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Game Plan

Posted on Fri Nov 1st, 2019 @ 4:48pm by Commander Temerant Bast & Captain James McCullen & Lieutenant T'sa

Mission: Reaching Out in Hope
Location: Ready Room, USS Sentinel
Timeline: MD9 - 0750 Hours

McCullen stood next to his desk, one hand tapping on the surface while he re-skimmed the report he had gotten via subspace about the goings-on in the Gamma Quadrant. There had been mention of a summons by the admiral at the request of the ambassador, something about a crisis on the planet Stakoron II that the Federation wanted to get itself mixed up in for diplomatic purposes. McCullen read it as a hearts-and-minds exercise, showing off the peaceful and helpful nature of the Federation to the denizens of the quadrant.

He had also received a small file detailing what the Federation knew about the Stakoron people. It was limited in the extreme but contained just enough information to give a general overview. They had about twenty minutes before they had to meet with the ambassador and if he could help it, he'd prefer his diplomatic officer and XO to not go in totally blind.

Bast entered the Captain's Ready Room, and took a seat at the Captain's desk, and T'sa followed swiftly afterwords, looking slightly more exhausted than she would have liked. Both professional and personal reasons had played a part, but of course, she wanted all lines of questioning to be kept away from that latter element.

"Gentlemen," She nodded politely, taking a seat next to Bast.

McCullen gave each of his officers a nod and then handed them each a PaDD containing a copy of the bare-bones report he'd received from command. "Sometime in the last week, Starfleet received a distress call of sorts from the Stakoron - a people recently abandoned by the Dominion in the Gamma Quadrant. I don't currently know the exact nature of their call or what they've asked for, but it's my understanding that we're going to be tasked with paying them a visit and - at the very least - establishing diplomatic relations with them." The captain summarized the contents of the report, "when we get to the station, we'll be briefed on the exact situation and what Starfleet expects of us. I'd like to hear your thoughts before we get there."

"This isn't exactly a First Contact mission, given that this world is already aware that they're not alone in the universe," said Bast. "But does the Prime Directive apply to this mission?"

"Partially," T'sa replied, going over the information handed to her. The applications of 'Starfleet General Order 1' had become a second language to her. "We would not have been permitted to impose on them directly if they hadn't requested aide. Given the fact that we have received a distress signal, however, we are within our rights to assist them. Though it goes without saying we should avoid imposing our own values and ideals on them"

"We're also permitted to provide them aid in medical equipment and relief supplies like food and clothing, but we've gotta limit the technology we provide to no better than they already have," McCullen added, he knew that Bast knew all of this already, but the commander had asked. "We can advise them on what we think they should do as long as we keep the advice... ideologically neutral, and all the actual decision making has to come from them."

"Of course," agreed Bast. "Do we know where they stand on the societal and technological development scales?"

"The Ferengi had trade talks with them before the Dominion War," McCullen replied, "primarily for the sale miszinite ore. The Ferengi aren't exactly known for scientific quality in their reports, but we can assume that if they're able to extract and handle miszinite ore, their level of technology is reasonably high - at least post-antimatter energy. The Ferengi report doesn't contain much in the way of societal data, aside from noting that the Stakoron people don't have the lobes for business., which means absolutely nothing," the captain smirked.

"According to the Ferengi, no one BUT the Ferengi has the lobes for business," commented Bast. "But that's hardly relevant to what the Federation is here for."

"Agreed. We'll find out more very shortly, you two are coming with me to a briefing with the ambassador and his staff in... six minutes that'll give us our exact mission and what's expected of us. I'm sorry you don't have more advanced notice, Lieutenant." He nodded to T'sa, "let's get down to the transporter room, shall we? Mr. Ross has supplied the coordinates for the meeting space."

Bast nodded, and stood. "This is sure to be a fun meeting," he muttered under his breath.

"I should hope not." T'sa responded, brows furrowed, missing the sarcasm entirely.

McCullen hadn't caught what Bast said and shot a quizzical glance sideways at T'sa. Clearly, he'd missed something and by the frown on the diplomatic officer's face, he guessed it was something worth following up. "I should hope not what, Lieutenant?"

"A fun meeting." T'sa responded simply.

McCullen opened his mouth to comment and then closed it again, wondering instead where T'sa had gotten the idea that a diplomatic briefing could be fun. Perhaps, he mused, it was a Vulcan thing. "I very much doubt there will be anything fun about this meeting at all." He eventually replied, "Interesting and informative is about all I'm hoping for." He shot a questioning glance at Bast, eyebrow raised.

"Knowing the Ambassador like I do," replied Bast, "anything is possible."


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