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visiting Med bay

Posted on Mon Sep 30th, 2019 @ 9:51pm by Lieutenant JG Merlar R'heil & Lieutenant Joshua Miller M.D.

Mission: Reaching Out in Hope
Location: USS-Sentinel

Merlar was feeling under the weather while on duty, she then tapped her comm as she leaned on a wall feeling dizzy and light headed. She tapped her comm badge to the doctor. "THis is LtJg Merlar R'heil, is anyone in Med bay? I'm not feeling well, and i don't think i can make it to Med Bay, i need someone to come to Deck 5 to come get me. Or do an emergency beam outto Med bay,im sitting on the floor feeling light heading and dizzy."

Doctor Miller was sitting at his desk when the call came through. He tapped a key on his desktop terminal. "Show me the location of Lieutenant R'heil." The computer was able to quickly located the Catian Security Officer. She was only a few sections away. Josh grabbed his medical kit and rushed out the door.

In less than a minute he was approaching the feline officer, sitting on the deck with her back against the bulkhead. Josh removed his tricorder from the medkit and activated it, pointing the scanning device at R'hiel. "How we doin' Lieutenant?"

Merlar looked at the doc."Lousey Doc, I was on rounds and all of a sudden i was feeling crappy,and being lite headed,
and dizzy." Merlar purred. "I was just fine,then all of a sudden feeling sick,I don't know if something on the ship,
smelled bad,or something i ate earlier." She told him, "What can you see doc?" Merlar slighly purred feeling sick as
she held her stomach.

"Your blood pressure is low." Miller told the Feline Lieutenant. "I'm guessing that it was a sudden drop since your symptoms came on suddenly." He deactivated the tricorder and reached back into his medkit for a hypospray and a vial. Pressing the loaded hypo against R'heil's neck, he activated it. "We'll give that a moment to take effect before I try and walk you to Sickbay."

Merlar nodded to the doc,as she stayed sitting on the floor till it was ready to stand up to med bay.

Joshua stood and assisted the Catian Lieutenant to her feet. "You fell ill in the right place. We're not far from Sickbay." He assisted Merlar to the Sentinel's medical facility. Once they he helped her up on the biobed and initiated an in-depth scan. "Have you been feeling unwell recently or is this the first time?"

Merlar looked at Lt Miller, "I've been unwell past few days i don't know if it was something i ate, or what." Merlar purr-growled.

Doctor Miller nodded and studied the scan readout silently for a few moments. The only result of note that could explain the Lieutenant's dizzy spell and prolonged feeling of illness was a lack of vitamin B-12. "It looks like you're suffering from a deficiency of B-12."

Josh deactivated the medical scanner. "I'm going to give you a B-12 shot now, and prescribe a B-12 supplement, to be eaten with food, for the next week. I'll send you a recommendation of some foods that will provide you with enough B-12 to prevent this from happening again."

Merlar looked at him, "B-12 for a caitian?" she asked "I never heard of a caitian like myself needing a food regiment."
Merlar growled slightly.

Doctor Miller offered a warm smile. "Caitian's, just like any other lifeform, require a balance of vitamins and minerals in order to ensure the optimal functions of your bodies. Now, there will be certain things that your body requires that mine does not and vice versa but I can assure you that B-12 is one of those vitamins that both of us require."

He glanced up at a nurse working nearby. "Can you bring me a hypospray loaded with a B-12 shot?" Turning his attention back to the Caitian Lieutenant he continued, "As for having a food regiment, I'm not sure that's what I'd call this. It'll be a list of food recommendations that are high in B-12. It could be that you already eat most of what's on the list and this deficiency is linked to something else. That's why I'd like you to come back in a week for a check-up."

The nurse returned with the hypospray, which Joshua gratefully accepted. He entered the required dosage on the head of the device and pressed it against Merlar's neck. With it's customary hiss, it forced the B-12 through her fur and skin. "You should be feeling right as rain in a few minutes."

Merlar Nodded her head,"I hoppee this medicine woooorrrkkss for me." she purmeowed (ooc: she said)..Merlar was concerned over the shot she got from from the chief medical officer.

Doctor Miller reached for a nearby PADD and accessed the Lieutenant's medical records. He made a few notes regarding her latest treatment. Setting the PADD to one side he asked, "So, feeling any better?" He'd given the B-12 shot enough time that it should have restored her levels of the vitamin to normal.

"yyyyyyeeeesssss" Merlar purred,"iiiss there anything i should eat,and drink,diet wise." Merlar said.

Josh nodded. "There are a few things that you can make sure are part of your diet that are rich in vitamin B-12. I'll send a list of them to you as soon as you're done here." He set the PADD to one side and picked up his tricorder again. After a few seconds of scanning he announced, "Everything looks good here so you're good to go. If you have any more dizzy spells then swing back here and I'll run some further tests."

Merlar nodded to the Doc,"Is that it for now?" merlar spoke, as she heard her comm Badge go off."Well doc duty calls,
Iiiiii gotto rrruuuunnn." Merlar waved to the doc,and headed where the trouble is.


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