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A Mission for character backstories and prequel posts

Reaching Out in Hope

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The USS Sentinel is sent to the Gamma Quadrant on an extended diplomatic and exploratory mission to make contact and establish relations with civilizations free of Dominion control and to represent a growing, peaceful Federation presence in the quadrant.

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The USS Sentinel is ordered to secure a shipment of xirdalium, a rare energy producing mineral previously provided by the Dominion, for the people of Stakoron II from deep in the Gamma Quadrant. While on their mission, they are stalked by a mysterious shadow.

Part of Season 2

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The new crew of the USS Sentinel's first mission is to recover the USS Sentinel! Stolen from Starfleet Surplus Depot Z15 and abandoned in the lawless area known as The Triangle, the crew must find, recover and return the USS Sentinel to active duty.

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The repair, refit, and reactivation of the USS Sentinel at Providence Fleet Yards is a busy time for the crew of the USS Sentinel. Many of them are new, coming aboard the ship for the first time, but for the senior officers who helped to recover the vessel from the clutches of the Orions and the Free Romulan Movement, this marks the beginning of a new chapter and the beginning of their true posting aboard the Intrepid-class vessel.

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Route to Raeya

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After being recovered and going through a bow-to-stern restoration and refit, the USS Sentinel heads out on her first active-service mission under Captain James McCullen. The ship is to proceed to the Raeyan Sector via the Raeyan Transit Corridor and use the journey as a shakedown cruise after their refit.

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