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Posted on Thu Dec 5th, 2019 @ 6:35pm by Captain James McCullen & Lieutenant JG Simon Hunter

Mission: Reaching Out in Hope
Location: Main Engineering
Timeline: MD10, 0900 Hrs

Captain McCullen stepped out of the turbolift and into the corridor leading to main engineering. He didn't often get the chance to visit the heart of the ship and had decided that rather than calling the chief engineer up to his ready room, a visit would better serve both of them, allowing Jim to stretch his legs a little and saving the chief time.

The captain stepped through the big double doors into the engine room, pausing to admire the soothing blue glow of the warp core and to take the room in. Yellow-collared personnel were hard at work around the room, at consoles and on the move, and nobody noticed him standing by the door. Jim enjoyed the rare moment of anonymous peace before pushing off from the door frame and walking into the room proper.

"Lieutenant Hunter?" He called, drawing all eyes to him and the usual murmur rippled around the room.

"Yes sir," replied Simon as he lay under a terminal trying to align some of the power boards, as he pulled himself out from under the terminal, he said, " I was about to call you sir," as he got off the floor.

"Oh?" McCullen raised an eyebrow, wondering what it was that the engineer could need him for while they were docked.

"I have had to take the holodecks offline due to them locking one of my engineers inside," replied Simon as he was not happy about this, He finished, "we are in the process of trying to get him out," as he knew that this news did not please McCullen.

"Damn," the captain frowned. holodecks were known to be problematic, the advanced programming required to create the realism was at the bleeding edge of what was technologically possible and that led to inherent instability. "Get him out, and then I have a priority-one project for you."

"We have Sir and have been working on it for the last 5 hours," replied Simon looking back at his commanding officer, he raised an eyebrow "What priority one Project?" as he could not remember one on his to do list.

"An industrial replicator is being placed in cargo bay one," McCullen explained, "it's critical to the success of our mission at Stakoron II. I need it installed and operational by the time we get there, that gives you about five days to get it up and running."

"5 days Sir?" replied Simon.

"Is there an echo in here?" McCullen smiled, he knew what he was asking his chief engineer to do, but he also knew the man would find a way to do it. "Pull whoever you need, run double shifts, whatever you need to do. The damn thing needs to be up and running in forty-eight hours."

"Yes Sir, " replied Simon, he continued, "could you let the Chief Ops know that I will be requiring some of his teams," knowing full well what with three teams working on the holodeck problem he was 3 teams down.

"I think it would be better if you spoke to him yourself, lieutenant." McCullen replied, "I'm no engineer and I'm sure you can explain what you need from him far better than I. I'm sure Mr. Ross will do everything he can to help you."

"Will do Sir," replied Simon as he knew that he would make the call as soon as the Captain left Main Engineering, he continued," I will also keep you informed about our holodeck problem," as he had considered that more a priority one than the replicator.

"Yes, please do - but the industrial replicator takes priority," McCullen frowned, "as long as your man's life isn't in danger, he isn't a priority. Put a small team on it and focus everything else on getting that replicator installed. As I said, it's priority one, and that's an order."

"Aye Sir, but will keep you informed about the holodeck," replied Simon as he knew that a man's life was at stake, but he knew his teams would get him out without him getting killed. He continued," and I'll speak with Lieutenant Ross about the replicator Sir,"

"Very good, Mr. Hunter," the captain nodded, "we'll also be pushing the engines fairly hard over the next five days, we'll probably be holding warp nine for most of the time."

"Aye Sir," replied Simon as he knew this was going to be sorted when the replicator was connected up to the ship and tested before the use of the unit.

"I'll leave you to get on with it, keep me updated." The captain said, turning to walk back the way he came, one task out of his endless list completed.


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