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Data mining

Posted on Wed Oct 2nd, 2019 @ 9:16pm by Commander Temerant Bast & Lieutenant Oliver Ross & Lieutenant JG Merlar R'heil & Lieutenant JG Simon Hunter & Lieutenant Benjamin Armstrong PhD

Mission: Reaching Out in Hope
Location: Briefing Room 2
Timeline: MD6 0900 Hours

Bast looked at the half-empty mug of coffee sitting in front of him on the conference table, and took another sip. He'd been up half the night poring over the research data sent over by Anya Bergman, wishing he'd retained more of Wilem Bast's expertise in particle physics when he'd inherited the Bast symbiont. He had Wilem's memories of working on the research project, but very little of the theoretical knowledge that Wilem himself had possessed. He was a bit out of his territory. Temerant Lochees was an engineer, a specialist in structural integrity and propulsion, not in weapons systems.

He had informed Captain McCullen of the resaearch data shortly after the ship had gotten underway. The Captain had agreed that the data should be examined, and enhancements to the ship's defensive systems be considered. Bast had called for a meeting with Science, Tactical, Engineering and Operations to launch the project.

Simon had just been sitting in his office when he had been given the call, as he knew that Bast had need of him and hadn't had the reason for this meeting hadn't been explained, he just hoped that it wasn't anymore work that resulted in pushing everyone over the edge, now here he was entering the Conference room. He said as he headed to the replicator to get a fresh mug of Coffee, "Morning Sir, and what is it you have need of my department,"

Before the XO had a chance to answer, Lieutenant Armstrong walked into the room. In one hand he carried a cup of tea that had been cooling for several minutes and a PADD in the other. Like the Chief Engineer, he was curious as to why he'd been summoned to this meeting. The Englishman nodded in greeting to both of them, "Gentlemen." He slid into a chair several down from the XO and waited for the rest to arrive.

"All in good time, Simon," said Bast with a smile. "Good morning, Ben," he added, giving the Science officer a nod.

Ross walked into the conference room from the Bridge. He had been working the later shifts as the Gamma Shift Ops Officer was still on Maternity Leave. The Senior Ops Officer took his seat at the table. He nodded toward each who had arrived before him.

Merlar walked in with her tail wagging finding a seat in the conference room.

Bast leaned forward and folded his hands together. "Fifteen years ago," he began, "I was working on Deep Space Nine as part of a science team assigned to find countermeasures to the Breen energy dissipation weapon. I worked with a scientist named Anya Bergman, who is still on Deep Space Nine today, working to fully understand Dominion weapons systems. Doctor Bergman has agreed to give us access to her research data. Given the nature of our mission, an encounter with the Dominion is more than likely. Most of the work hasn't been published yet, so we're among the first in Starfleet to take advantage of it. I want you all to work together to examine this data, and see if there is any way to improve our defensive systems, shields, power distribution systems, and weapons, to increase our chances in the event of a skirmish with the Dominion."

"Why hasn't this information been published yet?" Armstrong asked. "The Dominion War ended fourteen years ago. I'm surprised that we haven't seen any of this data yet."

"Priorities shifted," said Bast. "The war ended. The Dominion retreated to the Gamma Quadrant, where Starfleet had no presence at the time. Scientists kept working for a few months or years, but eventually, they were reassigned to other priorities, myself included. Dominion technology went on a back burner. The Gorn uprising happened, and then the Hobus supernova. Some of the work was published, but there's still a lot to be learned. We might be on a wild goose chase, but I think it's worth a look."

"I'd have to agree," said Ross. "Any advantage would be of good use to us and the rest of the Fleet in the Quadrant."

Merlar was listening to everyone talk as she made notes on her Padd,as she was thinking on what ask.

Simon asked," So what has made this information so useful now?" looking around the room, "and when do we see this information?" he continued as he didn't want to overload the team again so quickly after the refit.

"This is data concerns Breen and Dominion weaponry. It hasn't all been completely analyzed, so there is raw data as well as aggregate information that's already been given a once-over. What makes it useful now? We're going to the Gamma Quadrant, Dominion territory. Starfleet hasn't ventured there so much since the end of the war. We know the Dominion retreated from the Alpha Quadrant with Breen weaponry prototypes, so they may have begun integrating Breen technology into theirs. If we can look at this data and find something that might give us an edge, even if it improves shield efficiency by one percent or allows us to survive one more phaser blast from a Jem'Hadar raider, I think it's worth a look. The data has been downloaded to the main computer."

"Breen tech," Ross sucked in his sudden fear. Personally, he'd seen what the Breen could do. In his short career in Star Fleet, he had been involved in two missions near Breen territory. It wasn't pleasant and resulted in watching several of his crewmates losing limb and life in quick sudden attacks. Ross, a junior officer then, found himself staring down the mask of a wide-shouldered Thot.

"Sir, My team have only just got over from being overloaded, now I'm to run them ragged with more so soon?" asked Simon as he knew this was to soon, and if it was new tech they had to install why the hell was it not installed in the refit.

"There's nothing for your staff to do just yet," replied the First Officer. "I want the four of you, but Science in particular, to take a look at the data and see if there is anything in there that can be integrated into our existing systems. Asking your staff to burn the midnight oil now would be putting the cart before the horse. We might be looking for a needle in a haystack, or we might be on a wild goose chase, but I think it's worth a look."

"Excuse me sir i was wondering what Security can do." Mer'lar asked, with a slight growl. She was making more notes to herself trying to figure what security is gonna do.

"We will, of course, need assistance from Tactical in order to test whatever we come up with," explained Bast.

Lieutenant Armstrong had been sitting in silence. While it was true that the data in question could hold value to the Sentinel and other Starfleet ships venturing into the Gamma Quadrant, there was one issue that hadn't been raised. Sitting forward he said, "Commander, as I pointed out earlier, this data is roughly fourteen years old. That means it's fourteen years out of date. We can't be sure if the Dominon ever started to integrate the Breen tech into their own designs, and even if they did, their designs could have evolved so far beyond that the information we have is all but irrelevant."

The Englishman let out a sigh. "While I agree that we should study this data and use it to improve our weapons and shields where possible, you and the Captain should be aware that there's no guarantee that any improvements we make will be in anyway effective."

Merlar continued to listen the whole time after the question, she quietly puured under her breath hoping no one heard her. She Didn't want to
disturb the meeting as she was listening.

"We're aware of that," agreed Bast. "And it is highly possible that we won't find anything. But both the Captain and I feel it's worth a look. Dominion technology evolves fast, and it'S true that they may have integrated the breen weapons into their own, or they may not. But it's a starting point."

He looked at Armstrong. "As Acting Chief Science Officer, I'd like you to assemble the necessary team to get a first look at the data. If and when you come up with any possibilities, you can run them past Doctor Bergman, on Deep Space Nine, for validation. I could also offer some guidance, insofar as Wilem Bast's memories may be of use. If any modifications need to be made to our weapons or shields, Lieutenant Hunter's teams will be available. Lieutenant Merlar will then be called upon to test these modifications."

Lieutenant Armstrong nodded. "Aye sir. We'll start working on it right away." The promotion to Acting Chief Science Officer came as something as a surprise to the Anthropologist but he displayed no outward sign of that surprise. Running a ships science department was not a goal of his, indeed it was something that he'd previously been offered, but turned down. However, until Starfleet assigned the Sentinel a permanent CSO, Benjamin was willing to run things in the interim.

"Good," replied Bast with a smile. He looked at the other officers. "Any questions?"

Melar nodded,"YYYYYeeeesssss sssiirr, I have a question." Merlar spoke." How would i test these modifications for what reason?" she slight growled. while taking notes on her padd.

"Standard weapons testing," replied Bast. "We'll either stop somewhere and do a bit of target practice, or perform a full diagnostic on the defensive systems."

Ross spoke up, "My only concern is the how much this will tax our other systems. If and when we do test these modifcations we will have to modify more than just weapons and shielding. Sensors, certain power nodes within the ship itself. Not to mention the updates to the Main Computer."

"We don't know yet what impact this will have on our power distribution matrix," pointed out Bast. "We'll cross that bridge when we get to it."

"Sir, my teams have just got over the refit and now expect to work more hours than they need to," replied Simon, he continued, " I'd like it noted in the log that I am not happy so soon making my Engineers work double shifts," as he looked at the XO.

"So noted," replied Bast, eyeing the Chief Engineer. "But I'll say again what I said before, double shifts are NOT on the table at this time. There's nothing for them to do just yet, until the Science teams go over the research data and determine what, if anything, can be made to improve our defensive systems. Until there's an actual modification plan on the table, I want your engineers to have some time off. The Holodecks and Lounges are all open to them."

The First Officer looked around the table one last time before standing up. "My door is always open if you need anything. Dismissed."


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