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Security visitng Engineering

Posted on Sat Oct 26th, 2019 @ 3:17am by Lieutenant JG Merlar R'heil & Lieutenant JG Simon Hunter

Mission: Reaching Out in Hope
Location: USS-Sentinel

=/\=on the way to main Main Engineering=/\=

Merlar was on rounds as usual things seemed to be quiet on the ship, all she did was break up a fight between officers on the way to Engineering. After the fight the two officers went their seperate ways Merlar headed to the Turbo lift to main Engineering to see whats going on there.

=Main Engineering=

It had been one of those days for Simon, as he had ran a few drills that he hadn't planed on doing, but keeping the engineering department on it's toes was a good thing, as he knew that they needed to be ready for the unexpected as he knew that in this line of work the unexpected always happened so by doing some unplaned drills had been worth it.

Merlar walked cat like with her tail wagging, as she walked into Engineering looking for the Chief Engineer,"herro
anyone here." Merlar slightly snarled while looking around Engineering.

"Hi," replied Simon as he looked over at the furry officer, He continued, " What can I do you for?" as he looked up from the table that he had been looking at as the reports of the drills were coming in, as he knew that this was going to be a good training day for his team.

"hhheeerrrrooo is there any problems in enginneering that involves sssseeccurity?" Merlar purred. She looked around
Engineerin to check the area out and make sure Engineering was running alright." I'm just mmmmaaakkking sure
your engineers are bbbbeeehaving,and doing their job right, and if they need security around for tttrrraaannnsfering
a piece of engineering in another spot." Merlar puuurrreed..

"At the moment we are running drills, " replied Simon as he looked at the Security officer, he asked "And who exactly are you?" as he finished, " I am Simon Hunter Chief Engineer," as he knew that those in Security did like to be nosey at times.

Merlar looked at the chief Engineering officer Simon Hunter." I'm Lieutenant JG Merlar R'heil, and yes in Caitian." Merlar told him." I'm just doing my duty as usual to see if anyone here needed help from security.." Merlar explained as her tail wagged ,and whiskers twitching.

"Nice to meet you Mer," looking at the furry officer, as he had never met one before today, as he remembered how they used to stay away from him back in the academy, He continued," your the first of your kind to ever speak to me," as he held out his hand in greeting.

Merlar grinned and took his hand to shake it gently trying not to hurt the fine officer."Wwwwwhhhhyyy you say that."Merlar wondered."Dddddoonnnt tell me others of my kind didn't take a liking to you?" she purred. Merlar looked around Engineering and grinned."bbbeeefffooore joining Star Fleet, was an Engineer on a pirate Ship called, SS-Kaitian."Merlar smiled looking around the Sentinels engineering." but I had an aaaaassssssia assistant." Merlar Purred.

"Thats correct, they stayed away from me like I was nothing," replied Simon looking at the feline officer, "Everytime I went to talk to them they ignored me and in the end I didn't bother," he finished as he released the feline officer paw, as he turned back to her and wondered why others of her race had not spoken to him.

Merlar pulled back her paw." Whats wrong Lieutenant?" Merlar asked him. Merlar was walking along the area of engineering near Lieutenant Hunter. Merlar seemed concerned over The Lieutenant, she walked back towards him. "Is everything in engineering alright Lieutenant?" Merlar also asked.

"everything is fine Lieutenant," replied Simon as he looked down at the data coming in, He continued," Just reciving data from the drills that is all," as he started to wonder if she was flirting with him and if she was then hell how does he respond to the female feline officer. as this was new to him.

Merlar grinded,and nodded," Vvvvveeeerrryy ggoooodd." she purred. "Hhhhaaasss their been problems with other Engineeeerrring personal?" She asked, as she was walking around engineering to make sure all is in tip top shape.

"No there has not," replied Simon as he continued to keep an eye upon the data that was coming in, he continued, "Now excuse me I am very busy," as he knew that if he didn't get these done now then he might not get them done at all.

Merlar looked at the Lieutant."IIIIIssss ok I look around." Merlar pppuurreedd, looking around engineering.

"Why do you want to look around Main Engineering?" replied Simon as he continued " I have already told you that there are drills being run," as he knew the Catian would only get in the way.

Merlar looked at the Engineering chief purring," IIII'mmm just llluurrkking around a bit,thhhen III'dd be on my wwaaayyy." Merlar explained as she walked a little bit into Engineering.

" I told you no," replied Simon as he stepped in front of her, he continued, " Or do I have to call Bast down here to get you to leave?" posing the question to her as he kept an eye on her.

Merlar shook her caitian head."ooook, ooook,IIIIII jjjuuussst like looking aaaround Enginnneeerrring."Merlar purred. " Me and another Mate a kzinti, we both worked on Engineering together." Merlar gave a short smile thinking of that Time,while she enjoyed her look around. Merlar looked at the Lieutenant,"oooookk Im leaving iii nned to repport back to sssseeeeccurity." Merlar purred as she looked around , and cat walked out of engineering for Security.

So the Chief of Security was a Pirate and did the captain know this, as he watched the Catalin leave Engineering, he looked back at the table and knew that he had to bring this information to the Captain and XO as he wondered if she was here to cause the ship problems and could her friends be waiting in the wings? that was the question that needed to be answered.


LT Simon Hunter
USS Sentinel

LtJg Merlar R'heil


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