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The tired One

Posted on Tue Aug 27th, 2019 @ 11:18pm by Lieutenant JG Simon Hunter & Lieutenant JG Anne Torbin
Edited on on Thu Aug 29th, 2019 @ 3:56pm

Mission: Reaching Out in Hope
Location: Mess Hall- Uss Sentinel


It had been a heard time for Simon, after getting the warp core running and everything ship shape, he needed 5 minutes to himself as he looked back at the cold frosted glass, he knew that the refit had taken its toll on him and his team as he knew that the ship had been finally given a clean bill of health, as he continued to stare at the glass. but all he could do was relax.

Meanwhile on a nearby table Lieutenant Jg Anna Torbin sat looking at the Chief Engineer, as she hadn't seen him around much and boy did he look tired, she looked at her two friends and said " Excuse me girls, I'm needed elsewhere," as she rose from her seat and headed towards Simon.

As she came to a stop next to Simon's table, she asked," Are you all right Lieutenant?"

Simon looked up at the female officer and responded," "Yes Lieutenant..." as he asked her the question

"Tobin sir, Anne Tobin," replied Anne as she asked, "May I sit?"

"Please do Anne, " replied Simon as he picked up the frosted glass and took a sip of the cold beverage, He continued," I am just a tad tired as Ive just finished a refit " as he knew that he had been rather snappy with her, as she had been trying to help him as he continued to drink the beer like it was blood-wine.

She looked at Simon for minute and then made a choice, as she watched him put the glass down, she said," No more drinking for you tonight," as she stood up again and pulled him out of his chair, he said," We are going to the holodeck and let you fully relax,"

Simon looked at her for a minute and responded, " Excuse me, I'm going where?" as he knew that she was serious and that she was not one to argue with, so he caved in and followed her out of the Mess Hall, Simon knew that for someone as strong willed as she was, Simon knew that she had taken charge and was willing to help him relax for the next few hours.


Lieutenant Jg Simon Hunter
USS Sentinel


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