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Lieutenant Araan Ragez

Name Araan Ragez

Position Chief Science Officer

Second Position Second Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Orion
Age 34
Birthdate 4 July, 2355
Birthplace Prosperity Station, in orbit of Orion III

Physical Appearance

Height 5’9” (175 cm)
Weight 175 lb (79 kg)
Hair Color Jet black
Eye Color Green
Skin Color Emerald green
Physical Description By most numerical measures, Araan is on the small side for an Orion male (although he would be considered average size for human). Other than the size differential, he has features that typify his species: emerald green skin, wavy jet black hair, and green eyes. His face has several small scars, ranging in size from a mere dot to several centimeters in length. He considers seems to be relics of important events in his past, and thus refuses to have them removed.


Significant Other None
Children None
Father Unknown
Mother Taila Ragez
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None
Other Family It is not known whether any other blood family exists. His mother was born into the Orion slave trade, and thus had little to no family ties.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Most people would classify Araan as a somewhat reserved individual, someone who is careful and measured in everything that they do and say. Loyalty to his shipmates is extremely important to him, and he will often come to their defense if they are spoken ill of by somebody else. Above all, Araan is a seeker of scientific and universal truth. He sees it as his duty to unlock the secrets of the universe and share them with everybody. Araan insists on strict professionalism from those he supervises, and conducts himself similarly.
Strengths & Weaknesses Araan is a recognized expert in both Cosmology and Quantum Theory. Although he does not hold a PhD, much of the theoretical and practical work that he has done is on that level. Araan is an efficient organizer and leads a highly disciplined department.

Araan can sometimes be brusque and somewhat demanding in the laboratory, which can make him difficult for some persons to take. He only behaves in that manner because he has high expectations for both himself and those that serve with him; he wants to see others excel as much as he wants that for himself.
Ambitions For now, Araan is content leading a starship science department. In the future, he would like to lead an extended duration science mission beyond the borders of known space.
Hobbies & Interests Araan dabbles a little in starship design, and can sometimes be seen scribbling with a stylus on a design stored in one of the larger PADDs. He also is very well versed in engine design, and has notes on several theoretical propulsion models. Aside from technical hobbies, Araan loves to eat and sample cuisines from all over the known universe. He does not cook, but he is always willing to sample a dish and offer constructive criticism.
Languages Spoken Orion (native speaker)
Federation Standard (fluent)
Rigellian (moderate proficiency)
Vulcan (basic proficiency)

Character History

Personal History Araan Ragez was born on Prosperity Station, a base owned by the Orion Merchant-Prince Unz. His mother Taila was owned by Unz, although she was able to use her biological gifts to secure preferential treatment for herself and her son. Taila saw to it that Unz treated her and her son very well, having lavish personal quarters and the best tutors that money could buy. When Araan came of age he was sent to an exclusive private school on the surface of Orion III. He achieved very high marks in the sciences and mathematics, and ended up completing the school’s entire curriculum nearly three years early. With the financial backing of Unz, Araan attended the Institute of Cosmology on Orion One, one of the quadrant’s most challenging scientific programs. The young man studied at the Institute for six years, earning the equivalent of a Master’s Degree. Little did he know that shortly after his graduation in 2374 his life would be forever altered.

A political upheaval in the hierarchy of the Orion Syndicate causes Unz to fall out of favor with the Orion government. His trade licenses were revoked, and most of his assets were seized. Unz’s final act before his execution was to secure transport for Araan and his mother to Federation space. The pair immediately applied for political asylum, and were given living quarters in San Francisco while their case was reviewed. But rather than play the waiting game, Araan decided to put his talents to good use and apply to Starfleet. His refugee status expedited the application, and he young Orion entered an abbreviated officer training program. He finished the program in two years and was commissioned as an Ensign in the Federation Starfleet in 2377.
Service Record Upon graduating, Araan signed on with the first deep space exploratory vessel that would take him - the Galaxy Class USS Olympus. He did dual duty, working both in Astrometrics and the Quantum Dynamics Labs. The Orion quickly earned s reputation for diligence, as well as for precise and accurate analyses. In less than a year he was made Beta Shift supervisor; although it was not an increase in rank, Araan was the de facto assistant department head. Later on in 2390 he was promoted to Lieutenant JG and made the official Assistant. A series of shipboard crises over the course of two years caused the Olympus’s senior science officer to retire early, and in 2383 Araan was named as his replacement. Araan served on the Olympus until it was decommissioned in 2389, earning a promotion to Lieutenant in 2384. His current assignment is to the USS Sentinel.

Player Background

Previous Experience Extensive LARP experience over the last two decades
Have served in a variety of shipboard positions, and have held every rank from 4th year cadet to Captain.

Duty Information