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Posted on Mon Aug 19th, 2019 @ 6:40am by Lieutenant Oliver Ross & Chief Petty Officer Benjamin Schwarber
Edited on on Sun Aug 25th, 2019 @ 9:22am

Mission: Reaching Out in Hope
Location: Oliver Ross's Quarters, USS Sentinel


"What have you got in this! Boulders?"

"Those are the 90s I think."

The box in was about to slip out of Ben's hands just before Oliver caught it with ease and carried it to a corner of the Senior Ops officer's Quarters where his disassembled weight bench stood. The whole space had been terribly lacking in decor. For nearly two months Ross's personal effects had been in cargo limbo between both sides of the Wormhole; all because of a clerical error.

Ben and he stood inside the living space surrounded by various containers, some furniture, and an empty fish tank. Ross didn't have the heart to have the aquarium be reclaimed.

"Maybe you could get another fish," Ben stated when Oliver placed the glass box on one of the shelves of an oaken bookcase. "At least you won't be too lonely here."

"On a ship this size? I don't think that's possible," Ross placed a framed photo on another shelf. "Besides you're here and I do get along with the crew. I am not worried about being alone."

"Alone is one thing. Loneliness is another," Ben stated. "It is possible to be surrounded by a crowd and still feel like you're lost in the void."

"Since when did you start quoting Ben Sisko," Ross asked with a confused look on his face.

"That wasn't Ben Sisko that was Captain Picard in a speech he gave to the Bara'k's Peace Summit. Really! you needed to pay more attention to Doctor Hall's class." Ben squatted near a box of old books; handing each one to his friend.

"Sorry, I was too busy trying to pass Chief O'Brien's "Introduction to Star Ship Power Distribution," Ross said as he placed a large tome on the center shelf. "Besides, why would I need to know..."

"Ignorance of history is..."

"Know some obscure speech some Captain made in some random event that had no real impact on the Federation or the Galaxy at large," Ross interrupted Ben before his friend could finish that statement. After 10 years of friendship, they both still lived in this tet-e-tet. Neither one was willing to have the last say in an argument. Oliver usually won.

"It may not have had an impact on the Galaxy," Ben stated. "But it sure mattered to the Barakians and the Morkosh. They were at war for centuries. If it wasn't for Picard and Ambassador Wells the Morkosh would have obliterated the Barakians."

Oliver put the last book on the shelf. "Are you sure you're in the right job? I mean you'd make a great Diplomat yourself, Ben. You understand history and diplomacy..."

"Thanks for the suggestion Ollie but I like where I am at," Ben stood up from the box. He stretched out a kink in his back. "For me, out here exploring the galaxy and being a grunt. It makes me happy. I would hate being stuck behind a desk or floating about between assignments. I like the feeling of being grounded. Even if it is on Starship."

Ollie understood his friend greatly. The sense of adventure was a strong pull. Most diplomats don't have the luxury of exploration like the rest of the fleet. At least that's what Ollie surmised. He rarely met anyone from that division. "You're right, I hear that it could be lonely work anyway."

Ben nodded. He touched Oliver's shoulder. "And wouldn't have met you. I know I don't say this often. But I am glad we're friends."

"Me too," Ross agreed. "Even if I am still your boss. Let's get the rest of this unpacked, that's an order."

"Aye, sir."

"We'll start with the clothes that's the easier one." Ross won once again.



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