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Lieutenant Amelia (Mia) Makarova

Name Amelia (Mia) Katarina Makarova

Position Chief Medical Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 30
Birthdate 2359
Birthplace Canberra, Australia

Physical Appearance

Height 5ft 8
Weight 75 KG
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Light Blue
Skin Color White
Physical Description Short in stature, flexible body due to Classical Terran Ballet Enthusiasm.
Dark brown hair appears wavy but never straight.
Exercises regularly and has a toned stomach and average chest size.


Significant Other Previous Academy Romance - Andorian Female (Brokedown due to social differences in Andorian Courtship and Mia's distrust)
Children N/A
Father Aleksandr Makarov
Mother Anna Makarova
Brother(s) Peter Makarov - First Officer on the USS Westphalia, was present in the Battle to retake DS9 (Operation Return), Mia was born and has grown up in his shadow.
Sister(s) N/A
Other Family Cathy T'Jel - Aunt, Medical Staff for Federation Ambassador to the Klingon Empire
Captain Kefran Godwin - (Deceased) Maternal Grandfather, Captain of the USS Riga

Personality & Traits

General Overview Amelia Makarova is a stubborn, defensive yet humble human female, she commands a certain grace in her work and a complete ruthlessness when it comes to someone attacking her. She, at times, displays a contempt for people who believe they are better than her, this leads to a competitiveness in her that comes across combative. However in her Starfleet Academy courses, she worked and studied alone for much of it, this allowed her to develop a relaxed and clear head when it comes to approaching work. Working in a team was something she had to get used to, and has continually improved on this since she was rid of her brother, who would always tease and scorn her.
Strengths & Weaknesses Mia can often try to have the last word in an argument, not letting things go as easily as she would hope. Her argumentativeness was encouraged in the realms of the science departments at the academy, wish made her more adept at fighting her own corner for her work.
Her passion for medical sciences and cultural exchanges is something that makes Mia very calm when the subject is brought up, she can recall a multitude of random facts and dates due to a fairly eidetic memory.
Taking linguistics courses on the sides also proved useful, as understanding the basics of Andorian and Vulcan would serve her in making some friends, which included her first romantic interest (An Andorian Female in her Vulcan Language Class).
Ambitions Chief Medical Officer aboard a Starship, that was always a title that sounded too good to be true. After Fighting her Brother for attention (he was the First Officer aboard the USS Westphalia
Languages Spoken Klingon (Intermediate)
Russian (Fluent)
English (Fluent)
Vulcan (Basic Conversation)
Andorian (Bare bones of Phrases)

Character History

Personal History Amelia is the Daughter of Civilian Contractors, working on freighters and Earth-based corporate companies. Giving birth to their first child, the Mavarovs settled down in the former Commonwealth of Australia on Earth to raise their son and later their daughter. Amelia was brought up during her brother's very successful time at Starfleet Academy, where she learned how it was to be that she was always the second best child.
Eventually, she felt it necessary to pursue a career in Starfleet, after giving up any childish notion of performing Ballet from her Russian Heritage for a living. She is a reserved, yet vocal character, especially in her workplace.

After leaving home to work with her Aunt at the Federation Embassy on Qonos, she acquired the skills of the medical profession in Xeno environments, also learning Klingon to a great degree whilst there.
Moving from Qonos back to earth to work in terrestrial medicine, she worked and lived aboard the Earth Spacedock, and whenever she could apply to work on almost any ship that came through. Unfortunately for several years, no ship that came through seemed interested in her.

After seeing Read Admiral Fennis for a superficial medical checkup, he mentioned of a posting she might be interested in, although unsure of what this entailed, she took him up on this offer right away, apparently, there was an opening for medical personnel on the USS Sentinel.

Player Background

Previous Experience Extensive Live Action Roleplay (LARP)
GM for 2 Roleplays on Discord (DnD type voice calls)
Conceptual Writer, Hobby Writer
Actor, Musical Theatre, Improv

Duty Information

Quarters 227C
Data Access Level 3
Security Clearance Alpha Three
Duty Shift Alpha