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The USS Sentinel is ordered to secure a shipment of xirdalium, a rare energy producing mineral previously provided by the Dominion, for the people of Stakoron II from deep in the Gamma Quadrant. While on their mission, they are stalked by a mysterious shadow.

Mission Group Season 2
Start Date Sat May 30th, 2020 @ 5:36pm

Mission Summary

After leaving the planet Stakoron II, the USS Sentinel receives a message from the Stakorons requesting further aid. A rare particle, Xirdalium, which powers the Stakoron’s environmental control systems, is running low. Until the separation, the Stakoron’s had no idea that the only reliable source of Xirdalium was the Dominion and had no idea that they were running out until the environmental control systems stopped working. Until the Federation can install dueterium compatible power supplies, the Stakoron need a new source. The USS Sentinel is tasked with going to a nebula near the edge of Dominion space where Xirdalium has been detected and returning a quantity of it to Stakoron II.