 'It might be nice to spend some time in the company of someone who isn't judging you for what happened. He probably doesn't even know, yet.'

"Sure." Xander stood and pulled off his board shorts and t-shirt, throwing them onto a nearby sun lounger. He adjusted the waistbandd of his speedos before jumping in, allowing the water to fully submerge him. When he came back above the surface, he wiped the water from his face and ran his hands over his hair. It felt good to be back in the water again. And Bergen had the holodeck set the temperature beautifully.

Eza felt his face blush slightly, he certainly had a new image of Xander to linger in his mind. He dove back into the water and took the further side giving the pilot some space. The program really was lovely, and Alexander didn't mind he'd use it again. He swam a few laps flat out before taking a more leisurely pace for a bit, letting his gaze fall on Alexander more than once.

The water was perfect. Xander began to swim laps, back and forth. The Eza Bergen in the water with him didn't seem much changed from the man that Alexander vaguely recalled from years ago. He still seemed like the shy, bookish type. But he had changed physically. The skinny, scrawny kid that he'd been briefly introduced to had been replaced by someone who'd built some muscle.

Xander stopped at the end of the pool furthest from the house. "So where have you come from?" He asked as Eza reached the same end of the pool.

"My last posting was the Ulysses, Galaxy-class which was nice as a Science Officer, but a pain as the Chief, so much paperwork. I never got to do any research. I'm actually glad to be posted to something a bit smaller, plus I've always wanted to be on the frontier and explore." Eza said, his eyes taking in the other man. "What about you?"

The pilot instantly regretted opening this particular line of conversation. "I was on the James Lovell." He replied crisply, hoping that failure to offer any further information would shut down the conversation that'd he'd begun without thinking.

Eza nodded, "So besides swimming what does Mister Mitchell do when he isn't piloting a starship."

Seconds away from pulling the Trill for addressing him as 'Mister Mitchell', Alexander realised that since Bergen outranked him, that was his prerogative. Biting back the comment, his mind pivoted to answering the question. "I read, I play my guitar." He shrugged. "Nothing exciting."

Eza gave a laugh, "My parents were always quite sad that I'm pretty much tone deaf, musically challenged as my third year band teacher called me. Read any good book lately?"

"The last book I read was a biography of Hikaru Sulu. A good read. Those guys lived in very different times." Mitchell told him. Lowering himself in the water so that it came up to his chin.

"Part of me would love to be on the bridge of the Enterprise or the Excelsior, the real frontier stuff. How knows, maybe a hundred years from now they'll be young officers talking about books about Alexander Mitchell and serving on the Sentinel." The Trill said with a grin.

A cocky smirk crossed Xander's lips. "I'm one of the greatest pilots of my generation. Of course there'll be books written about me." A year ago he would have believed those words. Now, he wasn't so sure about that. That didn't stop him playing up to his reputation as a cocky flight jock.

Eza rolled his eyes, "You're lucky you're cute or that attitude would get you into trouble." Eza said before flipping back wards in the water and starting some more laps.

The grin on Alexander's face widened. It seemed the Trill Lieutenant had a crush, not that the news surprised Xander. He closed his eyes and stayed where he was, listening to Eza splash through the water after a few more minutes he turned and climbed out of the water. "I'll leave you to enjoy the rest of your time in peace." Moving over to where he'd thrown his towel and clothes, Xander began to dry himself off.

"Suit yourself," Eza replied, continuing his laps but letting his eyes watch the Lieutenant dry off.

Xander pulled on his board shorts and t-shirt. "I'll be sure to book the holodeck in advance next time. Guess I'm just not used to serving on a ship this small." He threw his towel over his shoulder and gave a small wave. "I'll see you around."

"I'll see you around." Eza said giving the other officer a wink before diving back under the water.


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