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Posted on Thu Sep 26th, 2019 @ 3:50pm by Devan Kilvin & Master Warrant Officer Kayden Ganador & Joran Maratet
Edited on on Fri Sep 27th, 2019 @ 3:56pm

Mission: Reaching Out in Hope
Location: Opaka Outpost
Timeline: MD-1 0830 Hours

Joran Maratet entered the briefing room where Kayden Ganador had been waiting, The young woman carried herself with more confidence than she felt. Her promotion as Ambassador Kilvin's Chief of Staff was still a recent thing, and the man still intimidated the hell out of her. But at least he'd learned her name, which was saying something.

"Mister Ganador," she greeted as the diplomatic officer stood. "Sorry to keep you waiting, the Ambassador should be coming along in a few minutes. Can I get you anything while you wait?"

Kayden Ganador smiled, it was a practiced smile that belied none of the impatience he felt at having to wait for a civilian ambassador to show up. Ambassadors, he had heard once, were like cats. They did exactly what they wanted and in their own good time, there was no training them. "No, thank you Miss Maratet." He replied, his voice soft and pleasant. He'd been sure the memorize as many of the ambassador's senior people's names as he could. "How is Ambassador Kilvin today?"

"It's Mattie, please," replied the young Bajoran with a smile. "And the Ambassador is... the Ambassador," she added with a shrug.

The doors opened, and the Trill Ambassador walked in, followed by three young staffers, who looked absolutely terrified.

"Good morning, I'm Devan Kilvin," he said as he walked up to Kayden and extended a hand.

Kayden took the hand and gave it a firm shake, not squeezing hard, but gripping just tightly enough to be acceptable. In his book, there was no worse way to greet someone, short of punching them in the face or insulting their mother, than a limp-wristed handshake. "Ambassador Kilvin," he said softly, "I'm Kayden Ganador, chief of diplomatic operations here at the station." He skipped the rank bit, there was no point in bothering with it for the civilians unless you were a high ranking officer. "Thank you for meeting me so promptly."

"Pleased to meet you," replied the Ambassador. He motioned to the three staffers who had followed him. "This is my staff. Bob, Tom and Lisa."

The three junior staffers looked at the ambassador, then back at Ganador.

"Ross Kessler," said the first, a young dark-haired human.

"Rehl Ch'eshra," said the second, a light blue-skinned Andorian.

"Nancy van Rassel," added the third, a red-headed young woman.

If the three junior staffers felt any irritation toward the Ambassador for failing to learn their names in the hour since he'd first met them, they didn't show it.

"What can we do for you?" asked Kilvin, turning back to Ganador.

Ganador resisted the urge to frown at the ambassador's slip, keeping his expression carefully casual. How could the man not remember his staffer's names? Kayden had never met the three of them, but he'd already committed their names to memory. Instead, he made eye contact with each of the three, giving them each a nod of greeting before turning back to the ambassador.

"At zero-six twenty-five this morning, Starfleet received a wideband hail originating from the Stakoron system," he began, "according to the message, the Dominion have entirely withdrawn from Stakoron II, the only inhabited planet in the system, leaving the inhabitants to fend for themselves. After two hundred years, roughly, of occupation and total control, they likely have no idea how to do so. The Stakorons are requesting assistance." Kayden took a breath, here was where he went out on a limb. "I believe this is an ideal opportunity for the Federation to step in and help these people, show our good intentions and expand our influence. I brought this to you directly instead of going through normal Starfleet channels because I believe it's time-sensitive. It needs action now, not six months down the line."

Kilvin nodded and turned to one of the staffers. "Tom, I need a full Intelligence briefing on Stakoron, including neighboring systems. Technological advancement, societal structure. Lisa, get the latest intelligence reports on Dominion activity in that sector. The last report I saw was ten days old, I need the latest version. Bob, I want an up-to-date manifest of the sector's diplomatic staff assignment. We have three starships coming in, we'll assign one of them to Stakoron, I want to know who I can send along with that ship."

Kayden held out the PaDD he had prepared, "here's a full dossier on everything we have about the Stakoron. The manifest request will end up coming to me anyway, so I'll save Mr. Ch'eshra the trouble and send it to you directly." He gave the aide a nod and a smile, "Sadly, I don't have access to intelligence reports."

Kilvin took the data PaDD from Ganador's hands, an amused look in his eyes. "You received the distress signal from Stakoron at 0625 this morning, which is less than two hours ago. I'm guessing it took you at least five minutes to confirm that it did indeed originate from Stakoron, and at least fifteen minutes to get here. And you've been waiting in this room with Ms. Joran for ten minutes. You put this report together in one hour and twenty-five minutes? Did you cobble it together from Stakoron's page on the Federation public database?"

Kayden smiled, "we keep detailed records on every race of note in the station's databanks, it was simply a case of compiling the relevant files and collating them into a reasonable format." By reasonable the chief meant civilian-friendly, but the diplomat didn't need to know that. It had taken considerably less time than an hour, somewhere around twenty minutes, to prepare the data. "It's not a complete how-to on the Stakoron, but it should be of some use."

Kilvin turned and handed the PaDD to Ch'eshra. "Use that as a starting point. Contact Admiral Maxiel, on my authority, and get him to grant you access to the latest Starfleet Intelligence reports on the region, and update that report."

Ch'eshra took the PaDD from Kilvin's hands and stood rigidly, waiting for the impromptu meeting to end before springing into action.

Kilvin turned back to the Andorian and raised an eyebrow.

"Oh - you mean now," said the young Andorian. Kilvin's features hardened. Ch'eshra took off at a run without another word.

Kilvin turned back to Maratet. "Of course we'll have to send a ship to Stakoron to offer the Federation's assistance. Admiral Maxiel has assured me that a number of Starfleet ships are on their way, with diplomatic detachments. I'll talk to the Admiral about assigning the first one here to Stakoron. Let's prepare a full briefing for its senior staff, they can leave as soon as possible."

"I'll be returning to my duties, then," Kayden said calmly, he would have liked nothing better than to go with whatever ship the ambassador got tasked to Stakoron, but that was not his role, much as he wished it wasn't so. He was a diplomatic analyst, a gatherer of information and an organizer of facts, not a field officer, not yet anyway.

Mattie held up a hand to signal him to wait. "A briefing can be arranged," she told the Ambassador, "but we should also consider the possibility of sending a diplomatic advisor as a mission specialist. Someone who can spend a few days getting fully immersed in the Stakoron information until the ship arrives would be better suited to assist the ship's Chief Diplomatic Officer."

Kilvin's eyes narrowed as he considered Mattie's proposal. "Interesting," he said. "Why don't we send Kieran?"

"Who's Kieran?" asked Mattie.

"He is," replied Kilvin, waving toward Ganador.

"Kayden," corrected Mattie.

"Okay," conceded Kilvin. "He intercepted the signal, he prepared the report, he's the most well-versed person we have on the Stakoron."

Kayden hesitated, a rising excitement at the prospect of actually going somewhere and his sense of professional responsibility at odds. He very much wanted to go, but he had duties aboard the station that couldn't be neglected and he hadn't been in the field in years. On the other hand, Kilvin was right that he was the most well-versed on the Stakoron and one thing that he had learned was that you didn't pass up a chance when it presented itself.

"If you can convince the Admiral to let me go," he hedged, keeping his voice carefully calm, "I'm willing to go, it's been quite a while since I was out in the field."

"Then it's settled," said Kilvin. "I'll have the Admiral reassign Kevin to the first ship to come through the wormhole."

"Kayden," corrected Mattie again.

"Okay." The Ambassador turned to Kayden. "Congratulations. A lot of people on the Diplomatic Corps have been waiting a long time for a field assignment like this one, and you beat them all to it, by being in the right place at the right time, when that message came in. Make sure you earn it."

With that, he turned on his heels, and walked out of the briefing room, followed by the three junior staffers, who were practically running to keep up.

"That went well," said Mattie with a slight smile after the doors had closed, turning to Ganador.

"He'd an odd one, isn't he? Does he realize that it's literally my job to receive diplomatic messages and deal with them?" Ganador smiled, allowing himself a little bravado. "Or that I've been doing this for twenty years? I'm probably one of the most experienced Starfleet diplomats in the sector."

"The Ambassador is definitely one of a kind," agreed Mattie. "But I think the fact that his entire staff resigned last week definitely threw him for a loop. That being said, he is one of the Federation's most honored diplomats. He served as Trill's ambassador to Andor, Vulcan and Tellar, and represented the Federation in several key negotiations, notably with the Romulans after the Hobus supernova. But is he crazy? No. Absolutely not. Maybe a little bit."

"Unpredictable, forceful and a little bit mad, the perfect ambassador." Kayden quipped, "Before I was an analyst I was a diplomatic aide, I can imagine working with him would be... challenging, but I'm well aware of his reputation, I don't think there's anybody in the diplomatic core who hasn't heard of Devan Kilvin."

Mattie nodded. "What most people don't know," she spoke softly, as she was treading on thin ice by revealing personal information about Kilvin, "is that the Kilvin symbiont has lived through eleven lifetimes, three of which have been devoted to diplomacy in some way or another, going all the way back to the Trill homeworld before First Contact, unifying the planet under one government. He's one of the most experienced members of the Federation's Diplomatic Corps since Sarek."

"Hnn," Ganador grunted, he'd known that Kilvin was highly regarded, but not quite that much. His estimation of the ambassador was already high, but it went up a notch. The man might be have been a bit strange and abraisive, but he was clearly excellent. He was clearly a man to impress, a man who could make or break a career. "Here's hoping whatever ship arrives has a decent diplomatic officer aboard."

"Let's hope," agreed Mattie. "Get back to work, Mr. Ganador."

"Yes ma'am," Kayden replied just a little sardonically, she wasn't Starfleet and thus had no authority to order him to do anything, but he liked her down to earth, straight forward attitude and he actually did have work to do. He gave her a grin and then turned, heading back to his post.


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