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The tired One Part deux

Posted on Mon Sep 2nd, 2019 @ 11:54pm by Lieutenant JG Simon Hunter & Lieutenant JG Anne Torbin

Mission: Reaching Out in Hope
Location: Holodeck 1- Uss Sentinel


After arriving at the holodeck, Simon was still somewhat confused as to why this Lieutenant had taken such an interest in his well being, as the blonde haired woman stood next to the terminal outside the holodeck, Simon watched her, He asked, "Anne, May I ask why you are doing this?" as he looked her up and down. he thought to himself oO Is she hitting on me? Oo.

Anne replied, Because I'm a sucker for hard luck cases," as she tapped in the code for the programme that she was looking for, "Also I didn't want to be alone and you needed to relax," as she turned to face him and gave a smile, she finished, " And I noticed that you have been checking me out all the way here,"

Simon looked back at her for a minute and responded, " and you haven't been doing the same to me,"

"Of course I have Hun," looking back at him, as she stated wrapping her arms around his neck, she stated, "who do you think is your bunk mate?" as she gave him another smile as the doors to the holodeck opened up before them, Simon could not believe that the Quartermaster would put a female into the Chief Engineers suite unless Anne had told them a lie.

"I don't think so Lieutenant, I am the Chief Engineer and have my own quarters," replied Simon "Unless you have told someone that I'm your lover, " He continued as he removed her arms from around his neck, he continued, "Which I am not," as he stepped back from her, he finished," Now I am going back to MY quarters and I will see you around sometime," as he turned and walked off leaving Anne behind.

Anne stood there and watched Simon go off, she thought oO What an ungreatful little Shit, Oo as she turned and entered the holo-deck, but she knew that Simon would come around to having her in his life, but for now, she was going to rest and relax on the holo-deck with out him.


Lieutenant Jg Simon Hunter
USS Sentinel


Lieutenant JG Anne Torbin [P: Hunter]
Operations officer
USS Sentinel


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