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A New Trill in Town

Posted on Thu Oct 31st, 2019 @ 12:00am by Lieutenant Eza Bergen PhD & Captain James McCullen

Mission: Reaching Out in Hope
Location: Ready Room, USS Sentinel
Timeline: MD009 | 0920

Eza was getting restless, he was excited to be posted to the Gamma quadrant, even more so that his former COs last act had been to authorize his promotion to full Lieutenant. However, the waiting was killing him, he had used the time to get caught up on his reading, both personal and professional. Three novels, 17 scientific journals and peer reviewed three different papers. His eyes were starting to hurt. Finally he'd arrived at Opaka and was now stepping off the transporter pad of the USS Sentinel, his new home.

"Welcome aboard Sir." The PO3 at the controls said with a nod.

"Thank you Petty Officer, happy to be here." Eza replied grinning, a single PADD in hand as his personal things would be transported later.

A few moments later and he was in the turbolift en route to the Captain's Ready room.

Jim sighed, reaching out and tapping the button on his desktop display to turn the screen off and secure it. The provisioning of the vast store of supplies intended for the people of Stakoron II was moving apace. All of the Sentinel's cargo bays had been turned over to stuffing as many medical kits, field rations and disaster relief kits,and myriad other supplies as could be fit. Meanwhile, the components of an industrial replicator were being shoehorned into the auxiliary shuttle bay at the cost of two of the ship's type 9 shuttles. The ship was close to departure and as always, the captain felt both anxious and excited to get underway.

He'd gotten word that he'd be receiving a new chief science officer only a few hours prior - followed up by a message containing the personnel file and records of said officer, but he hadn't had a chance to sit down and go through them, so when he got the call from the chief in transporter room one that Bergen was on his way he felt a wave of frustration. Keeping on top of everything was not easy, there always seemed to be something on his never-ending list of things to do that needed more time than was available.

The door chime sounded and he straightened himself up, set aside his personal feelings as best he could and hit the door open button while calling "enter."

Eza entered and came to a stop across the desk from his new CO. "Good morning Sir, Lieutenant Eza Bergen reporting." He said handing the PADD with his formal transfer orders to the Captain.

The captain brought out a smile, pushing himself upwards from his chair and taking the PaDD. He took a moment to study the man, of slightly above average height, lean, with short brown hair and green eyes, clearly Trill based on the spot pattern on his neck and face. The man looked to be somewhere in his late twenties, physically anyway - it was hard to tell, with Trills.

"Thank you, Lieutenant Bergen." McCullen put the PaDD down on top of the stack of PaDDs already on the desk and walked towards the replicator, "take a seat, would you like something to drink?"

"I'm fine Sir, thank you, I've had enough coffee much more and I'll jump to warp." Eza said with a grin as he took the seat across from the CO.

"No such thing as too much coffee, Lieutenant," McCullen replied, grinning as he ordered himself a cup of exactly that - there had been a time when he'd kept track of his intake but that time had long since passed. The captain turned back to his desk, "I must confess, I've not found time to look over your service record - so, tell me about yourself."

"Well after the academy I completed my Doctorate in Exobiology on Trill, and then served aboard the Eindhoven, one of the first batch of Cardiff class ships. I spent most of my career there until about a year ago when I was posted to the Ulysses as Chief Science Officer, but I was reassigned as she's going into dry dock for an 18 month refit." Eza said. "Mom was Starfleet before she retired. last commanded the USS Copenhagen," He paused with a small laugh, "They offered her her stars and she retired, if they didn't want her on the bridge of a starship she was ready to retire."

McCullen smiled, he had met Captain Jadzem Bergen once during a briefing before the battle of Cardassia, he had been a mere lieutenant himself and hadn't actually spoken to the woman, but her reputation was a good one. He didn't need the Lieutenant to know about that, however. "My wife had the same decision to make, she chose the stars." He commented instead. "Tell me about yourself, Lieutenant Bergen, I can read about your career and your background at my leisure. What kind of man do I have as my Chief Science Officer?"

"I was always a bit of an introvert, but as I've moved up the ranks that has changed a bit, I was always the 'squishy smelly' sciences as my mother called them as opposed to the more mechanical ones. I generally deplore combat but I do understand it's part of Starfleet, that being said I do feel there are times that Starfleet jumps to battle before exhausting the other options. I like hiking and rock climbing a bit, but generally when I can do the real thing as opposed to the holodeck." The Trill said.

"There are times when we have to fight - but I'm hopeful that there will be less violence in my future that I've seen in my past." McCullen replied, "the war nearly broke the Federation, and I'm not only talking about Starfleet losses. We plumbed the depths of our souls and found there was a lot more darkness and savagery there than we'd believed. The Sentinel is, for as long as I can keep it that way, a ship of peace, exploration, science and diplomacy."

Eza nodded, "So if I may ask, what is our next mission, Personnel Branch was a little sparse with details in my transfer orders."

"That's understandable, our mission has been pretty rushed, so far." McCullen replied, it had only been a matter of hours since the Sentinel had arrived at Opaka Outpost and already they were getting ready for departure. "We're going into former Dominion territory to answer a distress call from a people called the Stakoron. Our goals are to aid them as much as we can and, if they're receptive, to begin a diplomatic process. We're departing in a few hours."

"I'll make sure the department is ready to go." Eza said with a nod.

"Excellent," McCullen stood, he would have liked to have a longer conversation with his new officer, but time was pressing. "Report to the XO for your system access and authorization, then get yourself down to sickbay so Doctor Miller can give you the once-over."

"Aye Sir, thank you Sir." Eza said with a more formal tone before turning to head for the door.


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