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A Meeting

Posted on Fri Nov 22nd, 2019 @ 8:47pm by Lieutenant Eza Bergen PhD & Lieutenant Oliver Ross

Mission: Reaching Out in Hope
Location: Biology Lab 2, Deck 7, USS Sentinel
Timeline: MD009 | 1230 Hours


Ross laid under the center console of the Biology Lab. His legs were the only thing noticeable about him as he tinkered and scanned from the undercarriage of the table. A Petty Officer knelt next to him handing him various tools. One of the few pleasures he had was getting his hands dirty even if it was a brief recalibration. "Okay Neal, try that now."

Eza entered the biolab and saw the Petty Officer at the controls, Neal entered a string of commands and the lights in the lab flickered. "I hope that's not the intended effect." Eza said.

A large bang sent stars in Ross's eyes. He came out from under the console rubbing his head and cursing the ground the designers walked on. In a blur he saw a tall person in blue stand over him. The pain and the blurriness subsided and his took a deep breath. "You must be the new Science Officer." The Ops Chief raised a hand, "Oliver Ross."

"Eza Bergen." The Trill replied, "I hope you aren't breaking my lab." He replied with a grin.

"Nah just my pride," Ross went back to rubbing his head. He stood up slowly. "We were busy upgrading the computers and found that the consoles here needed a recalibration. The onboard sensors were off by a few microns. It should be working better now."

Eza moved to the main console, his fingers quickly dancing over the controls. "Looks like they're better now, but." He paused for a moment and entered a string of commands. All the consoles in the lab went dark and then came back up a moment later. "There, that should do it. At least for this lab."

"One down, twelve more to go," Ross bent low to start putting his things away. "I've at this for about three hours. But hopefully with the final upgrades we'll be able to see the pins on a Nausicaan's boots." Ross closed his case.

"May I ask, how are things going? Settling in well?" Ross leaned against the darkened console. It was nice to meet new crew member and, because of the nature of his job he would be working closely with this one. The Operations and Science Departments often worked in tandem in certain situations as with Tactical and Security.

"So far so good." Eza said, thinking back to the majority of his interactions with the Sentinel crew, his encounter with Mitchell still lingering in the back of his mind. "The people seem nice and the ship is good, I always did like the Intrepid-class."

"Me too," replied Ross. "This is my second Intrepid Class ship. There's something special about them." Despite it's battle weariness, the USS Ward, his first Intrepid still retained its elegant comfort and beauty. Ross hated having to leave the ship but it could no longer keep up with others in her class. Ross's transfer to the Sentinel after the Ark Royal felt like a return home.

"There's also something knowing the design held up through all the damage inflicted on Voyager in the Delta Quadrant. They can certainly take a beating, not that I want to find out how much damage the Sentinel could take." The Trill replied.

"You and me both," Ross picked up the case by the handle. "This is last lab I think everything is up to spec. If anything else seems out of sorts just let me or Hunter know."

"Will do Lieutenant, thank you." Eza said with a small nod.



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