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Arrival at Opaka Outpost

Posted on Thu Oct 17th, 2019 @ 4:51pm by Captain James McCullen & Commander Temerant Bast & Lieutenant Oliver Ross & Lieutenant T'sa & Lieutenant JG Merlar R'heil & Lieutenant JG Emilie D'Astous

Mission: Reaching Out in Hope
Location: Bridge, USS Sentinel
Timeline: MD9 - 0746 Hours

Three days after emerging from the Wormhole, the USS Sentinel finally came out of Warp, in sight of the lush green world of New Bajor. Established shortly before the Dominion became a force to be reckoned with in the Gamma Quadrant, the colony had been wiped out by the Founders before the war, and re-established after the Alpha Quadrant powers had sent the Dominion back into their own borders. Now Starfleet had established a regular presence in the area. A Regula II-class station, Opaka Outpost, had been constructed in orbit to act as a point of defense as well as a Starfleet resource hub for the sector.

Emilie D'Astous tapped her control panel to adjust their heading toward the outpost. "Ten minutes to Opaka Outpost, at three-quarters Impulse," she reported to Commander Bast, who was seated in the Captain's chair.

"Thank you, Lieutenant," replied Bast. "Captain McCullen," he called out over the comm. "We're arriving at Opaka Outpost." He stood from the Captain's chair and moved to his console, a few feet to the captain's right.

A few seconds later, the door to McCullen's ready room hissed open as he strode on to the bridge. "Hail the outpost and get us some docking clearance." He ordered as he walked to the chair, "then get on with the ambassador's office and let him know we've arrived." The captain glanced sideways at his XO, wondering how the man was going to handle the situation. In his experience, and he had plenty with an Admiral for a wife and six children in Starfleet, mixing family with duty was never easy, especially when relationships were strained. That, in turn, made him think of his youngest, Charlie, and how strained their relationship had gotten. He leaned over to Bast to murmur, "I can take the ambassador in my ready room if you'd prefer, number one."

"No, better to grab this particular bull by the horns," replied Bast. "But thank you for the offer." His console started beeping. "Admiral Maxiel is hailing."

James stood, taking two steps forward as he nodded at the conn to open the channel. Admiral Maxiel appeared on the screen, looking tired. It was pretty early in the morning, he supposed, just part of a normal day for a starship officer, but station people, especially the brass, got it a bit easier. "Admiral sir, I was just about to hail you."

"Hnn," the Admiral grunted, "welcome to New Bajor, Captain, though I understand you've been here several times before, this time is quite different, hmm?"

Several times... oh, right. Jim smiled, "indeed sir, and I couldn't be happier about it. I'd much rather be doing science and diplomacy than fighting the dominion." Mostly rather, red-shouldered or not, McCullen was still a tactical officer at heart and there was a small part of him that missed the thrill of war - of course, rose-tinted memories aside, the excitement had never been worth the horror, death or devastation. "I understand we're in a bit of a hurry, sir?"

"Hnn, right. Your orders stand as before, diplomacy and exploration, but we've got a specific mission for you." The Admiral frowned, "Ambassador Kilvin and his... people," McCullen thought he detected a hint of... distaste, in the Admiral's voice, "will brief you, your XO and your diplomatic officer at zero-eight-hundred hours in the main diplomatic briefing room, and you'll be getting a mission specialist along with you."

"Yes sir," McCullen nodded, he'd already received the basics via subspace and had a general idea of what was going on. 0800 hours was a mere fifteen minutes away, hurry indeed. "We'd better get to it then, Admiral."

"Hnn, right. Good luck, captain, make this work for us and you'll have done Starfleet, and the Federation a huge service, you hear?"

"Aye sir," McCullen replied, unsure of what exactly the Admiral was expecting him to say, "we'll do everything we can."

"Move your butt, Captain. Maxiel out." The viewscreen went dark and McCullen turned to raise an eyebrow at Bast. Procedure was being followed, sure enough, but it seemed someone had lit a fire under this particular bee hive. "Hold on the ambassador, hail station ops and find out where this diplomatic briefing room is." He ordered, "Lieutenant T'sa, report to the bridge."

"I've forgotten how 'brusk' the Admiral is," Ross said aloud. Part of him missed being on the other side of the wormhole. The other half was a bit uneasy. Rarely had he ever been in the same part of space with him and his twin sister; Olivia who now commanded her own vessel. Which during family reunions often charged the conversation on why he, Oliver, wasn't at the helm of his own ship.

"The Admiral is certainly a piece of work. I wouldn't like to be in the room when he's in private meetings with the Ambassador," mused Bast. He turned to Ross. "Contact station Ops, find out the coordinates of that conference room. Helm, hold position five hundred kilometers from the outpost."

"Yes, Sir," acknowledged D'Astous.

Merlar was at the security comms on the bridge, scanning the corridors of the ship for any problems on the ship, and was ready for anything else.

McCullen sat himself down and composed a quick message on his chair console that consisted of 'USS Sentinel has arrived at New Bajor, my compliments to the Ambassador. Myself, XO and the ship's Diplomatic Officer will shortly be in attendance. J McCullen, Captain.' and sent it off to the Ambassador's office. Then, as an afterthought, composed another quick message - 'Hello Dayrs, this is Captain McCullen. I've just arrived at New Bajor and I'll likely be on Opaka Outpost for a few hours if you'd like to share a quick meal and catch up.' and sent it to the Bajoran institute of science on the planet.

The captain stood, "number one, get us sorted out at Opaka and then join me in my ready room, would you?" He asked the XO, "when Lieutenant T'sa gets here, she can join us too."

"Yes, Sir," replied Bast.

"Holding position at five hundred kilometers from the outpost," reported D'Astous.

"Thank you, Lieutenant," acknowledged the First Officer. He stood from his console and walked toward the Ready Room. "You have the Bridge, Mr. Ross," he called out as he hit the door chime.

T'sa emerged from the turbolift prim as always, looking slightly more tired than she would have preferred. Going over Ferengi customs had proved insightful, though confusing at times. The rules of acquisition had been the subject of most revision, with rules often tending to contradict themselves. She had trouble understanding how anyone, even a Ferengi, could embrace such an illogical philosophy.

Ross opened the comm systems and immediately went to work. "Operations to Captain," he said after tapping his badge. "I have the coordinates you've requested. Station Ops is awaiting your arrival within the hour."

Merlar was still at Security comms watching the activity and watching out the view screen case of trouble, while staying at her post.

T'sa gently pressed the chime to the ready room, while rubbing the skin under her eyes very subtly with her thumb.

In the ready room, McCullen tapped the comm control on his desk, "understood Lieutenant Ross, thank you." he replied to the Ops officer just as his door chimed, "enter."


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