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New Bajor Goodbyes

Posted on Mon Oct 7th, 2019 @ 2:47pm by Lieutenant JG Zanna Rem & Lieutenant Titus Fabius

Mission: History
Location: Crew Lounge
Timeline: Pre Arival

Titus sat at the bar, he had dismissed the Bolian bartender's offer of Klingon Bloodwine. He sat and sipped on some honeyed water. He looked over and saw a striking redheaded woman sitting nearby. It had been the officer that had been in transit for a week now. He raised his hand in a polite greeting.

"Hello there Lieutenant, your ride should be here soon yes?" He asked.

Zanna didn't quite know how to reply, she had seen the Lieutenant around but never really talked to him all that much. She sat down, looked at the bartender, "Idorian Spiced Pudding and the tallest glass of chocolate milk you have, if you could put three fingers of irish cream in it that would be amazing."

She then looked at Titus, "So whats your story?"

"I have been at this station as a Tactical Advisor from Starfleet, my next chapter takes me to the same vessel as you. Not the wreath of laurels I wanted but it will have to do." He gave her a nod.

"Magna Roman exchange officer to boot." He pushed the drink forward.

"I suppose I will try the Mopa Bread." He said.

"That sounds like you are about to snap, Being here with only bajoran food and replicated alternatives, I know I would go mad." She said with a laugh.

"Well I'm Titus." He said.

"Zanna, if you are coming with me, you aren't in red so you must be what Security? Operations?" She asked.

"If you believe my last OER I am Caesar reborn, But yes I will settle for being called Security Chief." He said.

"Well I am darn glad to meet you." She said, taking her bowl of pudding and drink. She began to devour it and guzzle like it was going to be her last meal.

"Were you condemened?" Titus asked.

"Condemened not so much as I just got the posting first real time being a department head. Really, really really nervous!" She said.

"Let me guess you are really nervous, but why?" He asked.

"You haven't heard about skipping an Oberth over a gravity well?" She blinked. It was a story that followed her everywhere.

Titus laughed, "That was you?"

Zanna blushed red as her hair. "Yes that was me? Just learned a lesson about SIF integrity and going near warp around a black hole, I earned five hundred credits and looked amazing. Just have no intent on doing it again. Ever.." She sighed sadly.

"What do you mean ever again? You conquered, Now find another thing to break beneath you." He said.

"Have you ever felt like the deck was stacked against you?" She asked.

"All the damned time." He said.

"Generals back on homeworld want to know how I am doing, The Starfleet BOA wants to know how I am doing, I feel like I crossed the Rubicon and I don't have any choice but to press onwards. Because if I give in or give up, then I not only disgrace myself but everything I have worked for. That isn't an option." He said.

She laughed, "Scary? I had you pegged for a shoot and salute kind of fellow."

"Perhaps you had me pegged wrong?" He raised his bread at her. "To new beginings and casting away who we were for who we are now." He gave her a nod.

She nodded back.

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Joint Post:

Lieutenant Titus Fabius
Chief of Security

Lieutenant j.g Zanna Rem
Flight Control Officer


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